1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 Series 2 from North America


Good looks, performance and comfort


Most recently the drivers side window began malfunctioning. It went down without any trouble, but it didn't want to go up. Before forking out money for a new motor and regulator, I took the switch out and cleaned up the contacts. It now works like new.

The car was also stalling shortly after I got it, but it would always start back up immediately. Bought an OBD2 code reader, got the trouble code for the Crank sensor and replaced it. Trouble free since.

Operating temperature was a little low, replaced the thermostat.

One rear speaker is on its last leg. That can be expected when installing an aftermarket deck and cranking the volume too high. :)

General Comments:

I love this car, I've been quite happy with it. It was frustrating when it was in its stalling phase, but it was a fairly easy fix.

The 3800 is a real solid engine, it has plenty of power and it has a nice torque curve. The interior is actually of better quality than what I'm used to in a GM. The looks of the car are great in my opinion.

It handles well for a larger car, and rides quite nice too.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2007

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


A Fallen Star! What were they thinking?


My A/C doesn't get cold, when it's on

It sounds like a motorcycle..

It also has a rattling sound in the A/C.

The rear speakers come on only when the vehicle has been sitting in extereme heat.

Also, my intake gasket has been broken, and the transmission doesn't shift correctly. Sometimes I have to take my foot off the gas for it to change gears.

It also makes embarassing noises.

Do not buy a (Pontiac Grand Prix SE)

General Comments:

This car totally sucks. Get a Ford Fusion or Dodge Charger.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2006

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8L V6 from North America


Best reliable, affordable, sporty car on the market!!!


Car's acceleration was very abrupt and was just faulty spark plugs. after new plugs and wires the problem never resurfaced. other than that I have had absolutely no problem with the car.

General Comments:

I love this car. It has never left me stranded and has always performed like the day I bought it.

I've always put premium BP fuel in it, and the oil is Mobil 1 synthetic, and is changed religiously at 10,000 miles.

I've changed the transmission fluid and filter every 20,000 miles with premium Mobil 1 synthetic trans fluid.

Its only on its second set of tires (Goodyear Eagle LS) and they have 80 percent tread left. I always rotate the tires every 4,000 miles, so they never wear unevenly.

I love the handling, acceleration and ride comfort so much that I would definitely buy a new one in about 7 or 8 years when this ones worn out.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2006

9th Dec 2010, 11:19

Exactly! This shows these cars are great. All you have to do is the regular maintenance with good products. Now if you want to be a cheap skate and not do the maintenance then you will have expensive repairs. Your car will also be unreliable!

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 from North America


It is not worth the trouble


Motor blew at 90000.

Tranny went at 80000.

Passenger window motor went out.

Factory cd player doesn't work.

Changed alternator.

Changed brake pads and rotors.

General Comments:

2 tranny is going out after 32k.

Shifting extremely hard.

Motors strong, but sometimes hesitates when accelerating.

Problems with everything electrical ex. radio shuts off when I roll window up.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 non SC from North America


Before you floor it, think about repair costs


I would like to start from the beginning. We had 1995 Honda Accord EX, the car had 180k miles on it, and I was driving it pretty rough at times. Yet it had never stranded me or needed maintenance outside of the regular service.

Still, the car was getting old and mileage was high, so we decided to look for the replacement. Our targeted area was American (we tried to go against the myth that GM/Ford make B.S) cars.

We looked at few Mustangs - didn't like them. Then we looked at the 1999 Grand Prix GT coupe. After a test drive, we were in love with the car. 300 miles later, stuff started going off. It started when I was backing up from the garage, and shifted from R to D; the car started jumping and rattling like crazy. Check engine light came on, we took it to the nearest shop, and they said we'd got a random engine misfire. The car was left at the dealership... they found that the head gasket was blown, then spark plug wires were bad ($1600).

Well not even 1k miles after that, I pull up into the parking lot, and hear the buzzing sound and steam is coming from under the hood. Bam, the elbow from water pump to the engine cracked open. The car left me stranded there for 3 hours while a tow truck arrived; shop repaired the damage at no cost.

Now to the rest of the things that is going wrong.

- Random oil smell from under the hood when the car was running for an extended period of time.

- Brakes are squeaking terribly.

- Transmission shifts rough at times.

- While idling, the engine vibrates extensively.

- Speakers fading in/out.

- Fog in the headlights.

- Driver's side door panel and window are rattling.

- The car gets 14MPG at best.

General Comments:

This car is a coupe, and with the bra on it looks extremely aggressive.

Power is inadequate for the FWD car; every time I need to make a quick turn or while starting in the rain uphill, the tires spin like crazy. Traction control is not efficient at all.

Handling is not that great. Car has extreme under steer at higher speeds; I tried to turn an off ramp at 50 MPH... I wasn't turning at all.

Acceleration is great through all gears, but what good is it if I am scared to floor it because my mind keeps showing me images of something breaking.

Ride quality and comfort are pretty nice.

The car gets a lot of looks.

I would not recommend this car to people who need a reliable transportation. It's a one time rocket.

It would have been the BMW/Mercedes killer if it was reliable. Great performance and looks are overshadowed by poor reliability and quality.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2005

4th Jan 2006, 22:06

I can understand your frustration about the head gasket and water pump, and being stranded, but I find your review rather harsh, considering you have not owned the car very long, and you bought it used not considering abuse from a previous owner.

The moisture in the headlamps is probably because a lamp was changed and not replaced correctly. You also contradict yourself in saying "Power is inadequate for the FWD car; every time I need to make a quick turn or while starting in the rain uphill, the tires spin like crazy. Traction control is not efficient at all." and then "Acceleration is great through all gears".

If you are spinning out as you say, and only getting 14 mpg, you are sticking your foot in it too hard. I consistently get 26-28mpg in a supercharged car with 155k miles on it. I've got better traction than our 4wd SUV. These cars are not agile BMW's and Honda's, and are not intended to be. You say it is not reliable and haven't even got 2000 miles or 3 months with it? Sounds like you didn't evaluate what you really wanted before you bought it. You can't drive a 6 cyl auto mid-size like a 4 cyl standard compact.