2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 L4 from North America


This little car can rock and roll!!!


Really, nothing has gone wrong.

A few minor things but nothing serious.

I just recognized a slight miss, or hesitation at interstate speeds. I had the vehicle checked out on a diagnostic test. It revealed nothing wrong, so I used a bottle of injector cleaner, and cylinder lubricant. That has helped some, but I just drive it, and if it gets worst then I will again get it checked out. The miss does not affect its performance, so that's a good thing. It is a sporty, peppy, and classy car.

General Comments:

I am very pleased with my car. It handles very well, and for a four cylinder it goes!

I love the interior layout of the Grand Am, they did a good job. The seats are a little uncomfortable, but it's a very roomy cabin. I am very impressed with Pontiac's design.

I would definitely get another Grand Am; they are speedy, fun to drive, and classy looking little cars.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2008

16th Jul 2008, 11:55

I have the exact same car and have been in love with it from the day I test drove it (and found out it was faster than the V-6 Taurus, PT Cruiser and Camry V-6 I had driven). The car has been flawless. I replaced the original front brake pads at 70,000+ miles (an $18 job that took me 15 minutes). That and one battery are the only repairs in nearly 8 years. It still has the original rear brakes.

By all means, put a can of injector cleaner through the car every 5,000 miles or so. I'm a mechanic and I know this helps and can save you a bundle over having to dismantle and manually clean (or replace) the injectors. NOBODY bothers to do this, which is why you are probably having the problem with it. It may require a manual cleaning if the injectors are damaged.

The old "Quad 4" twin cam is a very good engine. I've seen these engines go 200,000 with no problems at all. They do not have a rubber timing belt that has to be replaced and require virtually no maintenance before 100,000 miles other than oil changes and filter replacements (fuel, oil and air filters). I switched to full synthetic oil in mine (as I do in all my vehicles) and a K&N high-flow 1,000,000 mile air filter. The extra cost is well worth it.

I improved the traction and handling of my Grand Am dramatically by installing a set of Khumo 215:60 AA-traction rated tires. These turn the GA into a Mustang-eater (and I KNOW, I also own a 2007 Mustang!)

Lots of luck, and I hope your GA gives you as much driving satisfaction as mine has.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 from North America


Pretty Good... Not Spectacular...Not Terrible


Front wheel hubs (both sides)

Heater Motor (Bearing)

Heater Motor (Replaced last year) leaking water into it has caused it to freeze up in extreme cold and blow circuit.

Pass-Lock - Wouldn't let me start car. I put in a remote starter by-pass and then I hold the key in run for about 10 seconds before I turn the car to start.

Rear speakers blown. Replacements don't come near to the sound of the originals. No bass unless they are torqued up.

Brakes (Runs through front pads pretty quickly)

Brakes (Front caliper tends to stick of course wearing pads even faster)

Not much else comes to mind at this point in time. The car handles great with Ultra Grip tires, despite the fact they are winter tires. The 50 series 16" rims keep the tires good and firm when corning which is always a pleasure doing the ramp thing...zooooooommmmm!!!

General Comments:

I like the car. I used to love it (as much as one can love an inanimate object).

A few things each year go wrong, but I'm pretty much on target with repair/maintenance costs for a 7 year old car running through Canadian winters.

I don't look forward to the intact manifold problems the Dexcool has apparently caused. I understand there is a class action suit going on about that now.

Can't drive more than 2-3 hours in one shot. Not the most comfortable driver seat. The seat doesn't push back enough for me either. I would like more leg room on the drivers side.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2008