2005 Pontiac G6 GT 2.4 from North America


The car is a good ride just wish I wasn't in the shop constantly


At 60 000KM my ball joints, o rods, wheel bracket all went in the front of my car.

My heater fan needed to be replaced.

Front speaker needed replacing.

General Comments:

It's a comfortable car.

The car has lots of power.

Handles very well.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2007

2005 Pontiac G6 GT from North America


Love my car, but Should have not bought the first one


I had a roof leak and I have the Panoramic roof.

Replaced rotors.

Brakes are still not working correctly.

Replaced transmission at 31000 miles.

Original tires only got 6000 miles out of those.

The gas pedal mechanism had to be replaced.

G6 Stickers they put as runners in the door have been replaced twice.

General Comments:

I absolutely love the car and the performance, but this is the first car I ever had that has had so many problems. It is becoming frustrating.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

2005 Pontiac G6 SE 3.5L from North America


The Pontiac G6 is by far the best car I've driven in it's class and price bracket


Rubber windshield wiper split, and was replaced under warranty.

Rubber weather stripping on driver side door, cracked and split- replaced by dealer.

Hot start problems in summer - fixed.

General Comments:

I didn't want to buy a new car the year it came out, but my husband talked me into trying the G6 as it looked so sharp (3.5 L, 6 cylinder, 200 hp, 270 torque).

The test drive was amazing as it had more torque that either a 2004 Grand Am or a 2005 Grand Prix.

(The latter seemed a little sluggish in comparison).

We were sold on the ample roominess of the vehicle. My husband's 6' plus frame fit easily into both the front and back seats with lots of leg room and head clearance. Getting in and out has been easy despite his height and my age (over 50). Lots of room for transporting passengers and easy to get people in and out of the back seat.

The trunk is a little hard to fit some objects into. Trying to get past the opening can be a little tough, but the 60/40 split in the back seat helps to conquer that.

We had a long drive back to Yellowknife with a brand new engine, so had to wait until spring to take it up to maximum revs to see how it accelerated.

I was not disappointed! It took off like a rocket and had a satisfying throaty sound. I was so impressed that all of my friends who came along for some of my acceleration tests raved about my car and how it handled. It was not long until this car started popping up all over town (much to my delight and chagrin - it was fun to have the only one in town for awhile).

It holds corners better than expected. At 130, it hugs the road, feels completely in control and does not feel like you are really going that fast around the curve. (This was the first time I ever experienced this sensation in all my years of driving- 27.)

On a straight the highest I dared take it was 150 due to northern highways being a little bumpy and due to the fear of hitting animals. (I've only done that once as it is illegal to do those speeds on the highway and I'd like to live to enjoy the car for a few years!) Again, it hugged the road and one didn't feel like the car was driving you.

The ride is quiet. The very best is that the 4 speed automatic has the smoothest and quietest shift, by far, of anything I've driven including a Honda Prelude!

My tests satsified my desire to know how quickly it could accelerate. I rarely have opportunities to push it hard due to northern roads. That's why the roominess and comfort are so important.

It handles well on the bumpy road conditions of the north (winter is 8-10 months long and lots of gravel mixed with snow to make a substance that is worse than frozen gravel roads).

The large interior, comfort, torque, quiet ride and responsive handling make it the best car I've driven in it's class. I drive quite a few rentals when I go south of 60 every two months, and haven't found another vehicle that I like as well as the G6.

GM did a good job to make a car that can handle a family and still satisfy the desire for something sporty when the kids and grandkids are not around!

I can hardly wait to drive the newer models, although this has enough torque and speed to satisfy the latent drag racer in all of us (and still stay alive on the freeways)!

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Review Date: 29th June, 2006

30th Jun 2006, 16:33

To help put things into perspective, what is 150KM once converted to MPH?

1st Jul 2006, 09:51

About 94 mph, I think. 1 mile is about 1.6 km.

4th Jul 2006, 08:11

It is 90 mph as 1 mile is 0.6 Km.

9th Jul 2006, 08:35

Having owned a beautiful Grand Am SE-1 there was simply no way I could deal with the bland and plain-Jane styling of the G-6. It is a great car, but looks like all the other little Japanese wannabes out there. I bought a Ford this time.

8th Sep 2006, 18:49

I think the G6 is distinct in design and personality. In no way does it parallel any Japanese designs. The same can be said of the Ford Fusion. I like both designs and can recognize ether one instantly.

2nd Oct 2006, 09:50

At 150km shouldn't you have been looking for a coffin rather than a car...? Unless you are a professional race car driver on a track, that speed is not only dangerous, but senseless. Sorry just my personal opinion...

29th Aug 2007, 08:32

Let me put a bucket of water on the last flame: I just returned from a trip to Europe and thoroughly enjoyed those "senseless speeds of 90 mph" on the German autobahn and the French Autoroute. In fact, I drove one day from Nice, France to near Baden-Baden, Germany at 140 km/h. We did not encounter one precarious situation on these 1300 km = 780 miles! Certainly, it requires more attention than US style driving. Here, I routinely enter a semi-conscious cruising mode when I have to go a day long at 75 mph. That, in my opinion, is the perfect set up for precarious situations.

Once I wanted to see what that car would be able to deliver. It went 225km/h = 135 mph. The car felt like running on rails none the less. VW Passat TDI, if you must know. Fuel economy: 52 mpg Diesel.

I am glad to see the many positive reviews on the G6. I keep it in mind when it gets time to trade in the minivan.