1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula 5.0 TBI from North America


This car is high performance at its best


To date I have had no problems with this car. A testimony to Pontiac, this 16 year old car still looks and runs like new.

General Comments:

In my 38 years of driving lots of hot cars, this stock 5.0 with throttle body injection, a 5 speed transmission, and optioned with the WS6 suspension package is the nicest American Muscle I have ever owned.

The handling is awesome both in and out of traffic and especially on winding country roads.

The interior and body styling really makes you feel like you're in a timeless modified race car.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2004

10th Feb 2005, 06:05

I personally own a 1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula and I love it. The steering is tight and it doesn't hesitate when you punch it.

17th Oct 2005, 22:57

I also have a Pontaic Formula, I have to say that the Formy is an awesome car. Its my 2nd car, so I can't offer comparison to much, but it is very responsive; the only downfalls it has IMO is that the steering is very hard (but that's good for racing, since you get a really good feel of it) and the (automatic) transmission is weak. However, there are many many upgrades available, and this car is FUN!!! The WS6 suspension really does make the car grip well (Along with the stock 16"s)

11th Nov 2005, 20:12

I have owned my 88 5.7 formula since 1988 my dad pointed it out to me while I was interested in buying a cool car. My dad said he knew a guy who was selling a nice ride. Interested in a GT at the time I said Idon't know. Long story short after one drive, still todate in my garage sits my 88 with original brakes tires etc. with only 48000/km. What can I say, but thanks Dad .

25th Nov 2005, 20:30

I also own a 88 Pontiac Formula. Its very powerful for a 17 year old car. Those years were the horrible gas-crisis years when Detroit had smog regulations forced on it. The Formula easily burns its rear wheels when WOT and the only downside for mine, is the weak drivetrain. I've had the transmission rebuilt twice. I think this is just the result of too much low-end torque. =)

1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350 5.7 from North America


This car simply has stock superiority


Transmission does not shift into third when the pedal is to the floor. Rear spoiler is cracked. Shocks under hood and rear hatch do not work. Passenger seat has started to dramatically wear.

General Comments:

This car is extremely fast and has great acceleration, the fuel mileage is decent.

The car glides around corners like nothing.

The car has incredible stopping power and does not slide out of corners.

It sounds awesome, even with stock exhaust.

If you were to get on the gas of this beast the wheels would not stop spinning and smoking

This car handles like crap in the snow.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2004

1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 5.0 from North America


The best little


So Far my Water Pump has a leak.

The rear shocks are shot.

The oil pressure sending unit is functioning improperly.

My idler arm is going out.

The passenger seat bites my husband.

And the spare tire is missing.

General Comments:

It's a really nice car, and handles very well (except for the pulling). No one likes my car because it's low, but I'm short so it's perfect for me.

For a Woman raised by sports car fanatics, this is the best car I've driven, better the my Chevy Z24 and my old Mustang. And definitely better then my old Ford LTD.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2003

23rd Apr 2004, 07:33

I have an 8 transa am GTA. A while after I got it I also found it pulling. Took it in for a wheel alignment. You Know what the problem was? The tires were worn. They looked alright, but as soon as I put new tires on the front, the pulling totally disapeared.