1992 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.0 liter V6 from North America


Couldn't go wrong for the price I paid


I've only had it for a month, but so far:

Radiator is leaking along the bottom. I think the core-to-tank gasket is leaking. This is an old copper radiator with a weird layout, and a used replacement is hard to find.

Starter failed to turn the engine over a few times. A nice loud CLICK was all I got. I think the starter itself is OK, but the solenoid is bad. Good thing my van has the Bosch starter, which is cheap to replace a solenoid on. The Nippondenso starters have an expensive solenoid.

The 3 speed transmission seems to quickly slip when shifting between 2nd and 3rd. It doesn't do this very often, and even when it does, it will only do it a few times, then not do it again for days or even weeks. Transmission fluid level is OK and the fluid looks to be in acceptable condition. I assume that either the transmission is just worn out by now or the fluid needs changing.

Rear wiper doesn't work. Not so much a problem right now, but for this coming winter I am going to get it fixed.

Alignment is bad. I was told the previous owner changed a strut but didn't get the alignment quite right when it was replaced.

Clunking noise in the front end, most noticeable when I go over little tiny cracks in the road. Hopefully it's just a worn out rubber bushing and not a bad balljoint.

There seems to be a very small bit of dead space in the steering. It appears to be almost on the center, and only a few degrees of rotation left or right. Maybe it's related to the alignment?

Fuel mileage isn't what I hoped it would be, even for a van.

By the way, let it be said that I'm not griping about these problems, as they most definitely can be expected of a 17 year old 250 dollar car.

General Comments:

OK, first off I should point out I only paid 250 bucks for this van. It was licensed and inspected when I first saw it, otherwise I would have passed it over. I wasn't really looking for a van, I wanted a 4 cylinder car, but when I saw the price and that it was still licensed and inspected then I knew I wanted it.

The van's odometer showed roughly 489000 kilometers (303000 miles) when I first looked at it, but I was told the engine was replaced a few years ago with another one that had either 160000 (100000 miles) or 200000 (125000) kilometers on it. I believe the previous owner told me the transmission was replaced as well, but I'm not sure I heard him properly on that point.

Now, with this being an early 90's 3 liter V6, it burns oil. Sometimes very little, other times a lot. While I'm driving it doesn't seem to burn much, or that I don't see it while I'm driving, but if I let it idle for more than a few minutes then take off it'll usually leave an embarrassing blue cloud in it's wake. If I find myself in a situation that would require an extended idle, I'll just shut the engine off then restart it when I need to move again.

My mother has a 96 Voyager with the same engine and transmission as my 92, but for whatever reason my van feels so much more quick and powerful than hers. My mother had the engine replaced in her van this past winter when her cylinder heads cracked. Maybe her replacement engine is worn out or something, but hers certainly feels slower. On the plus side however, hers doesn't burn oil.

I like the seats in my van, and the Quad Command seating option (2nd row are bucket seats instead of the bench). Oddly enough, the front passenger seat cannot be slid forward or backward. I wish the headrests were adjustable.

I like the control layout and the instrument panel is clearly laid out and easy to read, but I find myself sometimes not noticing the high beam indicator at night, so that when I think I am dimming my lights at an oncoming car, I am actually putting them on the high beams.

The inspection expires this coming March, and the van's body is getting soft in a few areas. I don't know whether it would be worth getting fixed, or when March comes around should I sell the van and get something else.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2009

1992 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.0 gas from North America


Excellent, low-cost vehicle with easy maintenance


Paint peeling (usual for this era)

General Comments:

This minivan is a solid performer from Chrysler. I got it from a private dealer for $750 with only a little over 100,000 miles on it. The A/C is ice cold and needs to be turned down 2 minutes after powering up.

When I bought it, I was a little concerned about engine operating temperature, since my parents owned a Caravan that heated up pretty bad when driving up hills, but so far, it drives at about 25% on the temp gauge in 90 Degree weather, up hills, with the ice cold A/C on. I'm impressed.

The tranny shifts a little stiffly, but I'm hoping it will last me until 200,000, when I'll probably be ready for another vehicle anyway.

For a van, it's very easy to work on. So far, I've only had to do the usual like radiator flush, oil change, etc.

Nice van, bad paint job. Good work vehicle at 25MPG.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2006