29th Dec 2002, 20:09

I have a 1995 Grand Am GT. I was laughing at all of the above comments about the windows. My drivers side window only goes up when it feels like it. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it takes me holding the button for a minute for it to work, and sometimes it inches it's way up. This makes getting into a gated parking lot interesting.

Also, my front passenger door power lock does not work.

2nd Jan 2003, 21:45

This is trucon66@yahoo.com I neglected to mention that was a 95 Quad 4 Gran Am thanks Roy.

7th Jan 2003, 11:40

We just bought a Pontiac 1995 Grand Am with 137,000 miles as a starter car for my daughter. (She worked three jobs and financed 75% of the $2000 off the lot.) We had the car inspected by a mechanic and it checked our pretty good except the front rotors needed replacement ($142.00). The comments on this website make me feel very concerned about the safety of this car.

We just found out from a shop student that there is a recall on the car for a relay kit for the ignition. I looked it up and he was correct. The affected cars were made between May 1993 and June 1995. Our car was made in March 1995.

Problem: If the engine starter fails to engage the engine and the driver holds the key in the start position for an extended period, high current flows through the ignition switch producing heat that can melt switch parts. "A fire could occur in the steering column and spread to the interior of the car". WOW.

Pontiac headquarters was able to check using the vehicle ID that there was no record of repair and I was told that the dealer should replace the part at no cost to me, but he did not know when the dealer would be able to get the part. Happily, the part is available and it will replaced this week.

So I hope to get this problem solved and pray that no other serious problem occurs. I should have learned why Consumer Reports lists this used car as one to AVOID.

19th Jan 2003, 15:52

I bought my 95 Grand Am Gt in 01-2001. There were a lot of problems with this. First I did the tires then an alignment. Now this car had 80K on it when I bought the previous owners did not take care of it well. I have put maybe an additional 300 into it since then and no more problems. As for the windows, I put new motors in from Auto-zone. I think they cost me about 35 a piece. I had to drill the rivets and put in bolts. But 2 years later, no problems. the only other problem I have is a suspicious odor coming from the catalytic converter. Good Luck.

22nd Jan 2003, 15:02

I own a 1995 Grand Am. The turn signals just stopped functioning one day.

Actually, the right turn signal works, but only if you work it manually.

Does anyone know what the problem would be?

My mechanic is baffled by it.

12th Feb 2003, 08:18

I bought my Grand Am two years ago. A month after I had it I had to sink 1300.00 into it. Now my drivers side window doesn't go up or down and if it feels like it, it goes down an inch and takes a million tries of the button to get it to go back up. The car at this point is in the shop, as they are trying to figure out why I have to put my foot on the accelerator to start it. It runs then I put it in park and it just dies on me. Hopefully it just needs a tune up. A year ago I had an anti freeze leak and my engine was overheating. That supposedly was fixed now the little light keeps coming on telling me I have low coolant. I would really like to know where it is going as I don't see any on the ground whatsoever. After this car dies, I will never buy another American car again. Toyota has my vote in the future. Beware buyers Pontiac is a LEMON.

17th Mar 2003, 22:01

Own a 95 grand am quad4.Have had it since it was new. Car has 107,000 miles on it. Heres what i`ve replaced. First was the fuel pump at 102,000 ran fine until about 105,000.I was always smelling antifreeze, but could never figure where it was coming from. Car overheated a few times so I replaced the thermostat, fine for a while then started overheating again. Drove it one day and noticed whit like smoke coming from exhaust. Figured blown head gasket. Took her apart and low and behold it was a combination of a blown and cracked head. Also noticed when I removed the water pump from inner timming cover the water pump was froze up and looked like it had been leaking for a long time. I guess the water pump is what caused my bown and cracked head. You talk about a hard engine to work on, man.Well I replaced the head, head gasket set, all cooling hoses, etc put her back together and now the two pipes where the thermostat goes together is leaking, but other than that shes back on the road. Here is my belief on the quad 4 engines, they are an awesome engine, but everyone please drain and flush you cooling system out at least every other year and I guarantee these problems would not happen. I know if I would have done this all my problems would have never happened, but I guess we all think were saving a buck now and then later we always come to regret it, i know I do!!!

2nd Apr 2003, 16:08

I bought my 95 grandam SE in 96 with 25,000 on it. I have driven it hard between Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Not to mention in the woods, considering I have operated a log loader since 1987. I now have 130,000 on her. I have replaced the alternator, thermostat and the line for the transmission. At 80,000 I had a friend do the whole tune up thing. Wow!! To replace the serpentine belt you have to unbolt at the motor mounts. What would you do if you were along side the road. This is definitely a hard car to work on by oneself. The old girl is still running. No I have not been able to roll the windows down for about 9 months or so. Of course this was discovered in a heavy rain storm. Real nice. But she has done a good job so far. I will run her till she drops.

18th May 2003, 13:40

I just purchased my 95 grand am about 4 weeks ago, and already I'm seeing all the problems listed above. I would like to ask all those who have or have had the notorious overheating problem, what I should do to correct it. It will overheat when its idling, but when I rev on the engine the temp will drop back down. I've replaced the thermostat, coolant sensor, and the relay, I've also flushed the system. I'm pretty sure the fan is not working correctly as it doesn't turn on, but it will still run when jumped. ANY feedback will be helpful. Jperky_02@yahoo.com