1995 Plymouth Neon Highline from North America


Awesome car all around


Since I have purchased this car, the only problems I have had have been that one of the running lights needed a new bulb, the interior light needed a new fuse, and there seems to be slight electrical problems with the control panel.

General Comments:

I love this car, it handles very well, is easy on the wallet, even with high gas prices steadily increasing, it is cheap to repair, and is an adorable car. The car is very comfortable and roomy, being a short person I was surprised how comfortable it was, my friends are tall and they complained in my last car (a Jeep Liberty) that it was just not roomy enough, but I have had nothing, but compliments on this car. I have a great Sony Explode system with over 200 watt speakers (the factory ones were replaced, but still worked) Eventually, I will be rebuilding the motor and investing in a new paint job, though the paint isn't peeling yet. In fact still has some nice shine to it, there are just a couple nicks and chips. Overall, hands down I love this car. It has been more than reliable, I am taking it on a road trip in June, over 3,000 miles worth of driving and it has my confidence that it will do awesome!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2004

1995 Plymouth Neon Highline 2.4 litre from North America


A very expensive


Head gasket has been replaced twice, once under warranty (40000 Km) and again at our cost (80000 Km).

Cruise control mysteriously quit immediately after our warranty expired.

Car has "eaten" 6 starters over the last few years.

Alternator replaced at 90000 Km.

O2 sensors and thermostat must be replaced regularly.

Camshaft seal replaced recently.

Remote trunk release broke after 60000 Km.

Brakes squeal loudly, even after being totally redone.

Engine mysteriously loses power for seconds at a time, mechanics can't pinpoint problem.

Door hinge broken.

Windows do not seal and come off of tracks repeatedly.

General Comments:

The fit and finish of the vehicle is poor, with most interior components broken or worn out after 4 or 5 years. The overall quality of the vehicle is very poor and cheap.

We could go on and on about everything that has gone wrong with this vehicle. The cost of repairs is becoming more than a new car payment would be and makes me seriously reconsider ever purchasing another Chrysler product of any kind.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2004

1995 Plymouth Neon 2 Door Coupe 4 cylinder from North America


A good first car...that's about all


To begin with the drivers seat had a tear along one side.

The paint started to peal about a year after I bought the car. Not just chip, but peel right off.

My car started to hit the shop around 85000 miles and it's been downhill ever since.

In one shop visit there was over $800 in parts not labor put into the engine.

The interior held up till recently the lining on the roof began to fall right off.

My speedometer works sometimes.

And finally at 110000 miles the timing gear froze and the belt got tore up and took out the water pump. Repairs cost $450.

General Comments:

This was my first car and it was wonderful I traveled around and racked up the miles.

After about 80000 I would recommend to trade in while there is still some value to the car.

It is was the perfect first car.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2004

1995 Plymouth Neon Highline Coupe SOHC from North America


Typical Chrysler car, you be the judge


On 2nd transmission, and that is failing now (first replaced 3 months after I got the car!!)

On 2nd power steering, which is failing now (first replaced 9 months after I got the car!!)

Bad O2 sensor.

Bad thermostat.

Leaks HUGE amounts of oil.

General Comments:

I wrote a review previously stating that although I had some problems at the beginning, the car was OK. Well, 2 and a half years later, I have to call it quits on the car. It leaks oil to the tune of 3 quarts+ a day from both seals, with probable engine damage due to low oil pressure. Just when one thing is fixed, another thing breaks, as well as the usual noise and window complaints. Although fun to drive when it works, it simply does not work enough of the time to be worth your money. DO NOT BUY!!

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Review Date: 24th January, 2004

4th Apr 2006, 12:05

Chrysler did acknowledge the head gasket problem at least with our two Neon's. we didn't have to pay a cent to get them fixed and that was after the warranty was out.