1991 Plymouth Acclaim LE 3.0 Ltr from North America


A cheap, but reliable car


Fan belt is currently loose, I just haven't gotten the time to tighten that.

Due to a crooked garage who "snapped off" my distributor cap during a routine tuneup, the car required a new distributor.

Serpentine belt was replaced a week before I bought it.

Muffler is getting louder due to age.

OK, once indeed it did fail to start, but that was due to leaving the headlights on for 8hrs, but what car would?

Some dents on the roof, quarter-panel and trunk, due to being hit by a tree. Yes, you read that right, only in the Poconos does a tree fall on a car.

General Comments:

First off, this car is very reliable and has NEVER let me down or failed to start on the first turn. This is rather surprising considering my parents car a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier RS has problems starting in cold weather.

Car was purchased for $735, from original owner. This car was taken great care of by its original owner, he kept up on oil changes and other maintenance.

This car is a good heavy car, and it sticks to the road well. It also gets good adverse driving traction. On the hill we live, many people even those with 4X4's can't make it up, but this ol' girl always shined.

Unlike some 90's Plymouth's it does not eat oil, and no smoke comes out of the exhaust.

Car has good power, and passes well. due in part to the 3.0ltr Mitsubishi engine.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

1991 Plymouth Acclaim LE 3.0 V6 from North America


Best cars for the $$$$


I'm getting car soon from original owner @ work. I got it for $100 and it has been garaged since new and is mint inside and out. I just have to find out why it goes into default mode transmission (2nd gear). He just had trans rebuilt and before that he replaced trans control modual so I am putting original on back in and replacing speed sensors ($60). I am sure this will fix it. Any ways I know these cars are very reliable. He just put a new battery in it as well as front brakes and new stereo. power locks are out as well as AC, but power windows cruise and everything else works. Oh he told me it puffs a bit of smoke when you start it, but not bad and muffler pipe has crack in it easy to fix.

General Comments:

These old Chyrlers are great and cheap $$$ to buy and keep up. These with the 3.0L engines are the best. I've had my eye on this car for years and told him if he wanted to sell it let me know. Now I get it for $100 with just a few things to work on and will get 2 years out of it. They are out there just ask around.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

1991 Plymouth Acclaim Base 4 cylinder from North America


Don't depend on it


Head gasket blew - poof! The End.

General Comments:

This car was purchased brand new by my father-in-law in 1991. He took meticulous care of it, and kept records of every single thing he did. Around 70k miles, he had the radiator replaced, then he gave it to me.

I drove it for less than a year when the temperature gauge started reading high every time I drove it. It would go ALL the way to hot, then a few minutes after driving, drop down to normal. After a few weeks of this, I had it diagnosed and was told the head gasket was cracked.

Apparently this is a common problem with these cars... the mechanic said it's a main reason why Chrysler stopped production of it. Oh well, it's a free car I had for a year...

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

15th Jul 2004, 09:24

Yup, the head gaskets were a weak point on these cars. Don't know if it was the reason why Chrysler stopped selling the 2.2/2.5 though. A head gasket can be changed by someone who knows what they're doing in a little over an hour, but it's better to take longer.