1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 from North America


It is a great car, if taken car of properly


Overall I have been extremely happy with my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT. I bought the car in 2000 and it had 50,000 miles on it then, now in 2004 it has 114,000 miles on it, and I have never made any serious repairs to the car. The only thing that has ever been put on the car is a new alternator, and that was at 45,000 miles before I owned it.

I service the car myself and give it regular tune-ups, and the car has always ran great. Even with 114,000 miles on it, my car runs like a top, and still has a lot of power left in it, and I have to be easy because it will still turn the tires over if I'm not careful.

General Comments:

The car is quick and fast.

With regularly scheduled maintenance I plan on driving my Grand Am until its wheels fall off, which doesn't appear to be any time soon.

This car can easily make it to 200,000 miles.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2004

22nd Nov 2004, 08:21

Well I'm at 130,000 and in the past year of ownership I've put 30,000 miles of beating it to death. Still runs fine, and even I believe it can make it to 200,000.

29th Jun 2006, 13:22

I just recently purchased a 97 GT with the 3100 V6 for 2,000. The car had 90,000 miles on it when I purchased it. The car runs great. It now has 100,050 miles on it. Runs stronger than my last 92 Grand Am I had, which now sits in the back yard with 187,000 miles on it. The 97 is a great car and can very easily make it to 200,000 miles if you do change the oil and keep it tuned up on a normal basis.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 V6 from North America


The best body style with performance to match


The temperature sensor went out almost immediately after I got it.

I've replaced the front brakes, but I knew they were low when I bought the car.

The passenger door lock won't power lock.

The paint on the driver's side mirror is peeling off.

The factory stereo wouldn't play burned CD's - replaced that in a hurry.

General Comments:

After owning my XT for 5 years, I was looking at their SVX's for my next car. Having 3 kids however, I finally decided to settle for a 4 - door. After the test drive of this Grand Am GT, I was sold. The car is very quick and handles great.

I've heard absolutely no rattles or squeaks no matter how hard I drive it.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2004

8th Aug 2004, 01:30

I also had the problem with the paint peeling off on the driver side mirror. Mine might just be the clear coat though because it shines like new when it is buffed... not quite sure what is up with that...

30th Aug 2005, 22:27

I had the same problem with my radio! And of course-I got a new one also. I also have problems with paint chipping off of all parts of the car... not too bad though.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT V8 from North America


Pricey, sporty, and fun for a single person


Driver's side window (motor) quit working at 50000 miles. Warranty replaced it.

Low coolant light stays on. I've had this checked out several times and had the computer reset. It still comes on. I have just left it on.

Air temperature knob broke off. I tried to super glue the knob back together, with no luck. I have to take a knob off the air conditioner/vent control to adjust the temperature.

General Comments:

It has been a great car! It has never broken down on me.

The cost of new tires made me so broke that I had to eat Raman noodles for a year, but what the heck!

I change the oil religiously. I have never had any engine problems. My problems with the car have been minor cosmetics.

Now that I have married and have a child, it is really too small. I owe more than the trade-in, so I will have to wait to purchase a new vehicle. (I'm looking at the Pontiac Vibes!!)

This car has made me a true Pontiac fan!

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Review Date: 15th April, 2004

30th Aug 2005, 22:29

My low coolant light on for quite some time. I recently had an EV-AP code fixed and I replaced my radiator & had the coolant system flushed, it's off now! Maybe your system needs to be cleaned out?