1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula 3.4 twin dual cam twin turbo from North America




I used NOS on the engine after 170000 thousand miles at the dyno shop. It runs 307 HP at 4700 RPM and 337 FT. of Torque at 4500 RPM.

When I got the car it had bad brakes and I have yet to replace the rotors, so I need info on a good upgrade.

General Comments:

When I got the Fiero it ran great. So I added some NOS to the mix up to get a few extra punch. So off to the speed shop I went. Got a port injection system One (1) fogger injector set at 45 HP hit, but it was not enough so I went out and drilled out the jets till I got a hit that would set me back in my seat. Took it down to the dyno shop and ran the numbers, but had a NOS back fire on shifting points. Giving me the impression that I was a little fuel rich so I changed the fuel jet and ran it again. Well blew the engine, not good, so I have 2 3.4L twin dual cam engines I will be putting in.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2002

1988 Pontiac Fiero Coupe 2.5 Inline 4 cylinder from North America


Definitely worth the money you spend on one.


This has been a very reliable car.

One of the sensors went out. Very cheap fix.

Sway bar broke, also a fairly cheap fix.

General Comments:

This car is fairly peppy for a four cylinder and it handles like none other.

As noted above, it is pretty reliable.

It's not something you would want to take on a long road trip due to size, but it's fairly comfortable on short hauls or the occasional cruise around town.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2002

1988 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8 V6 from North America


An all around bargain. Has the looks and handling of a Ferrari without the cost


The gas tank goes empty every now and then.

The tires wear down (kind of fast :).

Had to replace the battery twice!

The seat has a tear from "falling" into it.

Had to fix a leaking oil pan gasket.

General Comments:

This car has started every time I turned the key, except once, the battery was dead.

I have had this car since I was a teenager. Now I am almost 30, and I will own it till the day I die.

It's not my daily driver anymore because I need a truck for work, but my wife continues to drive it almost daily.

It's not a practical car because of only two seats. Also, there isn't much room for luggage and what not. But for a weekend get-away, this is the perfect car.

I also started racing this Fiero with the SCCA. In stock form it will compete with cars 12 years newer and $15 - $30,000 more than my Fiero. After 4 years of constant racing, nothing has broken or failed.

My only wish is that these cars were built once again. I would be the first one in line (with only money down, no trade-in).

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Review Date: 17th December, 2001

1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula 3.5 Liter OHV V6 (bored 3.4) from North America


A fuel efficient super car


Only small things that will go wrong with any 15 year old car. I eventually replaced the motor for the performance benefit.

General Comments:

With the 3.5 Liter V6 it makes it one of the fastest accelerating, best handling cars on the road. It eats new Mustang GTs for dinner and handles with an NSX.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2001

1988 Pontiac Fiero Coupe (Base Model) 2.5 Liter Tech 4 OHV from North America


Italian style, German engineering, American attitude


Most of the car's problems were result of the second owner not driving it for two years.

The clutch needed replacement, but that was my fault when I had the clutch at halfway, while I was driving the car slowly up a ramp. It's what happens when a novice stick shift driver drives a sports car.

The $20 coolant sensor needed replacement to restore the normal functioning of the radiator fan.

The $25 oxygen sensor needed replacement to keep the fuel to air ratio within specifications.

The spark plugs had 48 thousand miles on them, so they needed replacement.

The rubber bushings in the control arms and the shock absorbers needed replacement from hard driving, like all cars.

And finally, it needed a new coat of paint from sitting in the sun for two years.

General Comments:

A joy to drive on back roads, and with some horsepower upgrades, it will be great on drag strips.

The fact that the car is so light helps the acceleration, but now there are V8 kits available, which makes the power per dollar ratio great.

There are so many upgrades, and web sites dedicated to this car, and why not. It's consumer based like Saturn with its plastic body and low cost, it's Italian based with its handling and styling, the 1987 and 88' had German transmissions, and it has America written all over this wonderful combination.

And it will be back in 2003, with the Fiero GT.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2001

25th Oct 2001, 08:34

Just one question, this site was mailed to me by a friend. Can the person who wrote "it will be back in 2003" in reference to the GT model E-mail me back to let me know what they were talking about, and where they got their information from? As far as I have been told, GM said "No." to me when I mailed a petition with a few thousand signatures on it. As you can see by my E-mail address, bringing back the Fiero is my quest. My E-mail is ReturnOfFiero@aol.com. Thank you for your time.


Mychel J. Elderd.

11th Jul 2003, 11:39

I have a 1988 GT 2.8 V6 in great condition. I was wondering if you could tell me any ways to get some good horsepower upgrades for the car, because I would like to be able to take it to the strip someday. So if you have any, please email me at fieroman88@hotmail.com.