1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Sedan 3.8 normally aspirated from North America


I really like my car - Good to me so far


There have been many small problems with the car that are more of an annoyance than major defects - I have never been stranded on the road.

This is what was covered under warranty (should not have had so many things break on a new car - within first 36k miles) :

- Both traction control sensors and wheel hub assemblies replaced. Good thing it was covered, this is $$$.

- Window regulator replaced.

- Radio replaced.

- Heater fan replaced. Made sqealing sound and burned out.

- TCC solenoid in transmission replaced.

- EGR valve replaced.

These things happened outside the warranty, some are normal wear items which are expected:

- Had to have fuel rails (system flush) cleaned 2x. Car was missing. I have heard others with this issue - about $65-$75 per flush.

- All 4 brakes - new rotors and pads every 30k.

- Timing/serpentine belt at 55k.

- New plugs and wires at 69k.

- 2 new batteries.

- New tires at 42k.

- Oil changes regularly with Mobil 1.

- Trans fluid changes every 15k.

- Flush cooling system at 70k.

- Flush power steering system at 60k - much quieter steering now, no GM 'Morning Sickness'

- Flush/bleed brake system every 2-3 years.

- Replace all filters (air, fuel and PCV valve) once per year.

General Comments:

I am a true believer in sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. If you take care of the car, it should last you a long time.

The transmission is a little 'clunky' at times. It is a weak point on this model and I think it gets lots of complaints. I just try not to drive it too hard and keep the fluid clean. Cars are too expensive, so I hope I can get 150k out of this one - at 86k now.

Though there have been some problems with the Grand Prix, I love the car. It handles well, gets good mileage and has plenty of power. It is also great on long drives. I would consider a slightly bigger Bonneville next time, if I knew it would be about the same from a reliability standpoint.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2005

24th Apr 2005, 16:24

I agree with you about the maintenance. It saves so many headaches in the long run. However, to be the bearer of bad news, GM, in it's infinite wisdom, is discontinuing the Bonneville after the 2005 model year run. They say it sells only 30000 units a year and the demand for larger cars is not there. If you do want a larger car, I hight recommend my Impala. It rides and handles well, though with only 3000 miles, I can't comment on longevity yet. Keep up the good work and the GP should last you for many more years.

5th Feb 2006, 11:54

I am the author of this review and wanted to give a quick update. I now have 95k on the car and it still runs perfectly. Recently got new tires and realized how much I like this car. It's smooth, powerful and gets good mileage.

I'm a dad now, so I am trading it in tomorrow for the 2006 Ford Freestar I just bought. I hope the van will be as reliable as the GP was.

These cars are very well made in my opinion. I think they get a poor reputation from kids buying them and beating on them excessively. If you maintain your car religiously, it will take good care of you.

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L from North America


Best used car buy because depreciation is high, but quality/reliability is still quite good


Climate Control Malfunctioned.

Water leak on passenger floor.

General Comments:

I have had a few small problems with this car, but it is one of the best buys on the used market. The depreciation is so high that you can easily get one with low mileage for half the cost of new.

This is one of the best looking cars on the road.

Performance is not as good as some newer car models, but at half the price, this is the better deal.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2005