8th Jun 2007, 23:46

Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a crappy GM vehicle. I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se coupe and the driver's side window seemed like it was off the track. After seeing that it was the clips I brought it in to get fixed and found out it was going to cost over $300.00. What a rip off... and GM...they don't care... all I got from Customer Service was 'what would you like us to do about it?'


16th Jun 2007, 15:55

I have a 2002 and a 2000 Grand Am, and no I am not a fan of them, but when you can buy them so cheap sometimes you don't have any other choice. I was able to purchase a regulator for the 2002 off of ebay, but it didn't come with the window sashes. I was able to buy them from my local GM dealer for $30. After I fixed the window I found an assortment set of sashes sold at auto zone for $8. Now that I bought the 2000 I just checked all the widows and all 4 need the plastic clips that mount to the regulator replaced. Good thing in only paid $250 for the car!

1st Jul 2007, 13:13

I just bought a 2004 Grand Am 3 months ago. about 1 1/2 months after having this car drivers window broke. took door panel off and the white plastic clips were broke. I got replacement clips from the local dealership, but now like 1 month later they broke again instead of buying new clips I am having a friend fabricate me some out of metal. I agree with one thing GM should be held accountable for this design flaw.

4th Jul 2007, 17:53

I have a 2002 Pontiac GT and like all of you, my drivers side window quit working and just yesterday the whole thing fell into the door! I took it to Pep Boys and they charged me almost $100.00 to tape the stupid thing shut and are supposed to call me tomorrow and let me know how much it'll costs to fix it. I can see from these posts it won't be cheap! Very frustrating.

8th Jul 2007, 19:40

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM and like all of you one of my windows dropped into the door a couple of days ago. It just so happens to be the drivers side window. Getting the door panel off was pretty easy and what I found was the white clips were broken and at the bottom of the door. I am not sure of the cost to fix yet, but from other posts it appears to be pretty expensive. I am thinking of just securing the window up for now since it is the middle of summer here in california. Luckily we don't get much rain or I would be pretty wet right now.

10th Jul 2007, 07:47

I have a 2004 Grand Am and the drivers window was broken as well. I took my door apart and it is a set of plastic clips called a 'sash' that holds the window in place. They sold me the plastic clips for $20, and I put it back in myself.

12th Jul 2007, 19:56

July 12,2007

I have a 2002 Grand Am Gt. I have noticed black oil film in my Anti freeze holding tank. I have been to two mechanics and they both told me that my transmission fluid is draining in my radiator. They said this is a comman problem, and that I need to replace my radiator, flush my transmission out. Cost unknown yet have it in the shop.

17th Jul 2007, 08:26

I have a 2001 Grand Am, and three of my four windows are broken due to those cheap clips. I've replaced them twice (at a cost of $35 per clip) and now have wedges of wood holding my back window up since it broke yet again the other day. I don't think I'll ever buy a Pontiac again after reading all these other comments that seem to be the same as mine.

17th Jul 2007, 10:04

I'm having the same window problems with my 2000 grand am. The car itself is great, but this is an aggravation. Does anyone know the GM number to call and file a complaint so hopefully they can recall this for others in the future who will experience our frustration?

20th Aug 2007, 16:18

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and I'm having the same problems; the driver side window broke 2x, the security pass-code system is defective, and the system will start blinking. I have to put the key in, turn it in 'Start' position without starting for about 15 minutes and then start it again. This is very ANNOYING. I WILL NEVER BUY A PONTIAC AGAIN.

20th Aug 2007, 23:09

I found a great and cheap way to avoid the problem of broken window clips on the Grand Am. I simply told all my family members "Do NOT slam the doors". In 7 years not one of my windows has had any problems (nor has anything else on the car, it has been flawless).

27th Aug 2007, 08:06

I have a 2002 Buick Lesabre. Same problem with the clips. I am now replacing the motor assembly on the third window (Only one left to go.) No more GM junk for me. Mopars only from now on!

30th Aug 2007, 12:07

My mother has a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT. She bought it new and it has less than 20,000 miles. She's in her 70's, loves and takes care of it as if it were her baby. She's the only person who drives the car, therefore, the passenger door doesn't get used. Two days ago her passenger side window fell forward in the track. Took it to the dealership this morning. The verdict? Same problem, broken clips and regulator. The cost is yet to be determined as she had to leave the car for repair. The Dealership denied this to be a common problem. It would appear from the comments here that it is.

8th Sep 2007, 08:51

I as well have a 2000 pontiac grand am, with two broke back windows, it does not not look to be a easy fix so I'm even more depressed... already had my car broken into...

11th Sep 2007, 17:49

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE. I have the same problem with my driver's side door window; it just fell. After reading all of the comments about this, I'm very surprised.

Not only that; about 5 months ago I had a problem with my key sensor thing. I'm about to go outside and see what I can do to repair it myself.

17th Sep 2007, 14:14

I have a 1998 Grand Prix and a 2000 Grand Am 2 door. Both have had problems with the window regulators. I have replaced two in the 1998 and on both windows of the 2000 Grand Am. My husband is now a pro at replacing them.

But GM does need to look into the problem, and it should be covered as a recall item, so there's no cost to the consumers.

18th Sep 2007, 10:43

Yesterday, my passenger side window fell in. I thought it had come off the clips, but when I popped off the door panel it turned out that the sash clips had broken. Not only that, but they were epoxied onto the glass. What I ended up doing was using a blowtorch and flathead screwdriver to soften and pry off the epoxied clips. I could not find any replacements, however. I ended up fusing the two broken pieces together with a soldering iron (kind of a plastic TIG weld, eh?), smoothing out the seams, and adding a bit of super glue just for extra security. Working great so far.