22nd Nov 2006, 10:29

Hello it's the owner again. The odometer on the digital dash of the STE stopped and is frozen at 199,999 miles and when you select the metric button the kilometers show 121,867. Because the odometer cannot physically go beyond 199,999 numerically the 121,867 kilometers is actually 321,867 kilometers. This freezing of the odometer, from looking at service receipts I estimate that it was summer of 2002 that this all took place. Therefore based on 20,000 klms per year of this daily driver (my daughter drives it to work), there's over 400,000 klms on this STE now. I am still working at finding a way of resetting the odometer. If anyone figures this one out email me at weB50@hotmail.com. Thanks.

29th Apr 2007, 10:00

300,000 miles or 500,000 klms. 1986 Pontiac 6000 STE, moonroof. Using the service scheduler as a reference to the mileage on the car because the odometer stopped at 199,000 miles. The car is probably worth $2000. in the condition it is in with little rust, good glass and tires. I just spent $750. to replace an injector. The trouble-shooting is why the price so high. I thought it was an electrical problem. The ABS pump had to be replaced. I found a supplier in Detroit that sold the electric motor and hydraulic pump as a rebuilt assembly. $800. for the part and I installed it myself. Don't lose those clips that lock your electrical fasteners to your pump. Front end ball joint replacement again. Ball joints are a weak part of this car. New boots on rack and CV joints. New Battery is best replaced for what they cost. I tried to save the old one and with the garage testing it ended up costing twice as much.

22nd Dec 2015, 16:30

Like your comments, we had an 89 LE in the 90s and it ran great till it got rear ended.

Found an 86 this November and I'm going through it now; 149K on her. One owner, well maintained and garaged. Copper with red interior. New distributor, fuel filter, fan sender unit.

The car sat for five years. So I'm expecting more to come. Great fit and finish, looking to get some good years out of her.

Headliner just starting to fall. Thinking of setting some wood pinned strips up to keep the original.

23rd Dec 2015, 04:13

I had a 90 Bonneville and 2 6000 LEs (late 80s); all were new. I kept the Bonneville. A new headliner was only a couple of hundred dollars. That and a peeling clear coat on the hood were the only cosmetics. I had a silver and a black 6000 with the wire wheel caps and luggage racks. Pretty sharp. The Bonneville had a great full instrument cluster nice radio with equalizer knobs. It was a pretty sporty dash for a large car. All of my Pontiacs were nice mechanically. Again, having the better looking wheels and that rear factory rack gave some styling.