1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT 2.4L from North America


The car performs okay


My oil pump went out at approximately 90 days of ownership.

My air conditioning has never gotten really cold, it is just cool, even when I first purchased it.

I had to replace a battery, alternator, both oxygen sensors and ignition switch, before being notified of a recall on the car for an electrical relay problem.

General Comments:

I have had to replace the water pump on my car twice.

My car also has moisture on the driver's side after raining or snow. I thought it was a problem with my air conditioning, but it wasn't.

I had my air compressor and air conditioning hoses replaced within the last year.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L from North America


An awesome performance car with its share of problems


Window motor went out.

Window regulator bent (alignment off).

Replaced serpentine belt.

Replaced alternator.

Replaced rotors twice.

Check engine light, ABS light, & brake light all come on shortly after turning on A/C. (at 61000 miles). Poor acceleration after the warning lights came on.

Would not come out of Park.

Took car in and had brakes all re-done and ERLS fuse replaced.

Same lights all came on again the very next day after getting fixed, ERLS fuse blew again.

General Comments:

I love my car, since this whole ERLS thing I have had it. I need my car to get to work, I don't have time to take it in to the dealership to get worked on every day.

Other than this problem, this car is a beauty. It's clean inside and out, but I think it's time for a new one.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

28th Sep 2005, 14:08

Regarding the ERLS issue. I have a 98 Buick Skylark, which is one of the GM sister cars to the Grand Am. They are identical in everything except for cosmetics.

This is also apparently a common problem. I experienced the exact same problem, except that the car basically became a 2 speed manual after the fuse blew, until replaced.

I went to a mechanic and they told me to throw the car away and get another one, that they couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally found the ERLS fuse blown, replaced it, and it was good until the A/C was turned on, and the fuse blew shortly thereafter (when the compressor disengaged). The problem had nothing to do with your brakes, it is a problem in the A/C compressor clutch wiring. Unfortunately the ABS controller, transmission shift switches, and several other subsystems run off of this one fuse (ERLS, which stands for ECM Relays, I believe). This was a pretty poor engineering decision, IMHO. Two critical systems paired on the same fuse as the air conditioning?

Anyway, I hope someone finds this info helpful.

13th Mar 2016, 20:10

The ERLS fuse kept blowing in my 1998 Grand Am. It was the A/C compressor. Pulled the relay (middle relay, under hood passenger side near firewall) replaced fuse, solved the issue. The problem is the check engine light will not go out until after the EVAP system completes a cycle, even if you disconnect the battery. Also the CEL codes will be on for trans issues when there may not be a issue; may have to have a code reader to clear it.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 Twin Cam from North America


A lot of money, but I love It


A good car I'm glad I got extended warranty.

Alternator dies at 38,245.

Water Pump dies at 42,682.

Carpet started to wear 1 year I after I got it.

Brakes wear out very fast.

Transmission fluid started to leak at 56,720 miles.

General Comments:

The car has good pick up and handles good good pick up for passing I'm thinking about putting a supercharger on it.

It is a little small when the whole family of 3 travel together.

I like the body style.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2004

14th Feb 2005, 21:26

With your huge family of 3, that car must be a pain! You should get yourself a more accommodating Ford Excursion. You'll surely feel more comfortable. Even Rover, the family pet, could come on trips. Be careful, though! Rover might be claustrophobic! And in that little Excursion.. well, you know. If that's the case, your best bet would be the economical, safe, dependable family vehicle, the Hummer H2. Nobody will think you're compensating for something! They'll just think of you as a good family man.