30th Jun 2004, 08:09

2001 Grand AM GT owner here.

I have the same problem, the turn signal would make a noise and the signal wasn't even on. Now the turn signal just works when it wants too. Thinking this maybe the last Pontiac I ever buy!

7th Jul 2004, 19:30

I Just purchased a 2001 grand am se 2.4l 2 door. My signal lights are working when they feel like it was there a recall for this? It seems this is a common problem they must have a fix for it you would think.

12th Jul 2004, 12:05

I received the recall information, but I haven't had the hazard button replaced yet... kind of scared to now! I have always had problems with the turn signals on this car. Basically, they will come on when they want to, but I have found that if I turn the hazard lights on for one second and then try the turn signals they work fine. I'd much rather do this than listen to the ticking.

8th Sep 2004, 14:09

Hey everyone, I have had (2) 2001 Grand Am GT's with the same problem. The first car, the signal and hazard lights failed. They did not work at all. Replacing the flasher unit in the dash (the hazard button) solved the problem. The second car had the recall done which did nothing to fix the problem. The flasher clicks in the dash uncontrolled, sometimes after taking a turn, sometimes driving down the road, sometimes parked with the engine running. The signal lights do work, but sometimes they don't shut off. I had it in the dealer today for the recall and they said $400 to replace the signal light switch; the car has 32,000 miles. Does anyone know what causes this problem?? Please help!

13th Aug 2005, 21:35

To respond to the last comment, I also have had trouble with the car starting. For some time now I have had to "start it twice" intermittently and one day it just stopped starting at all and had to get it towed. I have replaced all 6 spark plugs, and checked the resistances on the ignition coils - they all check out. I have suspected that the ignition module might have gone bad, but have had trouble getting it tested, so I am not sure about that one. It does sound like the fuel pump is working, but I am unsure about the fuel filter. I am at my wit's end with this thing and any help would be greatly appreciated. Note that I am having the same problem as the comment above, it turns over, but doesn't start.

11th Nov 2005, 17:40

I have a 1999 Grand Am GT and the turning signal switch started to click all the time. Went to a dealership and they said it was the turning signal switch making all that clicking noise. We had it replaced for $178.03 for parts and labor. The part (GM # 22676853) was $138.38 and labor was $28.50.It took ten minutes to do. Not the 45 minutes they said. My husband watched them do it. Also this maybe helpful, we had the hazard switch replaced from a recall and the dealer told me that when they fix the hazard switch it makes the turning signal switch go bad. They should recall that part too knowing that the replacement will cause another problem.

15th Nov 2005, 09:09

Same problem with my 2002 Grand AM SE1, signals keep clicking - nonstop! Sometimes I get a break. Really Annoying.

I have noticed that if I play with the Signal Stalk, I can get it to stop. I've replaced the flashers and the relays behind the hazard/ETS switch and it hasn't helped (as this is the relay making all the noise). Next step is to replace the Signal Stalk. About $150 (CA) from the wreckers, or $300 (CA) for a new one.

What a pain... so far I know of 4 other Grand AM owners with the same problem.

GM Should do something about it!

8th Dec 2005, 17:04

I would like to respond to the comments about the 2001 Grand Am not starting. The car will turn over, but acts like it isn't getting fuel, check to see if the security light is flashing. If the light is flashing leave your key to the on position and wait exactly 10 minutes. The light will be on, but not flashing. The car will now start. Turn the key off and restart your car. I have also experienced the total annoying clicking problem one day. The problem hasn't ever been back.

20th Dec 2005, 13:15

I had the same problem with the turn signal clicking in my 2001 Grand Am. The dealer had to replace a switch. The service rep seemed familiar with the problem which makes me think it's pretty common. Fortunately, I bought the extended warranty when I purchased the car so it only cost me the $100 deductible. I also had a blown-out rear speaker replaced and a transmission problem fixed at the same time. The money I saved nearly paid for the extended warranty.

20th Dec 2005, 16:48

Is it so hard for Ford and GM to build a car WITHOUT electrical problems.

29th Jul 2007, 15:11

I have a 2002 Grand Am SE and I am having the same problems. Maybe if we all called or wrote GM they would do something about it. Or, how about we all get together and sue them. There's obviously a problem here. The clicking is driving me nuts and due to the anti-theft device, sometimes the car won't start. Does anyone have any recall info on the signal issue? I don't want to have to pay for this when it's obviously not an isolated problem.

25th Jan 2009, 10:09

I have a 2004 Grand AM with a 3.4 engine. The car will not start sometimes and will shut down will driving. I had the fuel pump and ignition switch replaced. ($1300.) The car still won't start sometimes. When you turn the key on, if you hear the fuel pump the car will start. If you can't hear the fuel pump it will not start. I believe it is a electrical problem with a bad connection.

10th Mar 2009, 23:16

To repair the turn signal issue, please visit:


It has to do with removing the multi-purpose switch on the steering column, and cleaning the contaminated grease off the copper contacts.

18th Jun 2010, 19:57

I have a 2001 Grand Am SE. My remote alarm doesn't beep when I activate or deactivate the alarm. What could be the cause?

19th Jun 2010, 13:16

Mine on my 2001 SE never beeped either. I just assumed it wasn't designed to.

19th Jul 2010, 22:41

It should explain it in your owner's manual about the issue. I have a panic alarm on my 99 Pontiac Grand Am. My remote has the option of enabling, disabling by holding down both lock and unlock buttons at the same time until the lights flash on and off. It might not be the answer, but an option. Good luck!

28th Oct 2010, 20:32

I have 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. To be honest, I love the car, but I can't stand the constant clicking I hear all the time. I really haven't had to put money into the car, but I did have to buy a map sensor to stop it from cutting off. My CD player sucks, but the car is great otherwise, and very good on gas.

21st Jan 2011, 12:42

I have a Pontiac Grand Am GT...

I have had NUMEROUS problems with the clicking on the turning switch. I get so aggravated I just turn the radio up and drown it out...

And to all you that haven't figured it out yet, before you take your car to the dealer for it not being able to start it's a security issue, not a fuel pump or fuel filter issue. You have to leave the key in the "on" position for 10 minutes until the security light stops flashing or goes off. It's very annoying, but it's the best and fastest fix. I got so fed up with the issue I had a car starter put in and bypass the security issue. I haven't had a problem since and I live in Buffalo and it's very cold so it works out for the best for me.

Hope I helped most of you!

28th Feb 2012, 00:31

I have a 2002 Grand Am with the same problem. I found out that when mine would not start, I had a security light on. I had to leave the car turned on until it went off - about thirty minutes, and then turn it off and start it. Most ridiculous thing ever, but it works.