1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.1 from North America


*Update* on Average American V6


This is an update on a previous entry entitled "Average American V6"

Passenger side power window motor still on the "to do" list. Driver side window is getting slow now also. Once I figure out whether it's the window motor or regulator, I'll buy one and get to work on the transplant.

The horn works occasionally, the problem is with the switch in the steering wheel.

I'm getting water in the car when it rains. Can't figure where it's coming from, but I can tell you where it ends up, under the carpet in front of the back seats. I've drilled a few drainage holes.

I've had the same experience as everyone else with the volume knob. I finally got tired of pushing and pulling and applying side pressure and all that and just replaced it. I sold it on ebay for $110, even though it wasn't working right.

Other than a few small things, there's really been no real problems with the engine and such like others are saying. I've only replaced the serpentine belt, but that's expected. It's been through a few routine procedures, but nothing out of the ordinary. The brakes and rotors are next, but they do have 40K miles on them.

General Comments:

I'm not saying that owning this car has been a dream come true, but it's not quite the nightmare that other's have gone through. I guess someone was looking down on me when I bought this one.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2004

13th Apr 2005, 21:02

Lol, there was another comment on this board about the water. the other person could never solve it, after numerous trips to the shop. I think your should invest in some really good sponges now (just kidding). good luck still.

I'm just in the process of buying a car and I'm about to take a 97 grand am for a test drive tomorrow. but after all these bad reviews I really don't know. geeze soo many problems. one guys car caught on fire and he got locked INSIDE!!! wow.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L V6 from North America


A sporty, economical car


I have just bought this car recently.

I had to replace the alternator, which was only $150 with a lifetime warranty.

General Comments:

The Pontiac Grand Am GT is an awesome car. I have read other reviews about this car and hear mostly complaints. This is an awesome, quick and economical car.

Of course some Grand Ams have to have more money put into them. That is understandable with every car, it all depends on different things. Like how the car was treated, and maybe some factory defects of the products in them. Some cars are lemons, then others are just fine of the same make and model.

Also, most of the reviews I read were of cars with 4 cylinder engines. There is a big difference between 4-cylinders and 6-cylinders.

All in all, I like my recent purchase of a Grand Am GT, and I get many compliments and looks at it.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004

11th Mar 2004, 11:55

Do not be so quick dismissing the critics - from what I can see, you've only had the car for 2000 miles. I didn't have any problems with my 99 Grand Am until I was near 60000Km, and then it cost me several thousand dollars in repairs. That said, yours might never give you any problems other than regular maintenance - gotta love cars!

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT V6 3.1L from North America


All in all, not a good car to keep around


Drivers window started moving up and down slower and slower. It finally stopped and I had to have the motor replaced.

Seat belt strap covers have fallen off.

Volume knob on radio has a mind of its own.

I had to replace the alternator once.

I've replaced all the brakes, replaced the spark plugs.

Check engine light loves to come on all the time.

Keeps misfiring, only 3 cylinders are firing when I start up.

Brakes are grinding, even after being checked by two different auto shops.

Loves to pull and tug if you go over 60 mph.

Idles bad at startup. Either too low or it sticks way too high.

Dash squeaks constantly, I found that the radio tends to help out, once I get the volume set.

The fan knob keeps falling off while driving.

Paint on outside mirrors are chipping off.

Radiator level sensor keeps giving me coolant sensor alarms.

Panels on side doors are falling off, vibrates when you shut the door.

Dashboard lights flicker on and off while car is in operation.

Grinds when I try and turn sharp left turns.

Loves to fill the cab with exhaust fumes.

General Comments:

I bought this car so that I could get lower payments and try and get out of a bind. For the maintenance and repairs, I have had to refinance plus now I am going to pay 2,000 for service work on the exhaust and the injectors.

I have more money in it now than what it's worth.

It's turning out to be a big money hog.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2004

10th Mar 2004, 14:04

I also have a 1998 Grand Am. My car's check engine light comes on when it rains or when the road is even a little wet. Try checking the guard on the fender. had to replace those and reset the code to make the light go away. my windows are manual. but they also go really slow. had to replace the alternator also.

21st Jul 2004, 20:24

I have a 97 Grand Am GT. I had to replace the alternator and master control arm, and serpentine belt. When the car was recalled the mechanic said I had a coolant leak that is (for now) internal, but could mix with the oil. I have never had to add coolant due to this leak. Lately however, my check engine light, ABS light and Brake light have come on. (I'll add I rarely use the A/C, and when I did this is what happened) I took it in the other day and had all new brakes put on, new rotors, and had the drums machined. Also my ERLS fuse was blown, so they replaced it. The next day the same lights came on and it seemed to have poor acceleration. So again my car sits in the shop. Does anyone know if using the A/C can somehow blow the ERLS fuse?

30th Aug 2005, 22:39

Have the MAP sensor checks for the idling problem. Mine was bad which is what caused my engine to rev all the time!It finally wouldn't start and that was the problem. My check engine light never goes off ever. Its funny that someone mentioned the rain!!! It rained here on Sunday and there was my check engine light again and it had been off for 2 weeks since I fixed the car. I thought I was crazy thinking it had to do with the rain. Thanks for settling my mind on that.