1992 Plymouth Voyager Grand 3.3 from North America


A shoddily made piece of garbage


This van is a piece of garbage. My family bought it back in 92 new. I started driving it about 5 years ago. Basically, everything has gone wrong. This van has been a constant source of problems, stress, and a sinkhole for money.

The 1st transmission failed, and the 2nd is about to go.

The entire ABS system is shoddy. I have put thousands into ABS brake parts alone.

The interior is falling apart.

The tie rod is about to fall off.

The motor mounts are off.

The CV axles are both knock.

The sliding door never closed correctly, and recently the latch had ceased to work completely.

The plastic runners on the side are warped and waterlogged. The laminate peels.

About a million other things I can't think of right now.

General Comments:

Do not ever buy an older voyager/caravan/town and country. If I had known how much money I was going to put into this van, I certainly would have sold it.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2003

30th Jun 2004, 13:12

I totally agree with this rating. I am surprised that the 1992 Voyager got any positive reviews at all. Granted it is a joy on the highway & handles beautifully. But I also bought it new & had to replace: brakes, transmission, fuel pump, tires, etc. etc. I could have bought a nice Toyota and paid more initially, but saved much in the end.

29th Oct 2005, 13:40

<b><h1><font color="red">I work on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager LE on a regular basis for a friend of mine. It says enough that I need to work on it regularly, however, it is rather simple to repair them. They are somewhat scary to drive, but perform well for a month at a time.</font></b></h1>

3rd Nov 2007, 00:44

Y'all know there was a recall on a bunch of the Bendix 10 ABS components, right? You probably could've saved a bundle if you'd been an informed consumer.

1992 Plymouth Voyager from North America


This is a nice, dependable and reliable van


The transmission was replaced at 223,000 miles, but beyond that nothing but normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

I love this van even with over 284,000 miles on it, it still starts first time every time. We get some pretty cold winters here in Wisconsin, and I don't plug the van in, but every morning no matter what the temperature the van starts right off. I will drive this van until it dies, but that end does not appear to be anywhere in sight.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2003

3rd Mar 2003, 07:41

You just bought this van in 2001? How do you know how many transmissions this van has had? We have put two transmissions in our and it's nickel and dimming us to death. Sorry, Steven, this is a money grubby vehicle. Gail.

23rd Apr 2004, 22:13

I disagree with the above comment. It depends on the transmission you have. The three speeds of this generation of van were VERY reliable (I know, I have one). It wouldn't surprise me if it were the original tranny in there if it's a three speed. I would strongly doubt it's original if it's a four speed, however.

1992 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 from North America


Good transportation for 1 or 7


Tires wore out around 30000km.

Starter went around the same time.

Air conditioner failed three different times.

Back wiper is busted.

Heater blower motor was replaced.

Fuel gauge doesn't work right. I just use the odometer, and put more gas in every 100km to be safe.

Radiator, and water pump also new. Replaced most pulleys, this work was all precautionary though.

Trim on this vehicle was cheaply built, and is expensive to replace. I was in a parking lot on a windy day, and got hit in my drivers side door by a shopping cart. This put a bad dent in the moulding on the door. To replace it, it would have costed $100 Canadian, plus labour, so I just left it.

The door handles are getting bad, the glove box is broken, and some interior plastic is busted.

General Comments:

I have not had any transmission or engine problems with this vehicle. It is a 3.3l with a 4 speed automatic. I also haul a trailer with it about 4 times a week. You can't even feel a loss of power with the trailer.

It takes a long time to shift into fourth, but once you get there, the van flies like a kite.

I think it sounds nice when you hammer it.

I really like the controls on this car. I think they are very easily accessible and convenient.

The only thing I don't like about this car is the awful steering wheel. It is very worn, and for some reason sticky. It's like the wheel is covered in wet glue.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003

1992 Plymouth Voyager Base Mitsubishi 3.0 V6 from North America


Everything a family van should be!


The transmission lost reverse at 137,000 miles, Was rebuilt by Saunders Transmission Service in Argyle NY.

Transmission fluid had metal in it 12000 miles later. Saunders transmission rebuilt the entire transmission without question, and were very accomodating.

Serpentine belt and tensioner were replaced at 196,000.

Started to burn oil at 170,000 miles due to a common problem with the valves. Was repaired.

Front struts and springs just replaced today. A/C was recharged this summer.

General Comments:

This vehicle is a fantastic family vehicle. My wife and I decided on it when we had our second son. We felt our '88 Chevy Corsica was too small, and I had a company car, so we traded up.

The van is spacious, rides great, and handles and performs well for a van. This van has been very reliable. We replaced it with a 1998 Mercury Sable Wagon. I drive the van now when I'm not using a company vehicle, and my wife uses it when our Sable isn't big enough, or is being repaired.

The van's interior looks excellent, but the exterior is beginning to rust now. As our Sable ages, it is proving to be not as reliable as the Voyager, and we are considering purchasing a 2002 Chrysler Voyager.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2002

1992 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 V6 from North America


I woudn't buy another one


Rear wiper went out.

Hood doesn't open.

Distributer went.

Intake hose fell and melted on the transmission. I put an aluminum hose and hose clamps because it didn't have any.

Too many recalls.

General Comments:

Great family transportation, but not that reliable.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2001