1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4 from North America


Very Fun and Sporty, besides paying for the repairs on it.


My Water Pump went one month after I bought the car and the company fixed it for free.

Passenger window fell and needs window clips estimated around $500.00.

Front brakes wear out every 3 months, needed new brake rotors, $100.00.

Overheated on camping trip and blew head-gasket, fixed it with "THERMO-GASKET" $120.00 American.

Rear tail lights shorting out, keep replacing bulbs.

Burns gas like crazy, found out it has a small tank.

General Comments:

This car is quick and handles awesome.

However the car is very roomy and comfortable for my passengers and I.

The car stereo is awesome and likes to boom.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2005

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE/1 3.4 from North America


I would recommend this car to anyone! Perfect commute car and great on fuel cost!


My alternator went bad at 30,000 ($300)

My rear turn signals was always burning out and had to replace both light harnests. ($180)

Head gaskets blew out at 112,000. ($2,200)

Have replaced the brakes 7 times.

Fuel gauge has not worked since 120,000.

Cat-convertor replaced at 144,000.

Mas air flow sensor went bad at 135,000.

General Comments:

My Grand Am has been a wonderful car!

I've never had no problem's when it comes to passing other cars. The power is there with it's big 3.4 V6 and can keep up with best of them! It may sound like I've had lots of problems with the car. However, it's never failed to start and it sure looks good!

My only criticism is the cup holders are in the wrong place and the rear of the car makes it hard to see whats behind you.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

16th Jan 2006, 13:00

I to have had similar problems with my 3.4 litre SE, replaced front brake pads four times, when I originally purchased the car in 01 for $9500 at 24k miles the brakes had a bad vibration, I switched the rotors to drilled and slotted with 911 brake pads, total $120 car can stop on a dime with no vibration. Replaced altenator at 108k miles $100, replaced lower intake manifold gasket at 72k miles $430, replace front wheel bearings at 80k miles, water pump at 50k miles $28, blower resistor $24 for climate control fan 1-5, mass flow sensor $120 engine was hesitating when accelarating above 60 mph. And plugs and wires once at 108k miles. Engine temp seems to run a little hot. The car has 112,000 miles and feels and looks like new, the body has not showed any signs of age nor has the interior except maybe the driver side carpet, great accelaration and handling. The car has had problems, but I think it is a good value and dependable, it always starts and not yet stranded me.

22nd Jan 2011, 23:35

I purchased a 1999 Grand Am about 3 months ago, and so far so good, it's a great car.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4 SFI V6 from North America


Fast and so far low maintenance costs


To start off the owner of the car before me or the manufacturer had hard brake pads on it which wore the rotors pretty badly. This makes the brakes a little rough when you hit them. I replaced with better pads around 98,000.

Had to replace the intake manifold at 95,000 because of a coolant leak which cost me $400.

There is a very scrunching noise when I hit the brakes. I've been told it isn't a big deal, but its very annoying.

Fan speed is broken. Only speeds of 3-5 work.

General Comments:

The car handles very nice for the price I paid for it. The car does great in the snow and ice.

The car still idles nicely at 103,000 miles compared to other people I know who own Pontiacs from 99'-04'.

The acceleration is wonderful. The 3.4 liter V6 motor is very powerful compared to my mom's 2002 grand am which is a 4 cylinder.

The seats are very comfortable and the auto windows haven't worn out yet.

Very low maintenance costs for a car with 103,000 miles.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2005