1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4 V6 from North America


Its great if you're a mechanic


Alternator went out at 90,000.

Water pump leaked.

Engine had to be rebuilt at 93,000.

Fuel pump went out.

Starter went out.

A lot of noise in the front end.

Brake rotors go warp over and over.

General Comments:

This car is great on preformance. It has good acceleration, and handling.

Repairs come a lot.

After 80,000 miles I have basically had to rebuild the whole car.

It is quiet and nice to drive.

Only kept it because I knew how to fix all the problems that went wrong.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2006

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE V6 from North America


This car is good for the first few years of its life, but quickly goes down hill after 80,000 miles


During the first few months that I had it around 75,000 miles I needed to get a whole new ABS and new rotors when my light was coming on which costed about $1000. At about 80,000 miles I had to get a new battery. Then at about 90,000 miles I had to get a new alternator. I was leaking coolant around 95,000 miles and had to get my radiator replaced. Around 100,000 miles my brakes were grinding and I had to get new brake calipers. Around 102,000 miles I hit a small curb and had to get a whole new tire rod. Now at 110,000 miles my steering rack is leaking which needs to be replaced and will cost around $750.

General Comments:

This is a nice car to drive, but has soo many problems after problems. I have put so much money into this car because I got a great deal on it when I purchased it. It seems that everyone I know has just as many problems with their Grand AM as I do. I would not recommend this car because I think it was very cheaply made and falls apart very easily. I would recommend a Honda which my boyfriend has and is one year older than mine with more miles and has had no problems.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2006

17th Jan 2006, 20:05

Ever stop to think that the reason you got a "great deal" on it when you bought it was because it was going to need a lot of repairs? It's not the car's fault that you hit curbs or let the brake pads wear down until they grind.

Fact of life: all cars with high mileage are going to need repairs and parts replaced.

Even Hondas.

14th Feb 2006, 08:53

The car has high miles, you abused it, and you are also whining about stuff that are basic maintenance.

The rack probably is leaking because you damaged it while httting the curb. Brakes are normal wear items.

Even the most reliable vehicles have problems and routine maintenance with includes batteries, tires, brakes, calipers, and yes, even alternators.

27th May 2006, 21:48

Thanks for the advice, I finally traded this junk for a new Honda.

15th Jan 2007, 15:02

I got a brand new Grand Am in 1999. It's a real nice looking car, fast and ran great. But now I've had a lot of the same problems with it. Right now its sitting at 64000 miles and I've already replaced the alternator, battery, water pump, window regulators (both sides). All of this has happened in the last year or so (2005-6). It seems like the list is going to keep going. With my experience, if I did get another grand am, I would sell it at 50k no matter how it's holding up. After that you are bound to have problems...

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 from North America


Treated me like I treated her


Window Regulator on driver Side burned out, Alternator went, Temperature knob broke.

General Comments:

I have had the car for about 4 years now put over 80000, mainly highway miles, on it and other than the regulator braking and the alternator, NEVER had a problem with the car. Although I did treat the car good, early oil changes, schedule tune ups, the works.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2006