1992 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3L V6 201 from North America


Great car, runs good and handles good


I haven't had any problems with this vehicle in the 4-5 years that I have owned it.

General Comments:

This van handles great.

Has great acceleration.

Great cargo room.

No problems since I bought it.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2006

1992 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 from North America


Beware of the transmission!


The ball joints needed replacing.

The tie rods needed replacing.

In the four years we had the van the muffler rusted out three times.

The tires were going bald. Most likely from the worn out ball joints and tie rods.

The transmission would shudder on the 1-2 shift. Easing off the pedal would allow it to shift normally. That problem never got better, even after a transmission flush.

The gas mileage was very poor (10 mpg) when we got the van. After a computer diagnosis it was determined the Oxygen sensor sensor was faulty. Replacing it immediately doubled the mileage.

The air conditioning stopped working.

The thermostat stuck open in the middle of winter. This made for very cold drives to work until it was replaced.

The alternator failed once.

One day we went to put the transmission in reverse and the van would not reverse. From that point on we had park only in spaces we could drive out of. Very frustrating!

General Comments:

This van has given us a lot of pooblems. I could forgive the most of the problems we had with the van since since many of the repairs did not cost very much and fall under the bracket of wear and tear items.

What I cannot forgive is the ongoing problems with our transmission. It seems to be the weak link for these vehicles, which have a reported high failiure rate and costs thousands of dollars to fix or replace. It seems every time I pass by a transmission repair shop all I see is Chrysler minivans in the parking lot. For these reasons, I would never recommend this vehicle to anyone.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2005

1992 Plymouth Voyager LX 3.3 from North America


Long lasting minivan - get another at 250,000 miles


Got this car because in great looking shape - commuter highway miles. Fancy LX version.

When got car for $800 at 201000 miles needed fuel pump, front brakes & rotors, and radiator fan. Also changed struts, shocks, rear brakes. ($600 parts)

At 202000 miles I was driving to fast (about 90) for the tired old tranny and a bearing failed in it. Got another for $400. new Half shafts were $120.

At about 235000 needed an alternator and new front tires. ($120, $140) and changed aftermarket radiator fan again (warranty exchange)

Rear brake proportioning valve seems to be causing trouble - probably stuck in wrong setting.

General Comments:

Replaced my 1984 Dodge Caravan with 280000 with this 1992 car.

This one is a lot more refined and posh with fabulous A/C, nice trip computer etc. engine is quite good.

Reasonable gas mileage (27/20)

Transmission is week point (first one lasted ONLY 202000 miles) all else is good on this car. I just swap out the odd part that wears out.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2005

1992 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.0L V6 from North America




Gas gauge quit working, sliding door unlocks when it wants to, power lock on sliding door quit working today, rear deck lid has to be slammed to make it shut, driver's side hub is howling like a banshee.

General Comments:

I was seriously stressed to learn it had a 3.0 in it after I bought it. Yes, I looked at the engine before buying it, but the light was very gloomy, and it was near impossible to make out anything under the hood. The engine runs very tight, but after an Acclaim and another Voyager with 3.0s in them threw their timing belts (?!), I have developed a very healthy hatred of the 3.0. I was looking for one with a 3.3L in it so it would have a CHAIN.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

13th Nov 2004, 11:25

You have bought a car with 215000 miles.

Please accept that it's unlikely to be perfect.

15th Nov 2004, 08:51

This guy buys a 13 year old vehicle with more than 200K miles on it and then bitches because it has problems.

And it's your own fault for not finding out what engine it had before you bought it, "gloomy" or not!

17th Nov 2004, 11:58

If you got the three speed trans with the 3.0 it's a great van. I bought a base van with this set up and I drive it very hard every day. And it has 234,000 miles. I use it as a truck pulling a loaded 6x12 trailer most of the time. Just service the engine and then drive it hard. I am very pleased with the 3.0 and three speed auto.

14th Aug 2011, 01:27

Are you serious? If you're so concerned about what engine it has, BRING A FLASHLIGHT.