1988 Pontiac Firebird F O R M U L A 350 WS6 from North America


Thrill Ride


When I got the car I bought it knowing that an older car was going to have problems so far I've changed the valve seals, shocks, struts, tail light bulb sockets, steering wheel, idler arm and I had an oil leak. I know it may sound like a lot, but once I took care of everything the car became indestructible. And well worth it.

General Comments:

This car has some sick power. It picks up fast from 0-100 but starts to fall off after a that, but I'm sure some engine work will solve that little dilemma. It handles remarkably well for its age and I'm surprised...I've taken 80mph turns in this car and I'm sure I can do it faster if I change my front tires because they wearing down. Just peeling out is effortless and you can't help, but punching the throttle every time you get in. I have Flowmasters on that thing and the exhaust note is mind blowing for muscle car lovers. All I really need is a paint job and some minor interior work which I can do on my own... I haven't driven it in the snow just yet, but I'm pretty sure it sucks in those situations as do all sports cars. Could have done without the t-tops though they do tend to leak although they are fun in good weather. All these cars need is some TLC and they will run forever and you will have fun driving.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2006

1988 Pontiac Firebird trans am gta 5.0 TPI from North America


Can I go out and play???


Rough idle (needs tune up),

General Comments:

I just bought this car for $2000.great shape just could use new paint. Its red with t top, and a total black int, looks sharp. This car does handle very well and looks quite good, but the mustangs 302 is better as far as power goes. I've heard that these cars can't handle play time, and things start blowing apart. not bashing the car just going by what people tell me. I honestly think I'm just going to sell this car in the near future.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2006

6th Feb 2008, 17:14

Wrong!! The Mustang was faster that year. Yours achieves about 6.7 to 60 while the Mustang is 6.2 (with the no-cost traction-lok axle of course)...All you need is a half second to say bye bye... Had two 5.0's and never lost to a Camaro or Firebird stock vs. stock period!!

1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350 5.7 TPI from North America


Fast, fun, good looking American muscle


I had to replace the computer, and one of the headlight motors.

General Comments:

I really like the car, it was given to me by a family member, and although it had been sitting out in the weather for a couple years, it cleaned up nicely with some soap, water, &wax. The body is very solid.

At first, it had an idle problem, and the passenger side headlight would not move, my mechanic replaced them both, I installed a new battery & changed the oil & filter, and now it runs like a top, is reliable, fast & powerful.

The body has 211K miles, but the engine was rebuilt a couple years ago, and doesn't have any more than 10K on it.

Looks stealthy moving down the road. It's black paint looks like glass. Cool 80's car.

Its top speed isn't as impressive as a lot of the new cars, but she rips & tears off the line! Posi rear end, and Dunlop tires really grab the road!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2006

14th Aug 2006, 01:15

What does she top out at???

1988 Pontiac Firebird Coupe 2.8L from North America


Good looking, fast and under rated


Spark plug cables melted away at 255000km.

Transmission mount broke at 260000km.

Brakes wear very quickly in the front.

Left strut tower rusted badly after 10 winters.

General Comments:

This car handles great and easily takes turns doing 40 km/h.

With few modifications including dual exhaust, cold air, ram air and turbo charger, the 2.8L Engine does 0 to 120 km/h in 12sec.

Very reliable, starts in minus 50 degree weather.

Cabin is very comfortable, except the back seats.

Trunk space is limited.

T-roof is a lot of fun in the summer.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2005

28th Mar 2006, 08:47

Although I would never drive my T/A in winter I can testify that LB9 TPI starts without problems. And bricks in the back keep you from fish tailing too ;-)

Before finding my 85 T/A summer car, I drove an 86 Z28 even in winter! They are identical except cosmetic influences. My LB9 engine always started (without block heater) even up here in the arctic land, FINLAND.

20th Apr 2006, 17:15

I have this car as well, it's in blue like the one you have depicted. I really, really love it too. It is underrated! I am just coming on here because I have it in primer right now; and am about to paint it. Unfortunately, when I got the car it was faded pretty bad, so I don't know exactly what it looked like. I saw that picture of the blue one and got really excited, and would like to see more pictures, bigger, more detailed and more varied. Please, PLEASE, MSG ME OR LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THAT picture!!! You can contact me at http://www.myspace.com/aaronbeall

Thank you, Aaron.

22nd Aug 2006, 14:45

Where did you find a turbo kit for a 2.8? I've been looking around and can't seem to find anything for mine... Did you modify one designed for another car?