1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 SFI from North America


A great reliable car with a few annoyances


Exhaust completely rusted from engine to mufflers.

Breaks and Rotors continuously replaced often.

Power steering lines went.

Power Locks gone.

Power windows are glitchy, work 95% of the time.

Dash lights fail to come on when turning on headlights 2% of the time.

Strange pulsing in all lights on the vehicle inside and out.

Fog light's enclosure and lens broke.

Driver's side door can't be unlocked from the inside.

Much of the plastic (ash tray, running boards, ect) have cracked and or broken.

Replaced rear suspension once.

Power mirrors are busted.

General Comments:

I couldn't do the Exhaust work myself so that was the only real pricy work ever needed done.

Sadly I have asked around and it's just something this make and model dose, but replacing breaks and rotors often adds up. paying a little more for better quality pads and rotors helps prolong the life a little, but the car still goes through them faster than normal.

Power steering lines gradually went with time like many rubber lines go bad with time, so replacing them was done at my leisure.

The loss of power locks is only annoying, and possibly electrical... but my inability to unlock the driver's side from inside is mechanical. I can hear a rod or something rattling around in there once in a while when I close the door.

I some how feel that the pulsing and other electrical problems are related. The pulsing isn't that bad most of the time, and when it dose get bad it doesn't last long (30 seconds tops?). I think it has to do with a bad ground wire somewhere. And to fix the dash light problem I just trun the lights off and then back on.

On my car the fog lights were stock, but didn't have the same kind of bumper that others had to inset the lights in the lower bumper to protect them. It was bound to happen, but at least it was cheap to replace the lights.

I don't really care about the ash tray breaking because I'm not a smoker and no one smokes in my car, but the strip cracking under the door was annoying.

I can still move my mirrors with my fingers if I need, but who needs to adjust there mirrors so much they need power mirrors anyway?

Now for the really good things about the car. All these miles and no major repairs! original engine and transmission. I get between 24 and 30 miles to the gallon, no joke. I do take care of it well keeping up with oil changes every 3 or 4 thousand miles and injector cleaner once in a while. It isn't the fastest car on the road, but it's got plenty of power to get on the highway in a hurry. I try to keep middle grade fuel in it, and I think that might be helping my cause. I have also put in a K&N high flow life time air filter in it for two reasons. One it's nice to have the little extra breath when you want it, and two because where I live almost everywhere has stopped carrying the right size air filter. The car handles well on back roads and around bends. it's a nice soft ride (with a little body roll thanks to it's weight). Both of those might be because the tires are a little strange size from normal. An odd factory option I think, so even if I am lucky to find a place with cheap tires the right size they are still pricey. Every Mechanic that gets to see my car remarks at the great shape the body is in. There is no rust or anything on it at all. Mechanics also wonder if the mileage is wrong on my car because the Engine and Transmission are in great shape. The car is truly a great car if you take care of it... obviously it takes care of you in return. Sure there is some annoyances, but the car runs well and doesn't show any signs of giving up any time soon.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2007

16th Apr 2010, 00:33

Almost all remarks are true, but no cracking in mine, but I do have problems with door handles sticking.

1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Fantastic piece of machinery


Security system had to be disabled - microchip on the key went bad and I was unable to start the car (thank goodness for remote start)

New brakes at 275,000.

Headlight blew.

Cup holders are under the dash and are a nuisance.

Mufflers replaced at 280,000.

Ball Bearing/Tie Rod replaced at 285,000.

General Comments:

Absolutely amazing car.

It has never let me down and is always strong when you need it.

All the repairs are wear and tear - nothing drastic.

Amazing gas mileage - I get between 650-750km/tank.

Strong in the winter, even with a foot of snow on unplowed roads.

I find it very roomy for a 2 door, and it has a place for a hockey stick (or skis) to go through the back seat.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2007