1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.1 from North America


A mechanic's gold mine


Alternator blew at 35000 and again at 43000.

Air conditioner does not work.

Interior lights flicker on and off.

Three out of 4 power windows don't work.

The car hesitates when accelerator is pressed.

Gas mileage is extremely poor in city.

Interior smells like antifreeze.

Water pump broke at 45000 km.

Oil pressure switch broke and there was oil everywhere.

Power locks are moody and only sometimes work.

Electrical problems are obvious.

Intake manifold has issues and has not been resolved.

The car shimmies and rattles when the brakes are applied and the brake pads did not last long.

General Comments:

I will never purchase another GM product again. My next vehicle will be a Ford and my second choice will be Honda where the workmanship is meticulous and the standards are high.

After driving a Fiero which also had issues with the intake manifold, I am not surprised that 10 years later GM still has not resolved this intake manifold issue. The workmanship is sloppy and dangerous for a driver. Remember the Pontiac Firefly issues?

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Review Date: 14th September, 2003

29th Jun 2005, 21:51

I bought my 97 Grand Am in 2000. I was very happy with it until November 2004. My fuel pump gave out, which was fine, because at the time I had 220000 kilometers (I'm Canadian by the way,) and I'm sure it was time for it to give out. After about a week I found my vehicle hesitating during acceleration at 100 kilometers/hour (60mph,) or when I would accelerate from a stopped position. I took it back to the mechanic that installed the new fuel pump, and he was puzzled due to the fact the pump was brand new and he tested it again. I then took it to the dealer where I purchased the vehicle, and they conducted several tests. All the wiring was new, new spark plugs, fuel pressure test conducted, and still no answer!?!?! I even took the mechanic's advice and replaced the cad. converter, due to him thinking it could of been plugged up because of the amount of km's on the vehicle. There was still no change. I took it this week to have the fuel system cleaned (injector's purged,) and still no change. My vehicle will have officially 230000 kilometers on it tomorrow, and I'm at my wit's end!!! Also, the key is starting to get stuck in the ignition when I want to get out for gosh sakes!!! I've loved my car until now, and my last two cars were Pontiac's, and I want to continue purchasing this GM product. Could anyone please give me some advice on the hesitation, because I want to keep this car for another year. You can e-mail me at wayneclayton74@msn.com. Thanks from your friendly neighbor up north.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am from North America


It needs to be put in the smasher and the junkyard!!!


Alternator went.

Water pump went.

Timing chains were a nightmare.

Two window motors went.

Timing chain problem ended with a new motor.

A/C's gone.

Boot-axle went dry twice.

The problems never end.

General Comments:

I have had nothing, but problems with this car.

If you can name it, it has needed to be repaired. After 5 different mechanics trying to fix the timing chains, I just replaced the engine. Every time they would get one fixed, another one would snap.

I have paid $10,500 for the cost of this car and an additional $5000+ in repairs (not including towing charges and missed days from work). I have fixed everything with the exception of the passenger side Ty-rod, the a/c line, the passenger front window motor and the tires are shot from the bent Ty-rod.

I would sell this car, but I have put too much money into in repairs to not drive it until it falls off the frame.

The maker has been no help whatsoever!

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Review Date: 5th September, 2003