5th Jul 2002, 11:26

My husband and I just bought a 1997 Grand Am SE. I am in love with it. It is a terrific car, except the rotors are going to have to be replaced. I noticed that in a lot of comments that other customers have had the same problem. Is this a problem that can be looked into and repaired so that this does not continue to happen? Other than the rotors, the car is a dream come true.

12th Sep 2002, 20:04

My husband and I purchased a Grand Am SE in January of 2000. The only problems we have had with the car are the brakes. We are now replacing our brakes for the fourth time. I wish GM would look further into this problem, as it looks we are not the only ones who have been hit with this constant brake problem.

4th Oct 2002, 13:43

I too bought a 1999 Grand AM SE and have had a ton of problems. Far too many to list here, but most have been commented on I noticed. Now I am having a peeling paint / clear coat problem that GM refuses to fix. 2 days after the car rolled off the lot I noticed this problem. Last time I buy a piece of junk from GM.

2nd Nov 2002, 11:48

I am an owner of a 1999 grand am SE. I really loved my car at first. But it has been a constant pain. And of course the warranty is up now. I too had the brake problem. My rotor was turned at 3000 miles and replaced ant 6000. My brakes still make grinding noises, but I am told it is normal. My stereo had a problem with its' display and that was replaced. But my current pain remains the clunking in the steering. Whats the problem? I too had rack replaced about 2000 miles ago. Well, the noise returned so I am again returning to the dealership next week.

3rd Feb 2003, 18:04

My girlfriend bought a 2001 Grand Am a year and a half ago and all she has had is problems. The day after we bought it, the front drivers seat broke when I lifted the handle to tilt it forward. When sitting in either of the front seats, if you push back with a little more than normal pressure, the seat will jump back a notch or two. The blinkers now only work when they feel like it. It stinks having a new car and having to give hand signals. Today I talked to her and the A/C wasn't blowing air when she turned it on, it had to "warm up". This car has 18,000 miles and is treated with the utmost care. I look at this car now and think it is an unsafe, flimsy piece of crap. I'm all about being patriotic, but I would rather her be driving a foreign car of this class. I feel she would be safer that way.

5th Feb 2003, 16:41

I bought a used 99 Grand Am SE with 12,000 miles in April 2002. Since then, I have had two major problems.

First, I had to have the rotors and pads replaced at 19,000 miles. The brakes still squeak and make a "rubbing sound". Then, at 25,000 miles, the power steering failed without warning. The mechanic said he had never seen anything like it since it was a compression fitting that had let go, subsequently ruining the power steering pump.

Since the 3 year warranty had expired on the car, both repairs set me back several hundred dollars. I now have 27,000 miles on the car, and I wonder what the next major component to fail will be. Next time, I'm buying a Japanese manufactured car.

2nd Apr 2003, 09:00

I bought a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT in April of 2001. When buying the car, I bought an extended warranty offered by GM. It's a good thing I did. I have had problems with brake pads lasting. I just had to have to rotors changed. I have 103,000 miles on the car. Since I have had it, I have had to have the radio display fixed twice. The motor on my windows went out. I have also had to have heads replaced. The transmission slips a lot, and everytime I would tell the dealership about it, they would say they couldn't find any problems. Now, my warranty is up and everthing just seems to be falling apart. I do not recommend buying a Pontiac. I was warned before I bought it, but I thought they were nice looking cars, so I had to get one. Biggest mistake I ever made. The GM motor company refuses to work with you after the sale. I won't ever buy a Pontiac again.

3rd Jul 2003, 05:30

We bought a 99 Grand Am 6 Cylinder 2 years ago. We have had constant problems with brakes, rotors, the rack and pinion went and there is always a knocking in the front which no one can seem to fix. We have replaced struts and the wheel bearings need to be replaced again for the fourth time.

While I realize that some of this is regular maintenance, we have had nothing but problems. It seems that when one problem is fixed, the longest we get is 2-3 weeks and something else happens.

Over the winter, the side panels, at the bottom between the doors are now rusting. I refuse to get a new paint job for such a small rust spot, however it will spread if not treated. Does anyone have a simple solution to solving this problem.

To add, this is also a common problem that I have noted on many other Grand Am's!

23rd Apr 2004, 01:22

WOW! It makes me feel a LOT better to read that I have all the same problems as everyone else on here. I have BABIED my car because I loved it so much. I would still love it if it was reliable, but I can't get from point A to point B without something happening. I have had my brakes replaced three times, the battery had to be replaced within 2 years, the harness strap and wheel bearings were replaced twice on the SAME SIDE, the struts have been replaced, the fan motor has been replaced, there is rattling in the dashboard, the fuel gauge moves from full to empty on it's own, the ABS and traction lights come on and off, the turn blinkers only work when they want to, the intake manifold gaskets have been replaced because coolant was leaking into the engine oil, and because it is still leaking, the dealership thinks the head gaskets are failing, there is still grinding and squealing in the front of the car whenever I brake or hit any bumps, which the dealership says is normal, and there is the loud ticking under the hood that I know hear may be a "lifter" problem? I've had the belt replaced twice and keep in mind my car is only at 62,000 miles and isn't paid off yet! My previous Grand AM SE ran for miles, so I don't understand why this make and year of car is so terrible! I kept it through one problem to the next hoping that I could drive it for many miles, but I can't afford this maintenance anymore! I should have given this car up long ago, but I had high hopes.