1991 Plymouth Acclaim 2.4 from North America


This was the most cost effective and comfortable car I have ever owned!


The engine had a knock at 10K miles and the dealer fixed it and provided me with a rental and my next several oil changes were free.

The transmission had to be rebuilt at 142000 miles. I drove it real hard and can't believe it lasted that long! The rebuild cost (including timing belt/motor mounts/etc) was under $1500.

General Comments:

I cannot believe how many miles and how cheap this car was to maintain! If this car was being made today, I would not hesitate to purchases it again!

Total cost of ownership for his car (excluding fuel) (including all repairs and maintenance) was less than 7 cents a mile...

The interior still looked new after 15 years and 200K miles!

The engine finally gave out after my teenage son got hold of it. He drove it for 1 1/2 years and said he over revved it and gave it heck. He finally threw a rod!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2008

1991 Plymouth Acclaim 2.5L 4-cylinder from North America


Strong family car with plenty of comfort


Alternator went out at about 100000mi.

Vacuum leak at about 100000mi.

Drivers' side window off track when bought.

General Comments:

This was my first car and one of the best cars I have ever owned.

The engine was perfect for a family sedan.

I owned the car for seven years and it was towed home one time in the seven years of ownership.

Very comfortable seating and roomy back seat and a large trunk.

Car can comfortably seat five adults and legally seat six.

Execellent handling for a front wheel drive car.

Extremely strong brakes. Stops on a dime with nine cents left over.

Was rear ended twice with no damage to my car.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2007

1991 Plymouth Acclaim 3.0 V6 from North America


V6 model is FANTASTIC city-driver


I bought my '91 Acclaim in April 2006.

Issues at the time of purchase:

Major -- nothing.


* trip odometer didn't reset

* hood-release was balky

* a couple speakers ratty-sounding

* rust forming along rear door bottoms

* suspension was a little bouncy

* rear brakes mediocre

* slight oil seep from gasket, but no dripping

* AC didn't work, but the blower was strong

* cosmetic oxidization-pitting of the v6 aluminum engine head

* apparently original wiper-arms were rusty.

* cruise-control only engaged via deaccelerate button

* The rear-view mirror fell off the inside of the windshield a week after I bought the car. (I'm guessing it had fallen off before, and the owner was tired of gluing it back on.)

I've driven it 10k miles now without fixing anything other than the mirror.

General Comments:

The lady wanted $800. Styling aside, the car looked new from a distance of ten feet; and the oil on the dipstick ran like fine maple syrup. The engine apparently still had very good compression, and the automatic transmission very good linkage -- because the car positively leaped when my foot brushed the gas pedal (obviously my last car, a '90 Mercury Sable, was a "bog" in comparison). "Passing acceleration" (i.e., 60mph>80mph) was surprisingly brisk. The car slowed noticeably when I took my foot off the gas, another indication of good transmission linkage and engine compression (this deacceleration was noticeable compared to shifting in neutral while at-speed, wherein the car would just glide).

It ran straight and true with my hands off the wheel.

Needless to say, I bought the thing.

Performance was more nimble that I expected for a mid-sized, 4dr box; while certainly not a sports car, I found it more than adequate to the task of darting back and forth in city traffic. -- In many ways, I'm finding it's an excellent car for city-driving in situations where one's speed changes constantly and driving a stick would be a gargantuan pain in the ass.

Better than expected turning radius.

Plenty of stick-your-arm-all-the-way-down room in the engine compartment, so do-it-yourself fiddling isn't annoying. (I haven't had to fiddle yet.)

Exterior-wise, mine is that perfect light-blue color that manages to look marginally clean while actually being filthy. I can tell that it's one of those vehicles where the primer and paint aren't very thick, and the least scratch going all the way through will commence rusting quick -- so I'll have to deal with those door bottoms, and probably buff and wax the rest of it before next winter.

Interior of my model has crush-velour seats, but is otherwise no-frills (crank windows, etc). I'm 6'3" tall, and manage to cram into this car by shoving the seat all the way back and reclining it considerably. When so oriented, I'm more comfortable and kinda feel like I'm closer to the pavement and slouched in the bucket-seats of a sports car.

The car has a seemingly solid bumper; it's obviously not a fire-hydrant-killer like that of an 80's land-yacht, but it's much better than those of late 90's cars (many of which have no bumpers at all).

Model came with driver's side airbag.

The seat-beats all worked, nothing was torn, and the dash wasn't cracked despite the faded paint indicating the car sat in the sun a lot.

Gas-mileage is in the high-20s; my driving style is fairly aggressive (but not "floor it!") when accelerating, and topping off at about 70.

Cosmetic demerits:

* The stock radio buttons are too small for eyes-off groping. Otherwise, the knobs are the big, round, manual suckers that I like -- none of that electronic seek-and-find garbage.

* It's impossible to comfortable rest your arm on the window-sill when the glass is rolled down -- the door-lock button jabs you in the "funny-bone".

I do like to cruise with my arm on the window-sill in summer, and so am looking around for another car with longer doors (probably a coupe, but not necessarily) ; so far, however, I haven't found anything for sale in the local metro-city area in the same price-range that's in remotely good of shape. Regardless of what I buy, the Acclaim will be a keeper as a secondary.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

13th Jul 2006, 04:10

It's been a couple months now; time for a re-cap...

It's my current daily-driver car, and I've yet to have to fix anything. Despite the model year only being rated at 26mpg highway (presumably at 55mph) fuel economy, I achieved 30mpg on mid-grade gas on a long highway trip with the cruise set on 80mph.