1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L OHC V6 from North America


Overall, it is a good quality car for the money it cost


When I got the car, the rotors were warped, $75.

At 150,000 miles I had to replace the brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers, wheel bearings and brake hoses, $270.

I had a vacuum line break when I bought it, car ran poorly, $15.

Oxygen sensor was bad when I bought the car, $80.

Camshaft sensor was bad when I bought the car, $50.

At 130,000 miles, Coolant Level Sensor went bad, $15.

At 151,000, replaced 4 tires, $350.

Total cost on parts in 37,000 miles was $855, which is pretty good for that type of mileage.

Carpet wore badly on drivers side.

General Comments:

The car still gets great gas mileage for 154,000. 24/29.

Car handles very well in corners.

Accelerates strong and shifts strong into second.

Seats are uncomfortable.

Trunk is almost completely useless, very small and tight opening when trunk lid is open.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT Sedan 3.1L V6 from North America


The best car to be parked in front of my house


I purchased the car in Feb, 2007. In early April 2007 the car started to idle roughly. Ironically, this happened the day after I got an oil change. I took it to a GM dealer. The mechanics said two things:

1) The EGR valve was stuck, broken and needed to be replaced.

2) All six of my spark plug wires (I have a V6) were frayed for some reason.

The whole thing cost me $750.00. Good thing I had the money kicking around somewhere.

Another thing is that my alarm doesn't work sometimes. This alarm, however, is after market, and is integrated in the factory keyless entry system that came with the car. It only happens when the power lock switches are played with for extensive period, or when I have siblings in the car.

Lately, my ABS light comes on after driving for about a minute, not much of a problem here, but the sensor may have to be replaced, they are cheap to fix.

**UPDATED SEPT 26** My front right signal lamp does not work. When I use the signal blinker, the arrow on the instrument panel flashes at a faster rate than normal. The blinker on the back-right flashes at the fast rate as well. The parking lamp does work, but is considerably dimmer than the left. I've tried replacing the bulb but it looks like I need to remove almost the entire front fascia. I'll just take it into my dealer and fix it. No problems here.

**UPDATED DEC 14** I have an oil leak and an exhaust leak, I have to get it in for an estimate next week. The only problem here is that I have other things I have to do and pay for. Well, I will just get it looked at, I just hope it is not too much.

General Comments:

This is my first car and I love it. The mechanics at the dealer were impressed on the condition. The car was not well taken car of mechanically by the first owner, they seized the first motor. After, a retired mechanic bought it off of them and dropped a motor with 80,000 kms on it.

The car was first purchased new with leather seats, sunroof, CD and Cassette, however, the first owner had a dog that used this car as a habitat, therefore the leather seats were wrecked when the mechanic bought it. When he bought it, he covered the seats with cloth, dropped the new motor in it and the car seemed new again. I was surprised the car was this fully loaded, and everything works to its full potential. I have only had the two problems with it (alarm is never a problem, I know how to fix it). Everyone I know thinks my parents bought it for me, but I paid $5000 for the car. Gas mileage is great for a V-6, 27 mpg. I have to say, finally, to all of you Grand Am owners out there, they are not awful, unreliable cars, it is only how they are taken care of, no offense to anyone.

**By the way this car is a 1998, however it seems it was slotted in the 97 reviews because it was manufactured in 97**

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Review Date: 17th July, 2007