17th Sep 2009, 15:51

My husband purchased a 2001 Bonneville SSEI fully loaded NEW in 2000, and the car is kept is storage during bad weather and only has 74 thousand miles on it.

29 days after it was purchased, the ignition wire fried on it, and then we had the heating unit on one of the seats short out, leaving blisters on the back of my legs (very painful). It took over an hour for the seat to cool down enough to sit on it again.

I had the motor on the back window go out a little over a year ago, and now I had to replace another window motor up front, and a window regulator in the back in the same year.

I called GM to tell them that apparently there is an issue with the product they produced, and I was told since it was out of warranty, the only thing they would offer me was a $4000.00 credit for me to buy a new GM product, and I told them no, and if they were not going to stand behind their product, especially one that cost what that car cost, then they just lost a loyal GM customer and I ended the conversation. They told me they had no record of any problems from other customers with the windows on this car, but apparently they are wrong.

23rd Sep 2009, 15:10

I just brought a 2001 Bonneville SLE used with 83k. So far most of the problems that I have read in these owners reviews, my dealer has had to repair under the 60 day warranty!

Please wish me luck. I like this car so far, she looks great!!!

I will be back in 60-Days!!! To let you all know how things are going!!!

Air system condenser

Steering column

Information center-dash

Rear shocks

24th Sep 2009, 19:50

I have a 2000 Bonneville SSEi, and am having problems with O2 sensors. Have replaced both of them, and now weeks later get a po134 code. The car runs good, need help, only has 59500 miles.

11th Jan 2010, 10:49

I've had my 01 Bonneville for 9 yrs. and have put on 175,000 miles with a few problems.

Steering column problems; like the rest of you (lubed then replaced parts).

Rear window regulators; $400 for parts and replaced myself.

Replaced front wheel hubs 4 times; guaranteed for 1yr from purchase from parts store.

Lights for heat/AC burned out; not messing with.

Drives great besides a few setbacks, and I love the seats!

NOW having issues with it hesitating at 50-55mph and other speeds, but not on a regular basis; any comments on this?

11th Jan 2010, 19:32

More information would be helpful. By "hesitating", do you mean that the engine revs up high, but the transmission won't shift up to the next gear? Or do you mean that the transmission is shifting OK, but the engine doesn't seem to have the power to get moving?

If it's the transmission that seems to be the culprit (most likely scenario), you may have an issue with the torque converter or shift solenoids. I can only make an educated guess on this one, as I obviously have never seen the vehicle.

16th Feb 2010, 08:24

I love my Bonneville SSEi 2000, has some electrical issues and a misfire, but that's with 218,000 miles on it. Run amsoil in your car, no joke, it helps!!

19th Feb 2010, 17:08

I have a 2001 Bonneville SSEi that I bought used in 2002. I purchased it with 23K and now have 97K miles on it. The front end issues have been a problem from the beginning. I have had the same issues as most owners:

1) Shake in front end - comes and goes mostly at speeds over 55 mph

2) Clanging noise in front end over bumps - had to lease a Taurus to leave the car at the dealer so they could diagnose - was told this was the brake modulator valve hitting the frame/suspension - used foam padding to insulate - worked for about 2 months.

3) Popping noise from steering column when turning slow into parking lots or onto the streets

4) Constantly replacing the rotors until we replaced them with after market parts - these rotors last much better than the OEM

5) Replaced the rear window motors - $160 each from NAPA Auto Parts

6) Leaking intake gasket - new gasket fixed it

7) Other gaskets we are going to replace at about 100K - oil pan gasket and trans pan gasket

8) Power steering pump is leaking and also needs to be replaced - O'Reilly's has parts at a reasonable price

9) Oh yeah, the entire transmission had to be rebuilt 2 months after purchase (under warranty) for a known issue

10) Driver's heated seat quit working - only way to fix it to buy a brand new seat due to how it was engineered - almost $1000 from the dealer - just have to deal with a cold tushy!!!

In terms of the front end issues, we have replaced the tie rods, ball joints, struts and bearing plates in addition to 2 sets of new tires. I want to change the entire front end - the rack, CV shafts, etc. Does anyone know of a good after market manufacturer that make these components? I too share the concern that GM just designed the front end incorrectly - the aluminum parts don't seem to hold up to the torque steer on the SSEi, and due to their lighter weight may be the reason for so much front end vibration.

With all that being said, I still love the looks and power of this car. I do wish GM had some better solutions to the front end though...

21st Feb 2010, 10:33

I have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi. I just wanted to warn customers not to be conned into buying expensive AC parts! Here's what happened in my car last summer - I was getting cool air on the passenger side, but warm air on the driver's side. When I attempted to change the climate control settings, it seemed like they were broken - they weren't changing the temperature of the air correctly. I thought my main controls were shot. As it turns out, all I needed was my AC recharged. Apparently, when the AC gets low in these cars, the way they are designed, the temperature is different on the two sides due to the dual climate control. So, if a dealer or shop tries to charge you for a new AC pump or for new climate controls - don't pay until you first try recharging the AC system!!! (A LOT CHEAPER!)

13th Jun 2010, 10:54

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments concerning the Pontiac Bonneville SSEi, as I have a 2000 and 2002. The 2000 now has 173000 miles, and the 2002 now has 156000 mile. Both vehicles certainly have plenty power on tap with comfortable interiors.

The 2000:

* EGR valve repair cost of $410.00 dollars at Meineke.

* Fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge now inoperative. Repair cost unknown.

* Headlights continuously ON, suspect dash sensor. Repair cost unknown.

* Wheel hub driver and end tie-rod passenger repair cost $380.00 from Tire Kingdom.

* 4 window regulators replaced 85000 miles ago. Best part prices for sets from eBay, and your own labor. Easy fix.

* Trunk water leak? Pulled rubber plugs at base of trunk lid to allow drainage over rear bumper until leak cause is determined. Suspect weatherstripping. Repair unknown.

The 2002:

* Trunk leak cause was spoiler. Gentle re-tighten to repair. Plugs removed from base of trunk lid.

*Water entering interior at base of front passenger door. Suspect door weatherstripping. Copious amount of chapstick applied along lower weatherstripping. Temporary fix holding.

Repair parts inexpensive on eBay. Labor cost unknown.

* Catalytic converter replaced at 140000 miles. Repair cost $500.00 dollars at Meineke.

*4 Window regulators replaced. eBay regulator replacement sets inexpensive. Young child door slamming, will again have to replace rear door regulators.

As for dash lights: Both vehicle radio with 1 bulb out. I would imagine a costly repair.

Thanks again for your posts. William.