20th May 2003, 12:06

I picked up a used 1995 Grand Am about 1 month ago. It has an immaculate interior and exterior and a rebuilt motor. It drives with a nice feel on the suspension. I can't compain too much because I got a great deal on the car... BUT -

1. Driver side window "sometimes" works. If it is rolled all the way down then it only comes up an inch at a time... stops... inch... stop... and so on.

2. If I accelerate quickly from a dead stop OR while moving, the speedometer stops working. If I leaving a stop light I have to go SLOW or else the speedometer doesn't work until the car is moving at about 25mph. I replaced the VSS... no change.

3. After the speedometer freaks out the transmission freaks out too. If I accerate quickly from a stop, the speedometer reads 0 (should be reading about 40) and the transmission stays in first geear. It shifts to second when I left off the accelerator and the speedometer begins to operate again. If I come to a stop again after that, first gear is nonexistant and it stays in second. I have to turn the car off for split second to get first gear back. I normally just put it in "2" and leave it.

My guess is that problem 2 and 3 are related and I need to figure out if the computer is getting a VSS signal. Maybe a break in the wire someplace? Is there something else that could be going on that is more common?

Number 1 sounds like I need a new motor... just like everyone else.

30th May 2003, 17:03

Well just bought me a Grand Am. 94 though, but I have seen the same symptoms. I will do some diagnosing, but the Coolant temp almost seems to be a bad connection. I will bypass the computer and monitor the "TRUE" coolant temp and see if there is electrical problem. Same thing with the Driver side window. I cleaned the switch and it worked OK, turned around and added in a high current relay in the door itself and it behaved MUCH better. I have build a few custom EFI jobs from Hondas to a fiero v6 in a Jeep Cherokee, and experience has always pointed me to a bad wire, connection, or sensor. Rarely has there ever been a full fledged problem warranting the costs of some of these repairs. A little inventiveness and work and you can re-engineer these little goofs in the grand ams design.

16th Jun 2003, 15:59

I have a 95 Pontiac Gran am quad 4, 2.3 engine. I been having trouble with it Ever since last summer. I am determine to fix the over heating problem. I took it to several mechanics at first they change thermostat, water pump, compress Check it, but the problem prevailed I then took upon my self to work on it. I took the engine Out had it rebuild (since it had over 100k) put it back in the problem still there not as bad, but still their I been Running out of ideals. I just about did everything, but I will not quit.

13th Jan 2004, 09:39

How's this for junk-my regular mechanics won't even touch a Quad 4 engine. 4+ hours (dealer) to put in a water punp to the tune of $500. Radiator completely clogged @90k.Head gasket and all the periferal stuff-$1800. Still overheats. Dealer says clogged heater core is doing it. Alarm went into kill switch mode all by itself. didn't know why car wouldn't start, so naturally, a complete electrical diagnostic had to be done. Next to the 86 Tempo, this is the single worst car ever made. Even dealers snicker when you tell them you have the Quad4.

13th Jan 2004, 15:46

Oh my, this all sounds so familiar. I have replaced several things with my 97 grand am GT. My head gasket went about a month ago, I had to get a new used engine, over $2000 but, I do have 140,000 on the car. My heater core also went my AC compressor has gone. I have replaced the window regulators (I have a 2 door) at least 3 times. The windows on Grand am's just suck! Has anyone had problems with the windshield wipers? I do and a friend who owes a grand am also has. Also, one morning I couldn't start my car the theft system light came on and I had to tow it to the shop. I had to get a new battery, that's it. My fog lights don't work and no one can figure out why, but, when my brother was fixing something for me he banged something near the radiator and they worked again for a couple of weeks and now they are dead again. I also had my transmission replaced just under 100,000 miles, thank god it was covered under my extended warranty! I also have a suspicious smell coming from the engine lately, it smells like maple syrup! Sometimes my car feels like it is going to stall, but, it doesn't and I can't seem to get it to the shop when the car is acting funny, I will step on the gas and it won't gain speed for at least 15-30 seconds, very strange! I also had a problem with my rear brakes and I guess they hadn't been working for years and that is why I was constantly (every 4-6 months) replacing the front pads. As you can see I have had a lot of problems with this car.

15th Jan 2004, 19:14

I have a 95 Grand Am SE Coupe with a 3.1 V6 engine.

My passenger side window died two years ago. I ride alone so I don't worry about it too much. The driver side window won't come up immediately if I let it all the way down. I actually have to turn the ignition switch on and off just to get the driver's side window up at all.

I hear a mysterious rattling noise coming from near the engine every now and again. My mechanic doesn't know what it is and I am not to worried to try and find out since the car still runs pretty good.

I need new struts, but that can wait.

My transmission occasionally will literally grind to a halt. When starting from a dead stop with sound like a manual transmission driving too fast in a low gear.

Considering my car has over 147,000 miles on it and it is 8 years old I am not too surprised.

I am still reluctant to let it go though.

21st Jan 2004, 10:23

I laugh when I read all if these comments. My major problem is the power windows. They just don't work at all. The top brake light just went our and I have no license plate light any more. If you can help me at all, please contact me at rummel69@yahoo.com thank you and good luck to you all!!!

2nd Apr 2004, 18:12

I bought my 95 Grand AM in May 2003 it has been working good, but now the car is over heating. I have had it looked at, but no one can seem to find a problem. I have changed my coolent, oil and everything else I could think of. The car smells like anti freeze and the AC no longer works.