25th Jan 2009, 09:44

I'm glad it is not just me. I have had problems with a 207 for several months - keeps almost cutting out when in a traffic queue almost as if fuel is not getting through. Then today I was on the motorway doing 85 mph when all the dials went to zero including petrol (yet tank was full) and speedo. Panicked as I had 4 kids in car and I was in the outside lane. Managed to pull over to inside lane by which time all the dials were back to normal and car seemed fine.

Have taken to a garage but they couldn't find anything so I'm going to sell as it is too much of a risk for my kids!

30th Jan 2009, 16:44

I have a 53 plate 2.0 HDI 307 SW, with no end of problems.

First was the Anti Pollution Warning message. This can be reset by disconnecting and reconnecting the Air flow meter while the car is running but comes back intermittently. There is no known cure.

Second was a broken near-side front suspension spring.

Third was ABS fault light and juddering through the brake pedal, cured by cleaning the disc back-plates and rear ABS sensors.

Fourth was a broken off-side front suspension spring.

Fifth it didn't start due to a faulty starter motor solenoid.

Sixth the horn works sometimes due to a bad earth connection on the steering wheel under the airbag.

Just some of the very common faults on the 307, dealers will tell you different. They want your money!

6th Feb 2009, 23:47

Hi, Corey from Australia. I have a 04 307 HDI, and bought it new. It's now done 126.000 with not a problem until 2 days ago when I was driving along and the speedo tacho went to zero. The brakes locked on, the ABS light came on, the wipers also went on, and the engine died all at once. Then it was fine. 6 seconds later the same, and now it's continuous. I have rung all the auto electricians in the local book. Only one guy came to have a go and can't even find the place to put the diagnostic machine.

By the way, does anybody respond to these comments or is there a way to get some help?

Thanks Corey.

21st Feb 2009, 11:46

Hi Corey.

The brakes locked on? Does this mean they came on of their own accord or you were braking and they didn't release?

I am only a driver of a pug 1.6hdi 05. I believe the diagnostic plug is below the centre console, the rubber mat in front of the gear stick, below what used to be the ash tray, is removable.


14th Mar 2009, 03:17

My 307 is right hand drive, and the diagnostic plug is behind a recess near the driver's door towards the bottom of the dash. Pull it out and the plug is there.

9th May 2009, 08:37

My boyfriend got a 2nd hand 307 in June last year. After 3 weeks of having it, I was driving down the motorway and it stopped dead in the middle of the road. I had my 3 kids in the car. The police had to shut the road as car was in dangerous location for the tow truck to collect.

Took it to the garage; it had new fly wheel and clutch for £1600, and since then has had never ending faults. We can drive the car for about 6 weeks, then a new problem will arise.

In October, went to the car, started fine, drove 100 yards down road and it lost power. Wouldn't go over 1000rpm, and it died. Called out Green Flag again, towed it to a garage; high pressure diesel pump, £400 a pop had gone.

Electrical anti pollution light is constantly on. And then again in December had to have a 2nd high pressure pump as it had gone again. Now the anti pollution light is on again.

If anybody knows what the hell is going on with these bloody cars, let me know. I would never ever buy a 307 again.

25th May 2009, 17:13

I am so in shock that everyone is having the exact same problems and listening to the same excuses from the garages that they have never heard of anti pollution fault before.

My year warranty is up in a week. Two weeks after I bought the car the anti-pollution fault appeared... also been getting petrol fumes into the car the whole year. Anyone else got this??? It has been at the garage 4 times and still not fixed... mechanic took it out for test drive and described the smell as nauseating... which it is... and still not fixed.

Then today anti pollution fault appeared... along with catalytic converter... and lost power in a multistory in between floors on a very steep incline... nearly had heart failure... queue of cars behind me!!

Will never buy a Peugeot again... I only wish I had read this site before I bought it!!! DO NOT BUY A PEUGEOT.

9th Jun 2009, 15:57

HI TO ALL YOU PUG OWNERS. I have recently purchased a 2004 307 and having same problem with anti pollution light on and engine management on dash. I have taken this to a local garage and it has come up on diagnostics machine as bank 2, which may mean nothing if you know nothing at all about cars, but he has told me it may be a sensor which is called a lambda sensor at a cost of around £70. At the moment being out of work I cannot afford one, maybe this would cure the problem for all you guys, hope this info has been of some help.

MY PROBLEM is how do you depress the rear brake caliper piston in order to change pads and discs? I have changed many pads and discs on all makes of cars, but never experienced this before. Any info or advice on this would be very much appreciated.



12th Jul 2009, 22:47

Hi all.

I have a 2004 307. Common that my car also has the same "antipollution fault" light appeared. Sometimes does but sometimes not. Seemed not any garage can help, and neither SD. Yesterday, another light appeared - "TA + gasoline logo" light displayed. Can anyone there tell me what's the exact problem?

Shame that this is the first and last Peugeot in my life.

22nd Jul 2009, 16:24

Hiya all. My 307 is using mega amounts of brake fluid at the moment. Any body else having this problem? I can't find a leak anywhere; how confusing!!!

23rd Sep 2009, 17:47

Citroen Xsara 2.0 stationwagon.

Drove to the wash, came out - 1 minute after I had catalytic converter fault and engine mobiliser fault.

26th Oct 2009, 07:33

Hi to all fellow PUG owners.

I bought a 2001 307 XSi 11 months ago from a used car garage, and although strange things happened, I still remain mobile, (but not sure for how much longer).

The first issue was, yes you've guessed it "ANTIPOLLUTION FAULT" 2 days after we got it home, I returned it to the garage and they cleared the fault and sent me on my merry way.

Then followed 6 months of lovely trouble free motoring. Then all of a sudden the ABS light came on and the brakes started vibrating, like one of the discs had broke in half.

All the main dealer could say after a 30 minute drive linked up to their diagnostics computer was "your rear passenger wheel is running 1 to 2 rev's slower than the rest, so keep driving it until you find it gets worse then come back. WASTE OF MY TIME AND MY MONEY.

Next came the LARGE RED STOP sign within 2 minutes of being on the road. All these errors are particularly scary for my wife who travels 30+ miles to work and back every day.

Also on several occasions like most others, the car has lost all power, which again is very scary when my wife has been on the M1. Most recently the clutch has started feeling very strange, like its resting on a cheese grater-er.

My final statement is this, to all our fellow PUG owners out their, don't lose hope, keep your chin up and do the right thing and sell the B***dy things. They (Peugeot's) will continue to have these problems whilst mugs like us keep spending our hard earned cash on them.

Best of luck for the future and GET RID!!!