1998 Pontiac Grand Am SE V6 from North America


This car is garbage on wheels


The problems started during warranty. The carpet had to be replaced 5 times during warranty. It began developing wear marks on the driver's side back near the seat. The dealer said that it was my right foot that was rubbing the carpet away. I maintained that my foot was never that far back (what with it having to be on the accelerator) and, anyway, shouldn't the carpet be able to stand up to feet?

After warranty, the first thing to go wrong was the control arm brackets on the front tires. This was about $700.

A few months later, the intake manifold gasket had to be replaced. Another $700.

A few months after that the knob that controls the power windows fell into the door and blew most of the electrics in the car. It was only a $3.00 repair, but annoying!

I have replaced the alternator twice! The first replacement came on July 5 of 2001 and the second (like clockwork) on July 3 of 2002. I was within the time warranty on the alternator, but had exceeded the miles warranty.

The CD/radio has busted and the display no longer lights up. Even after repeated cleanings the player won't play about 25% of my CD's. To boot, the CD player scratches my CD's upon ejecting. Nice.

The engine has had several problems. One they were unable to name was the tendency for the engine to idle roughly and then lose power before acceleration off of a cold start. The dealer said it was a computer problem. It isn't consistent, but it's more prevelent in the hot weather of summer.

Most recently, the smell of gasoline became overpowering in the cabin. Turns out the engine was spitting gas all over the engine compartment. I had gone in for an oil change and the dealer wouldn't let me leave because the car was in "danger of exploding."

General Comments:

This is absolutely the worst car I've ever owned. My previous car was a '92 Grand Am with a 4 cylinder. Nice car. Same alternator problems, but I got rid of it almost immediately after I had it paid off.

Handling is good, but not worth the other hassles of owning the Grand Am. This car is anything but grand. I paid more per month for this car... after I had made the last payment. Repairs are a killer on this car.

Power is there, but there's a severe jolt when mashing the accelerator for quick speed.

Not only will I never buy another Pontiac, I will make it my mission in life to dissuade others from buying any Pontiac products.

This car has put me off domestic cars forever!!

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Review Date: 9th July, 2003

24th Mar 2004, 20:14

Hey how are you? My girlfriends father just purchased a 98' pontiac Grand Am for her for $400.00, He is going to put a new engine in it. The interior and exterior is intact, the windows are tinted and it needs some rims and she is going to put a Cd player in it. I don't know how many original miles will be on the engine that her father is putting in, all I want to know is this car going to be any good for any long term period of time. My girl doesn't have a lot of money and I know she will be depending on this car for as long as she can. I just want to know if this brand was a wise choice for any long term commitment? Thanks for your time.



1998 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 Liter Quad 4 from North America


A great performing value!



Water Pump.

Back Brakes.

Front Brakes.


Manual Window Regulators.

General Comments:

Most of the faults of the car are due to my wife getting hit by a drunk driver.

The back brakes have gone out due to my wife driving it by accident several times with the E-brake on.

The manual window regulators are the only thing that have broke without reason.

Also when we had to replace the drivers side window due to it falling in the door and shattering from the regulator failure, the company that replaced it broke the mirror adjuster.

The car has been quite reliable and is babied though its driven hard even at the drag strip. It gets nothing, but the best though all K&N filters including a custom K&N filter charger air filtration system. And only the best fluids. The transmission has not given a single problem yet and as I've stated it's driven quite hard at times. I've been very happy with the car and would not hesitate to by it or another again. For a 4 cylinder its got a lot of get up and go and surprises quite a few people. Great car!

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Review Date: 16th June, 2003