15th Oct 2007, 23:34

I'm having the same problem with the driver's side window. I bought a pair of the plastic clips at a1electric.com.

16th Oct 2007, 15:51

Add me to the list. 2002 GAGT. Driver side front door. Went to roll it up and heard "POP" then something falling down into the door. The window was resisting and I had to help it up. I have already swore off of GM after I had to get the LIM gaskets replaced on a 97 Venture and this GAGT. I bought a KIA for the wife and will have to suffer with the GAGT for a few more years. NOTE: For all 3400 engine owners... watch your antifreeze level. If it starts disappearing, look for leaks around the lower intake manifold. If you see antifreeze, take it in and get it replaced. If you have under 70K miles, you can use the emmisions warranty to cover it after complaining to the service manager a while. They will tell you that your water pump is out and that you have to have an oil change, flush, etc... but it is still cheeper than paying for everything yourself. I only had to pay $440 at the dealership, and they did a crappy job at that. But it was cheeper than $700 just for the gasket at a shade tree mechanics place.

Like I said, this is my LAST GM car!

26th Oct 2007, 23:16

I have a 2000 Grand Am Sedan.

In the last three weeks, All four of my windows have stopped functioning. Three of them I can't even keep in the up position. With over 100,000k on this vehicle I'm not even sure it is worth repairing. I have liked this car, but this is absurd.

Also, a lot of the interior molding is coming apart or warping. Just a very poorly engineered vehicle. I have a Honda with twice as many miles that is still as tight as a drum. Last Pontiac I ever buy.

13th Nov 2007, 15:10

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and am having the same problem with the Driver side door regulator. I've replaced it twice myself in the last year with aftermarket regulator and motor. It just broke again, so this time the dealer is fixing it and charging me $600.00 dollars. They told me that the motor and regulator from GM are separate parts. The motor is $220.00 and the regulator is $180.00. The rest is labor. The last time I fixed it it took me all of 30 minutes to do. This is completely ridiculous!!!

3rd Dec 2007, 03:32

Add me to your club! 2002 Grand Am; I refuse to pay $250 to fix it. Every other day or so I need to rejiggle it back in place, and keep a piece of cardboard in between the panel and window to keep it in. They only recall things that are safety hazards, so I doubt that this will be one of them.

I see a lot of Grand Ams with fog light issues too. I actually paid $150 to fix the rear fog light because it had a issue with water build up. It still did it after I got it fixed. Oh Pontiac how you annoy me!

This website is funny, hearing about how all of us are going through it.

6th Dec 2007, 00:45

If the dealerships tell you that the regulator has to be replaced if one of the clips brake, then they're scamming you.

I too have had a window clip brake twice. They do sell the clips, however the part number seems to be missing in their diagrams on the computer. If you have someone who is competent behind the counter, they should be able to help you out. (It helps if you have the old clip to show them, but its not necessary.)

I believe the part number is available on the internet if you do a proper search. I think there are 2 different parts, one for the respective left and right doors.

The new clips arn't that cheap (around $60), but the repair isn't too difficult if you know how to work on cars. I've can do it in a couple hours (taking my time), but I do have a fair amount of experience working with cars.

Greasing up the clips helps them last longer by not allowing the plastic to become brittle. I used white lithium grease which seems to work well.

Hope my advise will help some of you out :)

17th Dec 2007, 18:27

I have a 99 Grand Am and the driver side window sticks in cold weather and will not roll down... I can hear the regulator continue to move down and when I roll the window back up I can see and hear the regulator push the window up, but it needs to warm up before it will have enough force to roll down... Never seem to have any problem with it in the summer, only in the winter when the weather gets colder... Could the clips just need to be tightened up on the window or is there an epoxy that can be used to fasten the regulator to the window?

1st Jan 2008, 13:16

I own a 02 Grand AM SE. Window clips; how (not)nice that a little piece of plastic will cost me $100 to get fixed. I had the driver side fixed twice, but it fell a 3rd time. I took the panel off and put a piece of PVC pipe inside to keep the window up for good. Fixed the Passenger side window once, and it just fell again. It is January 1st and 30 degrees outside, so I can't wait to fix it again. It too will get the PVC pipe treatment. I should have bought a Toyota.

6th Jan 2008, 13:53

My girlfriend has a '02 Grand Am GT, and the window mounting brackets for the driver side snapped off the other day.


Even with my friend that works at a GM dealership and his discount, the GM dealership wanted $60 each for the small piece of plastic. Plus the white plastic clips that I guess attach to the regulator broke off and they were also about $60 each. So all together my friend got all 4 parts for $180. I think it's ridiculous. That kind of money for plastic! I wish I would have heard about a1electric.com, I could have got 2 of the plastic pieces for $9!!! I'm not sure if a1electric.com sells the small white plastic pieces.

And those that have said that GM should recall this issue or do something about it are right, they SHOULD! I wish I was a machinist or tool and die. I could make my own clips from good quality steel. If these parts were made from steel, I doubt very much they would break as easily. But then again, I guess that's the whole idea. That's how these North American car manufacturers make money, from replacement parts!

I will NEVER, NEVER buy another domestic car after seeing all the BS comes with it. Japanese/Chinese all the way! With North American cars it's quantity not quality, and with Japanese/Chinese cars it's QUALITY! I have friends that have old Hondas or Nissans, and they never have any problems with their cars.

22nd Jan 2008, 16:21

I too have had the same problem with mine. Mine is a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. First was the driver side, then passenger side 6 months later. now the driver side again. not to mention the passenger side is going out again too. the motor and everything is fine, just those plastic clips are cheaply made or something. So needless to say my driver side is held up with cardboard shoved down in the window to hold it up. I hardly use my passenger side, and my sunroof is now off the track from using it so much.