1987 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8 liter from North America


A mini-Corvette in the best sense


The cooling fan thermal switch failed.

The exhaust manifold gaskets leaked.

The headlight motor bushings needed replacement.

The ignition switch had a short and needed replacement.

Other than routine maintenance items (wear & tear), no additional major problems.

General Comments:

The Fiero is not a car I would consider taking on a long road trip (minimal trunk space, tight cabin, etc..). However, I absolutely love it for short blasts just for the sheer fun of driving.

I own a Cadillac Seville and a Mercedes-Benz for everything else, but drive the Fiero whenever I can justify it. I currently own 3 and would jump at the chance to purchase a new one were Pontiac to bring the car back.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2001

24th Nov 2001, 12:58

It's a good thing you caught that ignition switch short. These car's were known for fires. Since you have a Cad and a Mercy, you have the money to repair the Fiero when it blows up on you. My advice, sell it while you still have hands.

26th Nov 2001, 23:32

Only the first year (1984) 4cyl were known for fires. They fixed the problem. Get your facts straight.

7th May 2019, 14:36

I was rear ended by a 97 Cavalier travelling 45mph+ in my 85 Fiero. My wife and I were OK. The Cav was totaled. I was able to drive 10 miles home in my crashed Fiero with no problems. Amazing car, it probably saved my life. I wish I never sold it!

1987 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8 V6 from North America


Great little fast car with many different uses


The muffler went, so I replaced the whole thing from the catalytic converter back, to a performance cat-back exhaust system for $287. Took a lot of work to install because of unexpected problems.

Had to replace the steering column, cost $125 and took me a few hours to install.

The radio needs to have a screw jammed into the power button to turn it on and it is very hard to get it to work.

General Comments:

This car has great looks, it's only 46" high, it's fast, it handles great, and has good safety ratings.

Even though the car has 278,000 miles, it still runs the quarter mile in the 16 - 17 second range, does not burn oil excessively, gets 24 - 29 miles per gallon, and handles great.

There are countless modifications you can do to a Fiero. The most favorable being the engine conversions (such as: Quad 4, 3.1 V6, 3.1 V6 turbo, 3.4 V6 ohv, 3.4 V6 dohc, 3.8 V6, 3.8 V6 supercharged, 5.0 V8, 5.7 V8, etc.)

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Review Date: 17th April, 2001

1987 Pontiac Fiero GT 3.4 from North America


With the 2.8 replaced by a mildly modified 3.4 OHV the Fiero is able to perform as good as it looks!


Exhaust manifold gaskets have blown.

2.8 engine spun connecting rod bearings about three months ago (replaced the 2.8 with a 3.4).

Clutch (but with 90,000 some miles on it why not?)

Crack in sail panel.

General Comments:

The body lines and style are a timeless design! The interior is very "cockpit like".

The car handles very well.

HUGE SUNROOF!!! Taking out the sunroof is like taking the whole roof off! Bigger is better...

Modifications so far:

-3.4L OHV V-6 motor out of a 1995 Chevy Camaro to replace the 2.8.

-Modifications to the 3.4: 1.6 ratio roller tip rocker arms, Comp Cams perf. valve springs, ported exhaust manifolds, underdrive crank pulley, ported heads, ported intake, ported upper and lower intake plenums, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 18# fuel injectors, K&N air filter, MSD blaster coil, MSD 8mm Helicore wires, MSD 6A box, and Hypertech chip.

-IRM cat-back exhaust with a Flowmaster muffler where the catalytic converter should be.

-KYB shocks and struts.

-Polyurethane bushings to replace every rubber bushing in the suspension, engine mounts, engine cradle, and The Fiero Store's "Ultimate Dog Bone".

-All new brake rotors, calipers (which are painted red), and pads.

-Eagle Alloy 5 star design wheels with painted silver clear coat to match the body color.

-Holley scoop.

-Rodney Dickman's sport shifter.

-Pioneer DEH-46DH head unit with Pioneer 4x10" speakers in the front, MTX 4x6" speakers in the rear panels, a 10" MTX Thunder 4000 subwoofer which is powered by a Profile 400 watt amp.

-Tinted rear window.

-AutoMeter shift lite.

-White faced gauges with red backlighting from "Super X Motorsports"

-Interior trim pieces covered with "Flexstone spray" for a rough texture. (Looks real cool, can be found at any hardware store in the spray paint section if you want to know what the heck it is.)

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Review Date: 4th March, 2001

19th Jun 2005, 22:27

The 3.4 Camaro/Firebird swap is nearly as easy as a 2.8. The block bolts right in and the Fiero accessories and intake bolt to the block. The only mod needed is an easy one. The starter needs to be relocated to the opposite side, and you must use a Fiero water pump. Check www.fiero.nl for lots of info.

25th Jun 2009, 20:45

I am sure it performs better with the 3.4 - just curious

How much better - can you tell a dramatic difference.

I have an 87 GT.



1987 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8 V6 from Sweden


The poor man's Ferrari


I have had a heater core leakage, and the steering inner tie rod on the driver's side failed, but besides that, only some minor things, like one cable was so oxidised that it broke.

I have changed the door hinge pins and bushings on the driver's door.

And I am sorry to say this, but it leaks engine oil like all American cars commonly do. It is not much, but it is no fun to have it on the garage floor (must fix that soon).

General Comments:

It should have more power. The car is really fast, although it has a relatively small engine. It's a great car to drive; It is a really reliable car; It is a cheap car to buy and own.

It turns people's heads all time - just like if a Ferrari passes by. Some people think that I have a $100000 car, and when they do I just smile. The Fiero is the only American produced car with a mid-engine, and built like a Ferrari.

If you want more info on the cars, you can search on the net. There are hundreds of pages that can tell you things about the Fiero!

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Review Date: 29th July, 2000

22nd Sep 2001, 22:41

There's plenty of power, you just have to unleash it. My 86 SE pushes out 238hp on dyno charts, top speed of around 142, but at that it gets a little shakey at those high speeds.