20th Feb 2008, 16:20

I have had my Pontiac Grand Am SE for 5 years. I have had problems come and go, and most of which multiple mechanics could not properly diagnose the issues. My main concern now is that the car will under idle and stall out upon start up. Other times, after a quick trip on the highway (20-40 miles) the car will over-rev once you come to a stop. This makes the engines idle go from 800-1,000rpm to 1,500-2,000. If I attempt to drop it to neutral or park it will rev out to 4,000rpm. Only way to stop it is to shut off the engine and wait for at least 10 minutes then it usually is set to go again. The start up problem happens nearly every time and the over rev happens once a week.

I have always had a "small emissions leak" making my service engine soon light on. Suggestions for problem have been EGR valve, idle air control valve, and throttle position sensor.

Please let me know if you think you have the right answer for this revving problem.

20th Feb 2008, 19:37

97 grand am se and the electrical is damn nightmare to be sure. I have replaced the steering column 3 times because the stupid key will freeze inside the lock due to crappy GM electrical freaking out the anti-theft system and making the the key unable to be removed, or if removed, the car will continue to think the key is still in the ignition.

Why this is not a recall I have no idea.

Pontiace gm se is a great car when it works, and wildly expensive to repair- making you pay more than the car is worth many times over.

If it is more than 8 years old- dump it.

4th Mar 2008, 17:08

This is in response to a comment on 9th Oct 2007, 14:32. If you haven't solved your car problems you may want to have someone look at the hose that attaches to the MAP Sensor. I had a similar problem where my car kept stalling and none of the mechanics could seem to find the problem. The dash lights would come on and the car would just die. The problem wasn't constant at first. It would happen once a month and then became more frequent about two-three times a week and eventually someone managed to figure out I had a hole in a hose.

10th Jun 2008, 00:13

I've owned my 1999 Grand Am SE since it was new. So far, aside from maintenance and fuel costs, I've spend $13 on the car. The blower motor resistor went bad. Other than that, this car has performed like a dream. I might also mention that I own the 4 cylinder version of this car. At 130,000 miles, I figure this is a very good car. I would definitely buy another.

5th Feb 2009, 19:59

Wow. So.. I thought it was just my hunk of crap '99 Pontiac Grand Am SE that had all these problems.. I thought I had bought a lemon. Now I know I was wrong. This car was cheaply made and they are all pieces of crap!

I bought the car in 2001 I believe, and my car now has around 115,000 miles on it. I have had to replace the fuel pump, the alternator (along with batteries,) the brakes and rotors twice, my fuel gage doesn't work.

My power steering just went out, both of my back windows roll down but not up, and have to be kept from falling down with screwdrivers!!!

I have an oil leak, and a windshield washer fluid container leak, that has been there since before I bought the car.. and my door panel on the outside of the car is pulling away.

Hunk of CRAP! Don't buy one EVER!

7th Feb 2009, 17:17

From the comments I see there must be a LOT of folks who have problems with the Grand Am. Luckily, I'm not one of those. My 2001 SE-1 has required exactly $10 in repairs in 8 years (a burned out headlight bulb). This has been one of the best vehicles I've ever owned.

1st Mar 2009, 13:15


I bought my Grand Am piece of crap in 2000, 2 years old with 40,000 miles. Four months after that I had the transmission rebuilt. Since then I have replaced multiple sets of brakes and rotors, alternator, serpentine belt, fuel pump, PCV valve, power window motor, manifold intake, heater blower, front wheel bearings going on 2 times. I am sure that I am missing more and not to mention the regular upkeep. I have replaced 3 side mirrors because they don't fold when something presses against them like other cars. All of the coverings on the doors have lifted up and I don't care enough to tuck them back in anymore.

I pulled the fuse on the open door lights about 6 years ago because they don't turn off. The CD player always skips. My dash lights up when it wants to, along with the heat turning on, and the window controls. Cigarette lighter doesn't work. My ABS and TRAC OFF lights have been on for about 2 years and no one know why. My check engine light also comes on a lot.

I also have the problem with the stalling and fluctuation in RPM's. I actually drove up a very steep hill without pressing the gas. Yeah, if I drive for more than 15 miles on the highway I have to shut off the stupid thing for a few minutes. It also shifts very hard once it starts doing this.

Today my power steering pump went.


2nd Mar 2009, 19:01

"I have replaced 3 side mirrors because they don't fold when something presses against them like other cars'

Gosh, now GM is responsible for us RUNNING INTO THINGS!! Please, no one should hold ANY car maker responsible for ACCIDENTS. I knocked a mirror off my car and had to replace it, but it was totally MY FAULT for hitting something. I didn't start calling my car "crap" and go running to a Japanese car dealer.

1st Jun 2009, 22:14

I own a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE. Until recently it has been a great car. I have a problem where my service engine soon light comes on. Then a couple minutes later the ABS and TRAC OFF lights come on. They go off when the car is turned off but return later. Can anyone tell me how to fix/what the problem is?


29th Dec 2010, 01:20

I have a 99 Grand Am, and it has truly been a blessing! It's taken care of me but I've sure taking care of it. Seems like most of yalls problems are from lack of care. I've only had to replace a fly wheel and am having catalytic converter problems now but other than that, the past 4 years have been great. It's got 150,000 miles on it and still going strong. No complaints here. A lot of people make the mistake of not checking them out before purchasing the car. Do your research. Mine was very well taking care of when bought. :D.

3rd Jan 2011, 17:33

Very good point. I bought a low-mileage used 2001 Grand Am from a rental car company in early 2003. It was totally flawless and in 85,000 miles (when I traded it) it never had a single problem. Rental car companies are always your best source for a good used car. Their cars have been regularly inspected and serviced, unlike most privately owned cars or dealer lease returns. My family has purchased three former rental cars and every one of them has been 100% trouble-free. I always steer clear of any privately owned used car or dealer used car unless I know the full history on it.

2nd Jul 2011, 09:11

I have a 1999 Grand Am, it keep shutting off when the temperature gets halfway. Can someone tell me what could be going on with this car? I've put on several new parts.

28th Jan 2013, 06:18

Had the same issue. Changed the fuel line and the injectors, and it fixed it!