2002 Peugeot 307 SW SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Wait until they have sorted out the electrics before buying one


At 500 miles it reported a fault with the ESP system. This then went away and was replaced a few days later with a reported fault with the Catalytic Converter AND the ESP.

The garage had no idea how to fix this and after a week of replacing various components they returned the car.

2 weeks later the same faults re-appear

Once again the car is in the Garage for a week with little progress. Finally the car is reported to be working, but when I went to collect it it was making a very bad rattling and popping sound.

I rejected the car, and after a week the dealer agreed to refund my money.

General Comments:

It would appear that there is some very serious electrical problems that need to be resolved with the 307 (and SW). Having read other reviews and spoken to other owners there are far too many intermittent electrical problems that the garages cannot fix with any degree of certainty.

It is a shame as the 2.0SE model is an excellent drive, the glass roof is wonderful and the seating is incredibly flexible.

Perhaps once the fundamental electrical problems have been resolved this could be an great car.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2002

3rd Jan 2003, 08:36

As per last comments on the 307 I have had the same problem and then some. 2 weeks after I bought my 307 I had problems with the ESP system, then the brakes kept jamming, but my dealer could do nothing to fix this problem.

After keeping my car in the garage for 2 weeks I got it back and again the problem occured. They tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with the car???

I now have the car 2 years and my dealer will not help in any way either by returning my money or changing the car. What am I meant to do. My latest problem is the "Anti Pollution Fault"..whatever that means... again my dealer can't fix it and told me to keep driving. Now the RPM is jammed at 17000 (1700) revs and I'm still waiting for it to be repaired... and again no mention of refund or replacement car. As for Peugeot Assist... Non assist would be more like it.

Take my advice... Steer clear of the 307...the car is too advanced for the mechanics who are left to clear up the mess.

2002 Peugeot 307 HDI 2.0 D-turbo from UK and Ireland


Nice car, shame about the faults!


Electrics - loss of power to radio, air-con, lights, all dials (inc.speedometer) at random intervals. This in my opinion is really quite dangerous. I have tried to resolve this with my Peugeot Garage and am currently trying to get some kind of answer from Peugeot UK, but as yet to no avail. Lights get dimmer and brighter when driving for no apparent reason. Rattling panels, and vibrating speakers. (note, this began after about 2000 miles from new)

General Comments:

Generally very pleased with the car overall. It drives well, it's very well appointed in the D-Turbo model. Discovered how effective the ESP system is in icy weather this morning. all in all quite pleased with the car, but not with Peugeot's after sales support or customer service.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2002

2002 Peugeot 307 LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland




Back in May 2002 I picked up my nice new and shiny Peugeot 307 only to find out that it had some problems. Such as the headlights would turn themselves on, at this time I was told that I have auto head light, which it didn't! Also at the same time the car would make this strange beeping noise when you started the car (Which still happens to this day) and indicators not staying on when turning right. Now 7 months on the car has been in the garage more times than I can remember with electrical problems where everything electrical would cut, but the engine would still run. Also shabby workmanship on interior, Pug badges falling off, brake line hanging from the bottom of the car and horn not working. Now its got an engine problem especially in the mornings or starting from cold, the car will not stay turning over, it just splutters and dies with an unhappy rev counter. Then another is cutting out when driving or coming to a stop.

The main thing is I have 2 Peugeot dealers looking at the car and now Peugeot UK are involved. Last week on the 2nd November the car was in the shop for a week this time for them to track down the problems. They told me that everything would be fine now after replacing few parts such as a part called a coms 2000 unit which I am now on my 4th or 5th. Then for the electrical problems they blamed the computer again and reprogrammed that for the 5th time. And for the engine they fitted a new part which I don't know what was called. Then I asked them have they sorted out the problem where when the car is started from time to time it makes a metal on metal grinding sound, I was then told it sounds like you need a new starter motor which, I have to go back again for them to look at it.

Well now after 7 months all I have fixed is the horn (so far after being fixed 3 times) and the carped refitted (x2) I can finally indicate right without having to hold it on, Yippy!

Now a strange problem is on the radio; all I can pick up is BBC Radio lol and the emergency warning lights don't work.

After all that I just want to get rid of the damn thing, but no one seems interested. Peugeot UK have taken an interest that's why it was in the shop for a week so some one can make a report, but it looks like that's going nowhere. Both garages keep saying "We will fix it this time." Now they want to send it up to Coventry so Peugeot UK can have a look, but I can't see this helping???

I have lost all faith in the car totally its like I'm waiting for something to happen next...

Can anyone give me any advice on sending the car back.

But the strange thing is I do like the 307 but I just want one that works. I have even asked the Peugeot dealer if they would like to buy it back, you can guess what they said "No thanks."

(New info)

I rang the dealer that sold me the car and was told that Peugeot didn't want to send it up to Coventry. Now they want it for another week on the 16th Nov.

Rang Peugeot UK last night and they told me that they where not in the business of replacing cars. Then was told they didn't have an intrest in the car.

Does anyone know what I can do to get them to take this car back??

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

21st Oct 2005, 10:30

I also have had a Peugeot 307LX and have had problems since I picked it up. It keeps cutting out and has been back to the garage numerous times. They cannot find a fault. It cuts out when I either slow down or come to a stop. Other than this the car has been fine. It is very comfortable, but I think that the 1400 engine is to small for the size of the car. I eventually called Trading Standards who gave me some advice. Thankfully, I logged every time the car cut out. I am now picking up the same car, but a 2002 model with no more cost. I hope this car doesn't have the same fault at the one I am returning!.