13th Jul 2006, 09:18

Firebirds and Camaros have shared the same drivetrain since 1982, when Pontiac stopped producing engines for their `birds. To say a Camaro is a better car mechanically is totally wrong; maybe it was YOUR specific Firebird's lack of maintenance from the previous owner.

As for shelling out prices on gas, unfortunately, you don't save that much money in buying a V6 over an LS1; the LS1 gets under 5 MPG less than the V6. It's unfortunate, but true.

Trans Am MPG ratings (city/highway)

Manual: 19 MPG / 28 MPG

Automatic: : 18 MPG / 26 MPG

Firebird MPG ratings (city/highway)

Manual: 19 MPG / 31 MPG

Automatic: : 19 MPG / 31 MPG


15th Mar 2007, 13:10

Firebird and camaro use same everything except for asthetics.

Brakes are an expected expensive on a sports car, so don't complain about that.

And don't listen to everyone telling you how bad the v8s are on mileage. The LS1 6 speeds, and LT1s too, have very long/tall 6th gears so if you keep in sane on the highway you can get really good mpg. If you rip it with the v8, you'll get bad mpg.

24th Sep 2008, 19:14

I have a '01 bird, and even though I have had some similar problems like the lights, I enjoy my ride.

I agree with the other comment, it's called maintenance. But other than that, my bird will beat any Camaro.

8th Oct 2008, 12:42

To 19:14. How can someone make an assertion that their car could beat any car? I hope your "bird" is a Trans Am. Otherwise you are making unrealistic claims, and anybody that knows performance will know that.

BTW, "bird" and Camaro = same frame, engine, drivetrain, wheels, brakes. By same engine I mean same 6 cylinder.

In case you don't know, Z28 and Trans Am = same engine, drivetrain, brakes, transmissions, tires. Z28's and Trans Am's are performance cars while Camaro's and "birds" with the V6 are NOT.

11th Aug 2010, 23:28

5 MPG is enough. That's 23% difference which can work out to 500-800$ a year depending. The 3.8 is fairly reliable too, aside from the intake coolant which is easy to rectify.

1st Sep 2010, 01:42

Hi there, I have a 2001 WS6. If you go hard on the gas pedal and keep it on high RPM, you are gonna get 200 miles out of full tank, otherwise it gives me 240 miles from a full tank.

31st Jan 2016, 23:52

Buy a WS6 - bet you change your mind...

1st Feb 2016, 14:20

Yes, a WS6 is faster than the 3.8 six cylinder. Pretty sure the reviewer (and everyone else) already knew that.

2nd Feb 2016, 19:39

Not much different. 6 cylinder 0-60 6.1 seconds. WS6 0-60 5.8 seconds.