19th Nov 2009, 17:20

Hmmmm, the anti pollution light is back, and unblock diesel filter warning on my 307SW 03 85000 miles. Managed to drive it 85-95 mph for an hour last night, just over 3100 revs, scary hearing all the brake lock up faults. I'd be finished at that speed in the rain.

Where is the reservoir for the cleaning fluid, and would adding an additive like STP injector cleaner screw things up completely?

6th Jan 2010, 18:28

I absolutely agree with all of these comments listed. I purchased the 2002 1.6 307 in December 2008 and I have had never ending problems with it since.

* Catalytic converter fault - the warning light and message comes on, and the car's power drops dramatically and feels like it is going to cut out. The only way to continue driving is to turn the car off and on again.

* Power cut out - during driving the car, several times the car completely turns off electronically including the radio, lights etc. When it eventually turns itself back on again, the power windows do not work properly. I am terrified that this will happen on a hill.

* The floor carpet at the front constantly detaches from the car trim, I have had to repair this several times.

* The clips from the handles on the doors are always falling off. Peugeot charges $80 AUD per clip as a replacement.

* There is a leak somewhere in the back of the car, every few months the section where the spare tyre sits is full of water and has to be drained.

* The back door hinges always get stuck and become extremely hard to open.

* There are so many rattles and noises with the car.

Overall, I am so disappointed and frustrated with this car. I will never buy a Peugeot again, I am trying to sell it ASAP.

8th Feb 2010, 04:26

Hi All.

Glad to read these comments about the anti-pollution device. I have a 406 2.0 03 plate. When it first happened, I took it to Peugeot and they claimed they had never heard about it. They checked it and said they could see nothing wrong with it as the fault had cleared.

My observations are as follows:

It only happens to me when there are cold conditions. Occasionally it can can happen when the outside temperature is above 3degrees and damp, but normally just whenever the outside temperature is below 3 degrees. However, it does not necessarily always do it maybe 25%-35% of the time.

Once the warning engine anti pollution light is inoperative comes up and the light flashes, you can't drive the car so I have to stop. If you wait a minute or two and restart the car, it often fixes itself sort off, i.e. the warning changes to engine anti pollution light is defective and warning light remains on, but stops flashing. With my car I can drive when the light is on, but not when flashing. It does not seem to damage the car. If the outside air is very cold, say -3, then just turning the engine off and restarting the car is not sufficient. What I do then is restart the car, but do not drive and leave it to run with accelerator pressed down for about 10 minutes at about 1500-2000 revs, and once the car is "warmed up" I turn off for a minute and try again, and I repeat this until the warning light stops flashing and remains on.

I have found that once the car has had a good run for an hour or two, the light will disappear when you turn off the car and restart it. Sometimes this isn't the case, and left overnight the car will sought itself out. What I mean is that sometimes it seems to take 24 hours for the light to go off.

I am now cautious when starting the car in cold weather. I avoid setting off into areas where there are lots of other traffic and nowhere to pull over in case the fault happens. Not the best situation I know.

What is annoying is that Peugeot seem to feign ignorance about this problem, as though I am the only one to ever had the problem. My guess is they know it's a design fault and therefore it can't be fixed. I am going to phone several dealers and ask them if they know exactly what this fault is and can they repair it. I will re post here if there is an answer.

16th Feb 2010, 04:26


My PUG 307 2.0 HDI GLX TURBO DIESEL has the ESR/ASP not functioning signal all the time.

It also has the ANTI POLLUTION FAULT WARNING SIGN, which comes on within seconds of starting the engine, and the car goes into Limp mode.

The particle filer has been replaced and refilled, which did not solve the problem.

The ABS wiring has been checked three times.

Its been in the garage four times, and every time they simply re-generate the computer and it works for a day, and then goes back to its old problems.

Go for a blast is the usual piece of advice garages offer!

Back to a petrol car for me when I can find some mug to buy mine!

11th Mar 2010, 08:09

Hello everyone.

People should think carefully before they buy a Peugeot! It's clear they have messed up their ECU, or various sensors.. as well as most other things.

We should bring it to their attention and sort it out, rather than leaving other people to waste their money.

I have a 207 2.0 petrol. Right brake light went, got it replaced, however it needed a whole new unit of some sort.. The stealers.. I mean dealers charged over £200 for this part.

Now few months on, the car is chucking out the famous 'catalytic converter fault'. Please can someone advise what is the best way to go about fixing this problem? That car is only 4 bloody years old!!!

To repair do I take it to the dealers or...? Bearing in mind the car is out of warranty. Also, is the car safe to drive with this error?

29th Mar 2010, 11:23

Was in my 307 today. It is a 01 plate diesel. Suddenly on the motorway, the ABS fault light came on and the ESP; can anyone help me? To be quite honest, I just seem to get one thing fixed and something else happens.

13th Apr 2010, 15:17

I own a 307SW SE 2007, which scrubs both rear tyres, which means I have to change them at the same time as the front tyres. Been back to dealers twice, who keep saying nothing's wrong. Does anyone else have problems, or know what's wrong?

22nd Apr 2010, 16:36

Hi everyone.

My future son in law suggested that I take a look at this site.

I have a Peugeot 307HDI 90bhp 2004 estate, my problems started with regular bulb failure.

It would appear that the shelf life of bulbs are compromised when used in Peugeot's after reading several comments?

Then my heater motor failed to work, and I traced the fault to the heater resistor, which had failed, so I purchased a new one new one and replaced it, Ha I thought, sorted!

Don't believe it, heater resistor lasted about 7 months, then failed again. Visited my local Peugeot dealer, where I purchased the first replacement heater resistor, explained the problem; no answer, only advised that I fit a new resistor. Once again I spent another £37 to purchase my second resistor and refitted heater working!

6 months later, resistor failed again. I checked out the resistor, only to find that the connector socket on the wiring loom was burnt out (bad connection). This in turn has been causing the resistors to burn out?

I went back to the dealer, who informed me that they were aware of this problem, and when they replace the heater resistor, they replaced the wiring loom at the same time.

I asked why I had not be informed of this, when I had brought it to their attention that my heater resistor had been failing? Could it be they have a vested interest in encouraging people to use their repair facilities and the inflated service prices that bankers would be proud of.

The next problem was the indicator front near side started to fail. First time this happened; I thought bulb failure, so replaced the bulb, then it happened again. After investigating, I found that the bulb holder wasn't locating fully, so I replaced it and things seemed alright. Then it happened again, so once again I made my now familiar trip to the dealers, and before I could finish explaining my problem with the indicator, the assistant at the dealers had put a new bulb holder on the counter, explaining it was a common fault?

Next problem happened last week; my clutch failed, so I have had to have a complete clutch including fork on ancillary parts fitted at £500 plus.

I picked the car up on Tuesday afternoon from the garage, and drove it home, My wife took the car to work in the evening, and when she returned, told me that there was a fault light lit up, and there had been a error message displayed; on checking the car, I was greeted with the engine auto-diagnostic warning light, plus the obligatory Antipollution Fault.

I took the car back to the garage on Wednesday morning, and asked the mechanic if he had left any connections off; he inspected the connections and said everything was fine. He suggested run the car and see if the fault clears itself.

I went to the Peugeot dealers to ask their advice, and all I got was the fault indicated that the catalytic converter had failed, and would require replacing at a cost in excess of £500?

After reading all your comments and comparing them to my own, it would appear that Peugeot have a major problem with all their electrical system designs, and we all are suffering from similar failures, which to me indicate that the problem most likely lies in the alternator not being stable and causing intermittent spikes in their output of voltage, causing failure of electrical circuits and electrical parts.

I will be taking my problems to the trading standards office, and requesting they investigate; the more of you who complain to the trading standards office, the stronger the case will be.

Best regards