1992 Plymouth Voyager V6 3.0 from North America


It's a great van for $750!


So far, I've had the exhaust system replaced and it currently needs an oxygen sensor. Also, the transmission is slipping a little. I was told it needed to be flushed and serviced.

General Comments:

I bought the car at an auction for $750.

It rides quiet and smooth and has been reliable so far. I drive 80+ miles every day. The body and interior are great. Roomy and comfortable.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2004

1992 Plymouth Voyager Base 3.0L Mitsubishi 6 cylinder/3 speed from North America


A great van for any purpose


Our Voyager has been simply great for repairs- truly a reliable family car. We've replaced the oxygen sensor twice- once at 72,000 miles and again at 170,000 miles. It did have it's transmission rebuilt at 145,000 miles, but given the issues these cars have had with transmissions, that is not bad at all. It had it's alternator replaced once. Aside from that, everything done to it has been general maintenance.

It has started to burn oil- about a quart every 1,700 miles. I don't think this is very bad at all for the mileage the van has on it. The engine still feels like it could go another 100,000 miles despite this small problem.

General Comments:

The Voyager is no speed demon- I mean, it's a minivan. But as far as a good cargo vehicle or a good family car, I still haven't seen a van or SUV beat the kind of reliability the Voyager has to offer.

The cabin is very roomy (of course- it's a minivan), and it is very comfortable to drive on long trips. The car is my dad's (I'm a college student), and I feel safer and more comfortable driving the Voyager on long trips than I do my own '96 Grand Am with nearly 100,000 less miles.

We've been considering trading it in for a newer vehicle- but every time we see a car we like, we have difficulty sitting down at the bargaining table since the van has been so reliable- why get rid of a good thing?

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

11th Aug 2007, 15:26

Well, it's been 4 years and 41,000 miles since I last wrote a review on this car, so I thought I'd do an update. It's had a radiator and an alternator replaced. A couple of panels on the inside cracked and have been replaced with boneyard parts. Still a pretty darn reliable car though, especially considering that it now has 213,000 miles on it. Taking it on a road trip on the next few days...

1992 Plymouth Voyager LE Mitsubishi 3.3L V6 from North America


Great off the line, but expense grows quickly as the years go on. Overall though, I love this van!


The first major problem that we saw with this van was loosing the transmission at 150,000 miles. It came with no warning and we were left without transportation for a week or two. The transmission was replaced with a second hand transmission for a repair bill of about $1,400.

Shortly after that the rear wiper no longer would work.

More recently, starting at about 200,000 miles, the van began to overheat badly. It burned out 3 fan motors before I wired the fan to a toggle switch on the dash to manually control it.

Due to the overheating the van blew a head gasket at 225,000 miles. I replaced the head gasket and had parts of the inner engine re-machined for a repair bill of about $600.

Since that repair it has been running dangerously low oil pressure and has begun to burn oil.

Yesterday was the first time it overheated for a long time. Diagnosis this time: radiator is rusted almost completely away. I will be purchasing a new one shortly.

Also, CV joints are needing replaced on both sides of vehicle badly.

General Comments:

This van is fast considering that it is a family car. Mostly in the acceleration will you notice it's power. It doesn't compare to most, but again, for a van it is a beast.

It is quite possibly the most comfortable vehicle I have ever ridden in and very spacious when the middle seat is left out. You can almost count on it to haul what you would in a smaller truck like a Ranger.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2003

18th Feb 2005, 09:21

I just bought a 1992 Plymouth Voyager for $740 at an auction. That same day it overheated and has everyday I have had it for 3 days now. I got the thermostat replaced because the previous owner said that it needed it. This did not help. I hope it is not a blown head gasket. The van itself was very clean inside. and drives really smooth. I have 2 children and thought that they would appreciate this van. I think it has a problem with the barrings on both front wheels. It starts to shake real bad when I reach speeds of 55-60mph. I hope that these are the only things wrong with the van for a while. I hope the overheating is caused by something simple.

17th Mar 2005, 11:00

I just recently purchased this van and overall, I love it! But... there are some things beginning to happen here. My CV joints were busted and I didn't even notice it while test driving it and over looking the van. You would think that it just needs an alignment, but don't be deceived, it is those joints. Also, the struts are completely compressed on each side so I'm in the process of getting those fixed. I have been told that the strut mounts are poor on these models, but I guess if this is your only transportation, it isn't really major. My transmission is slipping a little so I'm certain it will become an issue, I'm hoping later than sooner though!