3rd Apr 2006, 19:03

April 3/2006, Another update on the car, I almost have 93,000km, car is running fine. Nothing else to report. I just had the car oil sprayed by Krown, hopefully it will keep the car as rust-free as possible.

Will update at a later date.

12th May 2006, 14:41

Update on the car: May 12/2006, 96,444 KM.

Nothing has happened with the car mechanically. What is going wrong is the Monsoon Stereo CD player. When you play a cd, it either won't play or it keeps on skipping. You have to eject the disc and put it back in a few times. I will solve this issue by replacing it with an aftermarket CD player.

13th May 2006, 07:23

Unfortunately if one has the Monsoon system, simply putting in an aftermarket radio is not as easy as it sounds. The Monsoon system has 2 ohms of resistance as opposed to most factory radios with 4 ohms. You would have to run new speaker wires and new speakers as well.

14th May 2006, 18:09

May 14/2006, Yeah, but my friend told me he'll do the installation and get me a good deal on the CD player (Clarion). Installation will cost $0 and the parts he'll get for me for free. I just have to buy the cd player since he owns an auto stereo shop.

11th Jun 2006, 14:30

Another update on the car at 98,255km. My car broke down on June 8/2006. I had the car towed to the Pontiac dealer (closest shop). The fuel pump failed on the car. GMPP covered it ($742). I got the car the next morning and it's running fine.

17th Jun 2006, 10:29

Another update on the car at 98,500km, since my 100,000km warranty will be up soon, I brought the car in to get my Monsoon stereo replaced because it keeps on skipping. Dealership replaced it. Costs them about $400.

14th Jul 2006, 13:59

July 14/2006, another update on the car which now has 101,400km. The car is past warranty, now is the time to start praying. I need new tires before this winter (normal wear and tear), need new struts since I hear a groaning noise from the front end when going over a slightly bumpy road (may be wear and tear), need to change the PCV valve (maintenance), the seal in my oil pump has a slight leak. I will be getting these things fixed, but not any time soon as I need to put some cash away for it. I am currently driving the 2005 Civic Coupe for now (dad's car, since he has another car and I can save on the KM's and fuel).

18th Aug 2006, 14:59

I'm impressed with what a seemingly GREAT dealership you have!! You are very lucky. I couldn't get Chrysler to honor their warranty the FIRST MONTH I owned my brand new Dodge, and ended up having to pay a private garage to replace the warped brake rotors!!

I currently own a beautiful 2001 Grand Am SE-1 with the old "quad 4" twin cam engine, which is WAYYYYY more powerful and a lot better engine than the less reliable and wimpy eco-tech 4. I'm currently at 100,000 KM and have yet to have even one problem with mine.

10th Oct 2006, 12:30

October 10/2006: Another update on the car at 103,400 KM, car is running fine. No known issues at this time. I had the car checked over prior to the winter season. Everything is fine. I just did an oil change. I have been using Castrol GTX in my car for a while now. I also go to a private garage since the car passed it's 5 year/100,000KM warranty. Car is running great.

23rd Nov 2006, 17:07

Another update: My car now has just over 106,000km, and I now hear a "popping" noise from the driver's side door when I open it. It's coming from the centre door hinge. I will be taking it to my mechanic this Saturday. I will update on the problem and the cost of fixing the problem. Other than that, the car is running normally.

27th Nov 2006, 10:34

Another update, the popping noise coming from the centre door hinge on the driver's side door is due to a loose bolt. I tightned the bolt and the problem is now gone.

A rear brake light (on the trunk lid itself) has stopped working. I will replace the bulb later this week.

No other problems for now.

18th Dec 2006, 11:56

Another update on the car at 107,541KM, battery died (my fault, I accidently left the ignition on the accessory position and left the radio and headlights on) which drained my battery. I charged the battery back up and it's working right now (mild weather in Toronto). I will replace the battery on December 23/2006.

28th Dec 2006, 12:21

Another update: On Dec 23/2006 the battery was replaced with the same type (AC Delco) and I had an oil change as well. Came to $199 in total. Nothing else to report.

28th Feb 2007, 00:19

Thanks for updating your vehicle information. But it seems like you had quite a few minor problems with the wear and tear of the car? I currently have the 2003 Grand AM 2.2l 4cy. with 36000km with nothing seriously wrong. I guess I did have that plastic molding on the inside of the front passenger come off a few times... I think it's clumsy passengers not actually stepping into the car myself and scraping there feet as they get into the car. (Ref to your July 5/04 comment). I don't have that 100,000km warranty currently. Mine is a lease and is up in April, but I am not sure yet on whether I should purchase the car, any suggestions?

Thanks I am from Vancouver, BC.

1st Mar 2007, 07:03

Yeah, there were a few "wear and tear" items on the car, but please note that my car currently has 112,790KM on it. I have also recently changed the oil 2 weeks ago. I will get a tire rotation this weekend as well.

In regards to the plastic moulding, I guess you are right, it must've been the passenger since it's never happened to me on the driver's side door area (I'm careful when going in and out of the car).

If you can get the car for a decent price and it suits your needs, buy it. If you have any doubts, then get another car. That's a decision only you can make.

I enjoy my car. I would consider Pontiac again for my next car.

By the way, I'm from Toronto, Ontario.

12th Aug 2007, 17:57

Hi, I use a Pontiac Grand Am SE 2003 and we had the same issue with the fuel pump going on us; it must be a Grand Am thing. Other than that, the rotors went on the front wheels, and a fluid leak here and there.

Were currently at 120,000kms and this car was a rental before we got it. Not too many problems, and we've been keeping up to date on recalls.

Winter driving isn't an issue with this car yet.

The most recent issue is the driver side door window control panel. One day it just kind of popped up out of where it should be stuck down... I'm considering crazy gluing it back down. It looks as if the lip on one end snapped off, but all the windows and mirrors still work and no cables are worn.

Also, I was turning right a few months ago and the signal wouldn't turn off. It had triggered the hazard lights; I pulled over, shut off the car and re started it, and since then it hasn't happened. Weird.

I love this car, and I don't want to sell it if I don't have to. It runs great, occasionally takes an extra few seconds to start, but I still love it.