1994 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.4L V6 24 valve from North America


Great Power, Great Looks, Great price


Fuel pump went out at 150000 miles.

Had to replace spark plugs and wires when a spark plug actually shot out of the block (around 155000)

Automatic antenna stuck in up position (around 155000)

Rear view mirror fell off in summer heat (around 150000 miles)

Driver's side door handle broke (around 150000 miles)

Costly to repair.

General Comments:

My car has been driven, and driven hard. It currently has 160000 miles., and for the mileage it has there have been very few problems to speak of.

It's still got a lot of power, and moves like she means it on command. Handling is excellent, and ride is smooth.

Styling is excellent, Good old Pontiac attitude :) For being 9 years old, it still turns heads.

For the money, it has tons of options (leather, HUD, power moon/sun roof, power seats, steering wheel radio controls, etc.)

All in all, if regular maintenance is done, she'll probably run forever. I wouldn't trade her for anything. Well except a 99 GTP.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2002

25th Jan 2003, 20:02

I am 16 years old and love this car. It has a mean look to it and is fully loaded. It has had no problems with it at 181000 miles on. It is a great, fast, smooth driving, good looking car. It will last forever and it's look will always be popular. It is one of Pontiac's greatest achievements!

2nd Feb 2003, 04:19

I bought my 94 gtp about 5 months ago it has been plaguing me with just little problems like key less entry quit working, one of the center vents broke in my hand, a weird clunk from the front passenger side, signal lights died, drivers side door lock is screwed, power window doesn't always work, stuff like that. I am happy with the car it goes really good, I beat two of my friends mustangs with 5.0's. It's a sweet car I would buy another one for sure!

1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Fun, Fast, and Cool


Nothing at all has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

Pontiac makes a quality car and I look forward to owning many of their fine products throughout the course of my life.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

1994 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.4 DOHC V6 from North America


High spinning V6 for those who thrive on revs


For some mysterious reason the starter sometimes refuses to turn. After a few clicks it eventually fires. This is very annoying and the vehicle would never be used for a quick start and getaway.

General Comments:

The car is reasonably powerful and fast. The Automatic transmission hunts quiet a bit. The dashboard material looks very cheap.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

25th Jan 2003, 17:41

I have the same starter clicking problem with my 1994 GTP and it's driving me nuts. I've put in 2 new starters, a battery and the dealer can't find anything. Did you ever find the problem and fix it?


1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE from North America


A sports car for the man with a wife and kids!


The brakes wear out a little fast and she's got a broken air conditioner vent (but that's my fault) :-)

General Comments:

Beautiful Car.

This is definitely one of the most beautiful American cars. She has very nice body styling and gets plenty of looks when I drive down the street.

Fast Fast Fast..

This car will blow you away! I have the smaller version of the engine in mine, but she'll get up and go with the slightest touch of the petal. On the high end of the gears too!


My recliner isn't as comfortable as these seats. And the cabin has a sleek professional look and feel.

Good Gas Mileage.

Eats less gas than my Ford Tempo did.

Fun to drive.

I spend way to much time driving this thing. She's a lot of fun. This car turns on a dime and has great handling. Plus it has cool hand grips on the steering wheel.

My dream car.

If I never own another car it will be fine with me. I love this car and I'm sure you would too. How can you beat a car that'll waste a Beamer street racing. :)

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Review Date: 24th July, 2002