1984 Pontiac Fiero 2m4 from North America


I think it's awesome


Seems to burn oil.

Doesn't want to shift properly every now and then.

Head light motors aren't working.

Seats are worn and torn.

General Comments:

This car is very fast.

Handling is really nice.

The body could be made more sleek to give better performance.

Doesn't drive well if snow level is more than 3 inches high.

To light on snow surfaces.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

1984 Pontiac Fiero 2m4 2.5 Inline 4 from North America


Good for learning how to drive a stick, that is ALL


Head light motors don't work.

Interior fell all apart, holes in seats.

SLOW and embarrassing, I got beat by a stock VW Rabbit!

Hard to find good parts.

General Comments:

This is a small very low car.

Slow, and falls apart and is dangerous.

They has been known to have the trunks start on fire!

Very hard to find parts for.

NO PERFORMANCE options for this!..

Handles kinda good, but when a car passes you,you get sucked into it!

B-I-G Pontiac disapointment...

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Review Date: 30th August, 2004

16th Sep 2004, 18:53

Parts aren't as hard to come by if you have the money. I know you can get ahold of every single part for a Fiero to rebuild one from scratch, but the problem is is that you have to specially order the parts from California. Which poses a big problem.

Fiero's do catch on fire in the engine/trunk compartment. The walls on the engine aren't thick enough to handle all of the immense heat that is put out, but it is only some 1984 2m4 Fiero's that catch fire. If you had just recently bought yours and it was from a dealership, they are generally required to make the passenger compartment fireproof because of the recall.

I haven't had the problem of getting sucked into cars that were passing me. I rode next to a semi truck hauling gasoline for almost 13 miles, then I got tired of it and passed him.

1984 Pontiac Fiero Indy 4 cylinder from North America


The Indy Fiero may become one of the first Fieros to reach a recognized collectable status


It was in OK shape and ran fine, but needed quite a bit of restoration, a new paint job, and all the Indy 500 decals replaced.

Now it is a show winning Indy Fiero pace car that now sports an aftermarket over the roof Indy pace car scoop with working pace light, 15" Indy style rims wrapped with actual Firestone Indy 500 tires.

General Comments:

The Indy Fiero is fast becoming a very rare car in general, and is a real head turner and conversation piece.

See my Indy Fiero at:


Along with the rest of our Fiero fleet.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2004

13th Sep 2005, 13:07

Hi again.

I just wanted to update the web site address as that has changed to:


We are now up to 24 Fieros!!

We LOVE them!

Steve Kelley & Family.

1984 Pontiac Fiero SE 2.5 Iron Duke from North America


Affordable 2 seater with upgrade options


When I purchased the car the brakes were binding so I replaced the rear calipers and rotors. This solved the problem.

There was also a strange noise which made the car sound like a race car. This turned out to be a bad rear bearing hub. Replacing it solved that problem.

There is a minor oil leak. I am not yet sure where the leak is coming from yet.

Currently, my passenger side pop up type headlight is rather sluggish. I am leaving them popped up until I purchase a new motor for it.

Upon start up there is a puff of smoke which occurs. This will require new seals and a full week end. Normal fare for a 20 year old car.

General Comments:

I really like the car. Like others have mentioned it is fun to drive and looks good. It looks best with the 15" alloy rims which are standard for the SE model.

My previous car was the Toyota Celica 89 ST. This was a very nice car and quicker than the Fiero. I switched to the Fiero because the body is rust proof. The Celica was getting too rusty and thus embarrassing to drive.

Another reason I switched to a Fiero from a Celica is that the Celica was an automatic transmission and it was going bad. The Fiero is a manual 4 speed which I prefer.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004

17th May 2004, 08:52

He's a tip for you. I have owned my 1984 since it was driven off the show room floor, The puff of smoke was their then an is still their now, Has never burned oil or ran badly. Not sure why, but a lot of 1984's do that, Go figure, Smitty.

24th Aug 2009, 19:55

Hey I came across this posting 3 years after. I am the original poster and I have since overhauled my engine. It was not very hard and it was my first time. I put in some goodies to enhance performance. Perhaps this car will be on the road for another 25 years!!

5th Mar 2012, 00:23

I like all years of Fieros, but have had most of my experience with '84s. I agree, they are very unique, stylish, and fun cars. I have to correct you on one thing, though - 1984 Fieros only came with 13" or 14" wheels from the factory. Maybe your '15' rims are from an 86-88 GT? If they are, they should be of a honeycomb-like design.