1984 Pontiac Fiero SE 2.5 from North America


Spirited little car with minor quirks


The hydraulic clutch master cylinder needed to be rebuilt at 150,000 miles.

The headlight door got stuck in the opened position. It cost quite a lot to replace the electric motor.

Needed to replace the rear struts because they began to separate. You will need the plastic cap that covers the top. My mechanic initially didn't put it back on, and the strut began to punch a hole through the trunk lid.

Also replaced the water pump, battery and cooling fan sending unit.

General Comments:

About the repairs; I'd also like to say that every year I would replace the thermostat, because it would get sticky and the car would overheat (which is not good for a car with the engine in the rear).

This car is a good value, if you want a 2 seater. It drives and looks a lot like a Firebird, but, is easier on the wallet.

I'd like to also say that because this car sits so low to the ground, your vision will get blocked by objects that you would normally see over, in a regular car, and rear visibility is "limited".

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Review Date: 15th January, 2004

1984 Pontiac Fiero SE 2.5 from North America


Perfect for zipping around town; nice price


Not much has gone wrong with it so far.

General Comments:

Well, they have depreciated, I think, because they are tiny and some people think there is a concern about engine fires, but that does not worry me. But I got it for cheap and it handles really well and sips gas. I like the fiberglass body panels, no rust. It's a lot of fun to drive and I think the styling is really sharp. Given that they were only in production for 5 years, it may be worth something someday.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2004

13th Jan 2004, 21:19

Tiny? On the outside perhaps, but on the inside I found plenty of room for myself. A good friend of mine had an 86 SE, and although I never got to drive it much, I often rode in the passenger seat and I easily found enough room for myself, and I'm a big guy. 6'3, 263 lbs, I could slide the seat back all the way and my legs could stretch out nicely.

1984 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 4 cylinder from North America


A money sucker


The first thing to go was the O2 sensor. The mechanics had to drop the motor to change it, so I was told.

The next thing that when was a gas modulating sensor, linking to the newly replaced O2 sensor, thus blowing that one too. Another expensive repair.

Then the starter went, got a friend to do it, shouldn't have. He left some wires too close to the exhaust manifold, thus they welded to it.

This led to the next issue, the wiring all had to be redone in the rear. That was 6h or shop time. By now I'd say I was $3000 in the hole.

Also took it in to get the rear rotors machined. The car had apparently sat a while with the previous owner. I had no idea. The front rotors still need to be machined.

Next I was driving along and saw a nice cloud of white smoke coming from my car. It got so bad it obscured the view for other drivers as I was driving it the garage. The head was cracked. After trying three other heads from wrecked 84 Fiero and finding they too were all cracked in many places, I had it rebuilt. That was about $1500. Pontiac did not claim any responsibility for improperly machining the head, they only said they didn't expect this car to still be on the road anyway.

Finally, I had a stereo installed and those who did it drilled the amp right into a rad pipe. The garage patched it, and I can still smell antifreeze every time I use the car. The pipe may still have to be repaired one day depending on how well a weld hold on a pipe that is under pressure...

Finally, I had headlight motors installed not knowing one of them didn't work. I would think that would be checked before installation. You have to spell these things out to some garages. In doing this, the wiring in the front got shorted out, blowing the rad fan. I found out the only replacement was factor direct for $400 US, for a fan! They used one from some other car and made it fit. Still cost $2000 all together that time.

General Comments:

Well I am a person who really enjoys small cars that are low to the ground so I can corner fast. It is a fun car to drive and I have to admit I have fallen in love with it. How else can I rationalize wasting a bunch of my student loan money to fix it?

I don't like the blind spots though as I am pretty short and the bucket seats are really low, which doesn't help me to shoulder check. Otherwise, it is pretty much what I expected it to be (minus all the repairs).

I will never purchase another one of these again and wouldn't recommend anyone else do it either.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2003

9th Jan 2004, 17:54

Yeah, I own an 85 2M4 and these cars can't tolerate too much neglect. Idealy I should get a more reliable car, but I've fallen in love with mine too.

14th Jan 2004, 11:23

I own a 1984 2M4 as well, and it's given me some problems. I just got it with 70,000 miles, and the person that drove it before me was probably the one that caused the problems. It seems like he was tough on it, and it was a hard clutch to learn on. All I needed to do was replace the clutch, and other than that a new battery, new starter, and a new radiator. All in all, I've spent about $2000 (including the price of the car). Now I'm pimp.