1986 Pontiac 6000 STE 2.8 from North America


Great commuter


Enjoy the 6000 STE. Replaced head gaskets at about 170000. Don't know the actual mileage, as the speedo cable gave way @ 150k. Not something to toss $ into.

Having issue now with no start. Last week it ran poorly on the way home. Upon opening the hood, the coil wire was arcing to the gray connector of the coil wiring. The connector was damaged from the head gasket rebuild job & glued together. I thought the coil was the culprit. Replaced the coil & heavily taped the connector. The car ran for 10 minutes & quit to never start again. I exchanged the coil. Still no start. I'm about to change the ignition module, thinking the arcing coil fried the module. Still surprised it ran 10 minutes then quit though.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2010

1986 Pontiac 6000 2.5 from North America




Boot ripped.

General Comments:

These are great reliable cars... the Japanese have nothing on the 6000. It is my third 6000 and I expect it to reach 300,000 miles like the previous two. I use them on as a delivery vehicle on a rural route for the Postal Service.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

12th Jul 2020, 23:38

I inherited by mothers 1986 Pontiac 6000 LE. I would say it is in very good condition. Original mileage is 76,000 with only minor rust forming on the bottom of one door panel. Any idea what it may be worth now? I plan on putting it up for sale in the very near future.

13th Jul 2020, 19:47

On a car like this it all depends on what it's worth to the buyer and what they're willing to pay. These were just ordinary mid size front wheel drive point A to B cars. A V6 version may bring a little more, but don't expect anything over $2,500.

13th Jul 2020, 21:43

If it looks decent and does not need any serious repairs to be driven, figure $800-$1000 as a transportation car. Not collectible and likely to be many more years before it ever would be.

13th Jul 2020, 23:21

I’d keep a car my mom passed to me. Maybe $1200 value. It’s not a current model. Has a great engine.

1986 Pontiac 6000 LE from North America


This car is part of the family!!!


The major problems with the car happened in the first few years that we had it.

I can't even remember how many times we had to replace the motor mounts and alternator belt.

The car would stall in the rain (Hasn't happened for years now).

A/C went about a year after we bought the car. Never bothered trying to get it back though.

The engine was rebuilt when the car was 13 years old.

A few years ago, my daughter has put this car through hell- TWICE. When she was first learning, she lost control, and somehow managed to rip the ENTIRE wheel of the back left tire off. When this happened, the back end of the car smashed on the ground, and has caused heavy damage to its undercarriage. Then a year after that, she ran the car into a ditch about 4 ft. high in snow when she encountered black ice for the first time. Luckily, only a few fuses had to be replaced.

The car is 21 years old. Naturally rust and the accidents my daughter has made its toll on the car, and it's now in desperate need of bodywork.

General Comments:

This is THE best car I have ever owned. We also own a 1998 Honda Accord, and our Pontiac literally makes it look bad. Mechanically, this car has gotten better with age. All of the problems we had with the car in the first couple of years that we had it have vanished! I think I've only had to put about $250 into it in the past three years, which I can't say for the Honda. It has given my family nothing, but great and reliable service for the 16 years that we have had it now. No matter what it's been through, it always starts right up again (I think my daughter has proven this). If I was given a million dollars, I would put as much money as I could into bodywork for this car, which is probably the only way I can thank this car. GM should be proud!!!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2007

28th Mar 2007, 18:03

What problems are you having with the Honda? My brother never opens the hood of his 99 Accord and now at 96,000 miles it needs a timing belt and the dipstick never shows oil on it. that is the only thing that has ever happened from never opening the hood. Could the Pontiac do that?

14th Apr 2007, 00:08

In regards to the Honda, I've had to replace the transmission just last year. My 6000-LE still has its ORIGINAL transmission. That is probably the most expensive problem I've ever had with it. The car used to frequently stall, which resulted in me having to buy a new computer, which was also pricy. In all fairness, the car was bought used, but so was my 6000. Please take into consideration that your car is MUCH younger than my 6000, even though a 1999 is not considered young. The most testing time for my 6000 came when the car was 13 years, when we made the decision to get the engine rebuilt. As the years have passed since then, I've had to put very little into this car, which I've now owned for 16 proud years.

17th Feb 2015, 02:19

I had two Hondas... the transmissions blew up... one at 84k and the other one 102k... that's their weak point...

18th Feb 2015, 13:46

We had 4 of these as company cars in 1990. Super reliable car. I later bought a 90 Bonneville as a second car for our family. It was even better! If anyone has a company car and likes it, they must be nice. Of ones since, the Crown Vic's were also great company cars for us. Driven up to 200 miles a day to see accounts.

25th Feb 2016, 22:51

Did your Hondas both have automatics?