2002 Peugeot 307 XSi 2.0 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Well built, but as dull as ditchwater! Bring back the 306!


Battery terminals worked loose, locking and immobilising the car.

Dash creaks a bit.

General Comments:

Not a patch on the 306 XSi. Lacks all the feel and agility in the twisties, and its massive bulk means even the 2.0 engine feels flat and lifeless. Entertainment value is nil - maybe the upcoming GTI will fix this although the massive bulk means it is unlikely.

Build quality is better, as is rear accommodation (irrelevant for me anyway), but after my 306 XSi I am appalled how Peugeot has gone so "old" in its design. Anyone who has grown to love the lift off oversteer, steering feel and sheer poise of traditional sporting Pugs will be massively disappointed. Me included.

Bought it hoping it would grow on me like the 306 did, but it's totally soulless and lacks any form of driver involvement. A bit of a betrayal from a company which has built its reputation and fortune on making drivers cars.

Recently visited my Ford dealer and tried a Focus 2.0 Zetec ESP - a nice Panther Black example will be on my drive in 2 weeks time. Everthing this car should be, but isn't

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

2002 Peugeot 307 XS Permium 2.0 petrol from Hong Kong


There is no better hatchback of this size. the Golf is too old


Gearbox lock failed on the third day I had the car, towed away and fixed on the next day.

Sometimes the engine won't start first time.

General Comments:

Performance is better than I have expected.

Handling is good, nicely weighted steering wheel with lots of feedback.

Interior is well designed and has a quality feel. Nothing rattles yet.

Having heard that most of the 307 has lots of problem however, the build quality of mine one is OK despite of the 2 problems I mentioned above (My E36 BMW had even more problems so Peugeot isn't that bad)

The windscreen wipers was designed for left hand drive cars so it leaves a big area on the right-end windscreen un-wiped, together with the big A-pillars, I couldn't see anything on rainy days.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

2002 Peugeot 307 XS 1.6 from Hungary


The drive of my life


New starter motor at 700 km.

Major oil leaked after 1100 km.

Since 300 km the centre console rattles.

Carpet was peeling away from the foot-well on both side.

Tail light leak in heavy rain.

Sometimes the instruments and the lights shut down for a little time.

Light sensor switch off too late or never.

Sometimes the rain sensor does not switch on.

Passenger's door and the back doors rattle.

During driving doors lock themselves.

Rattling noises from the suspension at 2200 RPM.

Most of the problems were fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

The 307 is a beautiful car, very safe on the road.

The car is very comfortable and has a good handling and a lot of space.

The air condition is really great. It's great to drive.

I can live with these minor problems. For the worst case I have my old car (11 year old) and the Peugeot Assistance is quite quick and very friendly.

I would highly recommend this car - everybody.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2002

11th Jun 2002, 17:15

The instruments and lights are supposed to switch themselves off after about half an hour, it's called economy mode. It's to save the battery draining when you forget to switch things off at night. Restarting the engine for a few seconds restores everything.

16th Jun 2002, 12:01

1) Shutdown of the instruments and the lights for a little time (some seconds) during driving has nothing to do with economy mode.

2) The light sensor is defect because it switches the lights in a tunnel on, but after leaving the tunnel at daylight does not switch off. A time delay could not be hours.

12th Aug 2002, 14:45

The light sensor in my 307 seems a bit dumb. For Christ's sake the car knows what day of the year it is!! Why can't it be programmed to cope with summer shadows??? People think you are agitated when the lights come on in a forest glade!!

I wrote the piece about "if you get a good one, but history shows, blah blah!!", this guy obviously has ever been to a BMW dealer. They would be so embarrassed after so many faults, they would be having a whip round to pay his hp off!!!

Buyer beware!!! Todays new cars rely on too much technology! The customer is the first real test a model gets!!

Let a car be on sale for at least a year before you buy a new one!!! The service manger at my Peugeot dealer reckons faults on new cars are to be expected!!!