16th Oct 2010, 09:01

Well here goes. My 01 SSEi has had problems from the get go; power window failings, fuel pump, trans, leaking in the trunk.

Don't have any steering problems yet, and hoping I don't.

Just recently, my cat converter is making very loud noises.

You know for the money I have spent on my car, I could have bought a new one. Love the car, but hate the cost of keeping it running.

30th Aug 2011, 15:50

Did you ever find out what the shaking was? I know this post is years old, but I have the exact same problem. Thanks.

11th Sep 2013, 18:59

I own a 1999 Bonneville SSEI supercharged. It has 252,000 miles on it and I love my car.

The air conditioner went out, it needs the part that makes the heat and air come through the vents. Heat and/or air only comes from the top window vent and side window vents.

Also, I have an oil leak coming from valve cover.

Basically that is the worst with my car. However I'm trying to get these things fixed without getting ripped off. Any suggestions? My husband is not mechanically inclined.

29th Jan 2014, 21:37

Had my cat cut off and a straight pipe put in its place... saved a lot of $$$.

20th Apr 2014, 22:01

They make an extension for the O2 sensor, thereby pulling it back a bit out of the exhaust stream, fooling the computer. They also make an O2 sensor that plugs in between the sensor and the plug, and they're around $80 or more. Mine was like $20 and goes between the sensor and the pipe. These cars, when older, spew a bit under certain situations and trigger the light. I've heard of folks replacing cat converters, thinking they were no longer doing their job and still having the light. My best friend for 40 years (and a mechanic for 30) was surprised I found the fix. Hasn't come on since, and it's over 1 year now!


30th Jul 2015, 00:46

We own a 2001 SSEI and were told that the vibration in the steering wheel was caused by warped rear rotors. So we had an entire brake job done on the front and rear, and all rotors were replaced. Now we are being told that it may be the ABS pump. We are investigating that now.