1991 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Coupe 3.4L V6 Twin DOHC from North America


Fast and furious; a sweet machine


Standard maintenance: brake pads, exhaust (catalytic converter and mufflers), minor fluid leaks. Having the engine rebuilt took care of most of the potential problems there.

General Comments:

I love the car like family. Its power never ceases to amaze me; with its new exhaust system, it runs toe-to-toe with the higher displacement V6 automobiles and low end V8s on the road. I'm simply impressed.

As well, due to the wider track body, handling is excellent. Cornering has never been so easy for me.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2001

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix LE from North America


Faithful, mostly dependable old friend


The brakes went out very recently. The car needs new calipers, pads, and rotors - very extensive work. It also needed a new brake line, because the old one was broken.

The rearview mirror keeps falling off.

It had an oil leak.

The odometer gets stuck for long periods of time, so I don't really know for sure how many miles are actually on the car.

The electrical system is screwed up. The "Service Engine Now" light, the oil light, and every other light come on for no reason.

General Comments:

This car is pretty powerful. I love driving it.

The brake work was definitely very expensive and extensive, but the car has actually held together very well since we've had it.

It's been very dependable. It's never left me stranded anywhere.

The seats are very comfortable and the car is very roomy.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2001

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Coupe 3.1L from North America


Fun to drive


I had a couple of incidents where the power steering fluid suddenly discharged. I did not do any service, and it seems it is working fine now.

Brakes: I had lots of problems with the rear brakes. I replaced the calipers/rotors twice already. The parking brake is also not working.

Ignition: The car stopped a few times with the service engine soon light coming up. The mechanic changed the computer and the problem disappeared.

Engine: The car had an oil leak, and after servicing it, the car lost power.

Engine: The car hesitates when accelerating.

Turn signals: They smoke every now and then, and they do not hold in their place anymore.

Body: The trim (part of ground effects I think) on the driver's door is coming off.

General Comments:

Fun and affordable car to have if it did not need many services.

Seats are great.

The car handles very good in turns, and accelerates very well too. The speed is limited at 110 miles/hour while the engine has much more power.

Good highway fuel economy.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2001

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Fun car


Engine blew at 125,000 miles.

Replaced radiator, brake pads, brake rotors, gauge cluster, thermostat, transmission, exhaust, struts, motor mounts, ball joints, bushings, wheel bearings, blower motor for the heater, etc.

Headliner is falling down, console is cracked and the driver's side mirror is cracked.

General Comments:

This car is fairly decent for an all around car. There are a few major problems with the car and there are a lot of minor things that tend to go wrong with the car.

I'm 18 and I'm only the second owner of this car, I have put a lot of money into this car and I am still putting money into this car. I enjoy driving this car and don't plan on selling it anytime soon.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2001

18th May 2004, 19:29

Yea I own the same car and put about 1500 in to it and I like it, but its junk cause I've put a lot of money in it.

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.4 DOHC V-6 from North America


Speedy, affordable sports car


The intermediate cam shaft nose broke off requiring the entire drive assembly to be removed from car to fix.

Three fuel injectors failed.

Computer failed.

General Comments:

The car has good looks and the acceleration is outstanding. The engine has more than enough power to smoke most any rice rocket and quite a few Camaros and Mustangs.

Even after all the trouble I've had with the car I still love it.

Extreme power from this little V-6.

Enjoyable cruising down the highway with the moon-roof open and the windows down.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001