5th Feb 2003, 09:53

As far as I have read, no one has mentioned their direction indicator switch. The switch on my 307hdi 2001 is not at all satisfactory. when trying to signal right the switch will cancel itself automatically, long before it is safe to do so. I feel this is highly dangerous and should be sorted by Peugeot immediately. My own dealership tell me this is a design fault . Any comments would be welcome

10th Feb 2003, 05:27

Our Peugeot 307 has done just over 6000km, but has been back to the service people for the fifth time for the same problem. The engine diagnostic light comes up, the car loses power. After waiting with the engine off for a few minutes it can be re-started and will travel in "limp home" mode. The computer program has been re-initialized twice, a new program reloaded once, then another especially sent out from France. The same thing keeps happening. Once it lost power as we were entering a major highway, and we were just sitting there broadside to speeding oncoming traffic. We also find that the right hand indicator keeps returning and will not stay in place.

17th Feb 2003, 09:25

First of all, I'm sorry for my English, but I decided to add my comment despite of living outside of the UK and Ireland.

Our problems with 307XS 2.0 started at 2500 by means of "Catalytic Converter Fault" and "Anti Pollution Fault". By now, it has been back at the dealer's service office five times for the same problem. They had been re-initialized a new program, downloaded directly from Peugeot factory in France several times, but in couple of weeks the same troubles keeps happening again. It seems to me, that these faults are appearing in a specific weather conditions - a few decrees above zero and Scotch mist. Our local Peugeot service is helpless, because they are left almost without the factory support in fixing these troubles.

But the last drop for us, before we lost patience was freezing of vent system of the engine, which caused overpressure in crankcase, oil spillage under hood and sudden loss of oil pressure! It seems that this type of car is not suitable for driving in our climate zone, where rain can change in a few hours and the most time of the year is rather cold and foggy weather.

31st May 2003, 05:41

We've had our SW for 9 months. So far it's spent nearly 2 months in the dealer's garage with repeated catalytic converter and anti pollution warnings.

The system has been reset several times. Last week, we had the car back for FOUR HOURS before the fault re-appeared. The worst case was 3 weeks without the car, when they completely replaced the engine wiring loom.

Every time it goes back in, the diagnostics tells them a different fault.

Our dealer's service manager has told us they get 3 calls a week with similar problems, and said there is a problem with all vehicles, but Peugeot won't admit it. This week, he has told us we are OK to drive the vehicle, but if we lose engine power, we can call the AA!!!

This is the first and last Peugeot I will ever buy. Now I just want my hard earned cash back to buy something reliable.

10th Oct 2003, 09:00

I have a 307 XSI, 11,000 miles and 18 months old. The car is now showing the catalytic converter fault - anti pollution warning. Peugeot have had the car for 2 days and have not fixed this fault.

This follows on the passenger window shattering when the car was being driven at 40mph - no stones or vandalism.

This will be the last Peugeot I buy.

15th Dec 2005, 08:08

I have had the same problem with indicators and am now experiencing brake problems causing a judder in the steering wheel - garage have already replaced pads and disks once now 4 months on same problem is back and they are saying I need new pads again! when I queried this was told it was my driving style ha! not amused as a mum with young children I definitely don't drive like a maniac and had no problems with my 5 previous cars. Not amused the car is constantly in and out of the garage, my first and last Peugeot!

27th Mar 2007, 02:25

Also my last ever Peugeot.

Front and rear brake problems

Cat problems (which are actually not c at problems!)

ECU problems

Indicators that won't hold left rather than right problems (4th set still don't work, but can pay £225 for a new set!)

Oil leek problems

Squealing from engine problems

Carpet coming up problems

Trim problems

Wiper problems

And probably problem problems!

Had a 306 before this one. Wish I had kept that!

Garage say they spent over £4000 on repairs in the 3 years I had warranty. Wish I had looked around for sure!

15th Jun 2007, 08:04

Driving a Peugeot 307sw.

I think that person from Scotland may be on to something there with the weather thing. I was driving today in Ireland in damp misty wet and rainy conditions, when suddenly I had no power and the anti pollution fault came up. Pushed the car to the side of the road and let it sit for a few minutes. I tried again and was able to drive, but the error still comes up every time I turn the car on.

I also have the problem with the indicator having a life of its own, one minute it's stuck on, and the next it turns itself off if you steer the wheel so much as one degree in the direction you're indicating! Very annoying and dangerous problems both. I was lucky to have gotten this problem stopped at a traffic light, but god forbid I was on a motorway or a steep hill or something like that!! I still have to try an tackle the problem of fixing it... does not look good from everyone's comments...

10th Aug 2007, 20:42

...Well, here we are all the way down at the bottom of the world, in New Zealand, encountering, guess what...yes, you guessed it... the very same problems you guys are having!!! So definitely NOT to do with the Scottish mist (or Irish mist for that matter) :)

Firstly, I got a "Catalytic Converter Fault" so my sweet boyfriend, who is a mechanic, looked underneath and fixed it, and yep yep, a few days later little "peugie" showed up with an "Anti Pollution Fault".

Not sure what I'm going to do after having just read all of the above comments.

But yes, I agree, definitely the last Peugeot I ever buy!!! Bring on the Japanese I say!!!

21st Aug 2007, 09:10

South Africa here and the same problems with our Peugeot 307 hatchback. My wife bought this car in February this year (2007) and we have had a series of problems that are still occurring today.

The indicator is faulty (immediately after indicating and turning right it indicates to the left by itself) and the car loses power, but if you switch it off and then back on after a while (about 10 minutes) it runs fine. This problems occurs every few days.

Our last Peugeot for sure... we are now trying to get rid of it asap.

28th Aug 2007, 12:40

Eish!! Cat & Anti Pollution faults/errors galore!!! At least Peugeot SA have been trying to fix it, but unfortunately to no avail. Have even tried cleaning out the fuel line system, replaced the Gasket sensor, or something like that... but Cat keeps returning. I'll be asking for my deposit back & for the dealer to take the car back. I'm heart-broken. I LOVE my 307!!!