22nd Jun 2004, 19:54

Just another update on my car. I'm at 34,200 km, and took the car in for service at 33,998 km, (oil, lube, filter, power steering flush). Car is still running great. I had one issue though. On the front right tire, one wheel nut went missing for some reason. I just got a new one installed today (June 22/04) for a fee of $10 (Canadian). Other than that, nothing significant to report.

5th Jul 2004, 17:15

Another update on the car: I took it in on July 3/2004 as the same piece of trim from the front right passenger door area near the bottom was coming off again. I took it to the dealer, and they fixed it promptly. Other than that, no other problems. Car runs fine.

3rd Aug 2004, 17:53

Another update for my car... The car now has 40,000KM. I had to get my rotors serviced (now the steering wheel is not vibrating when braking), and I had to replace my front brake pads, a tire rotation, and another oil change. The car still runs great. Total cost, $472 Canadian.

8th Sep 2004, 23:44

Just wanted to thank you for the constant updates. Its nice to see the progression of a vehicle over time. I wish more people would do the same.

Here's hoping your Grand Am continues to run trouble free. Enjoy =)

5th Dec 2004, 14:55

Update on my car: It's now past 50,000 km, and it's still running fine. I have done all required maintenance. The only problem that I had with the car is that I had rust developing on the inside, bottom part of the driver's side door (near the drain hole). The dealership sandblasted it, re-primed, and re-painted the area, and applied seam sealer and a rust-proofing chemical to all the doors on the bottom edge.

31st Dec 2004, 12:06

Another update on my car, it's now almost at 54,000km, I just recently had the vehicle serviced at 53,517km, (for 55,000km service). I had the oil & filter done, flush and replace the brake fluid, tire rotation, and serviced the rear brakes. I have not had any other issues lately with this car. It's been running just fine.

21st Jan 2005, 14:21

I am the original owner of the above reviews for the 2003 Grand Am. When I drove the 2.2L DOHC 4 cylinder Ecotec engine equipped Grand AM as a rental car during warranty work, I found that it was way under powered. The fuel economy was close enought to the 3.4L Pushrod V6. The 3.4L V6 suited my needs better as I do tons of highway driving. It is also much smoother and quieter in operation. The Ecotec engine sounded like a lawn mower.

11th Mar 2005, 12:25

Update on my car: I was in Hawaii from February 5-19/2005, and I was told that the tire had a slow leak. I had it plugged, and had the same Pontiac dealership replace it with a new tire. I have just taken the car in at 59,517km, on March 7/2005 to have the 60,000km service. The car is running great!

9th Apr 2005, 17:08

Update on my car: I now have about 62,800km. I took the car in to the dealership as I started to hear an "performance exhaust sound" coming from my front left tire. Since the tire was brand new, I first thought that it was the new tread. I brought it to the dealership, and it turns out that the wheel bearing had to be replaced at about $500-$600 Canadian dollars. This was covered under GMPP warranty (thank goodness I bought it for $300). The service advisor put me in a Pontiac Vibe (which is a nice car) while my car was being fixed. I also had to spend more money as I also needed the 2 front rotors replaced with AC Delco rotors, get the calipers adjusted, rear brakes needed service, and get an alignment. The repairs were done, and the car runs fine.

18th Apr 2005, 16:42

April 18/2005, another update on my car. The car is almost at 64,000km. I brought it to my dealer as my Monsoon cd player would not eject cds, as it would "stick" and you would have to pull it out when it's half way out. I also had condensation in my driver's side fog light and on my reverse light on the driver's side (on the bumper). The cd player cost $500 Cdn. to replace, and the seals for the lights cost $300-$400 Cdn. My GMPP warranty did not cover this. Fortunatly, my dealership gave me "good will" warranty service. They replaced my cd player with a new one, fixed the seals for my fog and reverse light, and put me in a rental car (2005 Pontiac Sunfire) while my car stayed from 7am-3pm. My service advisor told me that they will do this for me as I have done all of the required maintenance on the vehicle, they know that I baby my car, and because I am a very loyal customer. Thank goodness I wasn't out another $800-$900.

29th Apr 2005, 16:02

April 29/2005, another update on my car, it's at 64,000km, and at 1pm, was involved in a collision on highway 401. My wife was driving and had to stop due to the volume of traffic. While stopped, some lady in a purple Hyundai slammed her from behind at about 90km/hr. The car has extensive rear-end damage now. Thank goodness we are not at fault and do not have to shell out a cent. The car is now at the Pontiac dealer waiting to be appraised. The service advisor told me that there is extensive frame damage, and may be unrepairable. We'll see what happens.

11th May 2005, 05:39

May 11/2005. Another update on my car. My car is currently at the dealership. They said that it make take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to repair the car. There was $5000-$7000 (Canadian $) in damages to the rear of the car. Unfortunatly, it was not declared as written off. The insurance company gave me a 2004 Buick Century to drive around until the car is fixed. Will come back with more updates.

30th Dec 2005, 01:44

I wish to thank you for your updates. I am curious, what has happened to your car? You have not done any updates since May. This information is invaluable, since I usually keep my cars for a long time (current 1990 Chev G20 230000km).

25th Jan 2006, 23:23

Update on the car: just over 87,000km, sorry for not updating sooner as I have been busy. I drove the car with my wife December 31/2005 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Cheektowaga, NY, USA. When we got to Walden Galleria and I used the turn signal, it would not function. The multi-function switch failed again. Being a long weekend, all GM dealers were either closed or not accepting other vehicles. Had to drive back to Toronto with no signals. Took the car in for service and they covered it under GMPP (about $300 Canadadian).

25th Jan 2006, 23:27

Jan 26/2006, another update on the car: The car has just over 87,000km, and I just posted that my multi-function switch failed (which GMPP paid for), but on Jan 16/2006, another problem happened. Turn signals were not working again. I thought it was the multi-function switch, but this time it was the "cluster assembly?" or something like that. Either way, GMPP paid for it. Other than that, nothing serious (eg. engine, transmission, A/C, heating, etc.). I have also changed the transmission fluid this fall. Car still runs fine.