2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 40th Anniversary Edition 3.8L from North America


Beautiful, sleek and fast


Wipers stopped working, they came loose. It was easy to fix.

General Comments:

This car handles beautifully and turns very well. At a stop it gets up and goes. But, they could've put better speakers in the car.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2004

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 from North America


Good looks means nothing


Numerous squeaks and rattles since day 1

Intake manifold gasket at 35,000km, engine running hot, losing coolant.

Car completely repainted at 35,000km, missing paint, clear coat peeling.

Head and gasket replaced at 38,000km, losing coolant.

Thermostat replaced at 40,000km. No heat.

Thermostat replaced again at 43,000km, engine overheating.

Intake manifold gasket replaced again at 45,000km, losing coolant again.

Thermostat replaced again at 52,000km, engine overheating again.

General Comments:

The car has great styling, lots of get up and go, a blast to drive.

Runs OK on regular, but really performs better and also get far better gas mileage on super no lead.

For long trips, an added seat cushion is needed as the seats are very uncomfortable.

I paid over $33,000 for it, not including taxes, fully loaded, only thing missing is the GTP motor. I called GM to see about a buy back to which I was told "this is the best car we make and we have had no recalls on it" I said, "funny I have had 2 now for it".

Every time I take this car in for more service the service tech says."not his car again" They are as fed up with my car as I am.

My first car which was a Vega was more reliable than this overpriced piece of JUNK! And to add to my validation of this piece of junk, my boss has a 98 GP, GT to which he also had to replace the head and intake manifold gasket.

Another friend of mine had a 97 to which he has had to do the same work to his. I ONLY WISH I HAD DONE MY HOMEWORK BEFORE I BOUGHT THIS CAR.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

24th Aug 2004, 21:24

It sounds like you've got it in for Pontiac for some reason, or you need to find another shop to repair and diagnose your car. After ten years in the service business, I have yet to see one head gasket failure with a 3.8. The gasket kits aren't even stocked anywhere, including the dealers. It just doesn't happen.

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Sedan 3.8L from North America


A Nice, Reliable Sportier Alternative to a Family Sedan


Very minor problems with this vehicle.

Intermittent front and rear door rattle.

Creeky Dashboard.

Creeky center armrest.

Somewhat poor front seats.

General Comments:

The engine / transmission are flawless in operation, and are proven to be very reliable. Handling is pretty good for a car this size, but ride quality can be a little rough on certain roads. Front seats need improvement; they're a little hard, and lack side support. Besides some intermittent minor rattles in the dash and door(s), a very solid, durable car. Would buy another in a second.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2004

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Great value for performance and sexy looks


Performance TIP. Anyone that owns this Car I would highly recommend installing a K&N air filter and a Fuel saver called the Tornado. I swear on a stack of bibles I get 36 to 40 Miles per Gallon Highway and 21 miles per gallon in City/HWY mix driving. This compares to 17/26 that I used to get.. This is no joke. I was a skeptic at first, but the Car really gets GREAT mileage and runs with more punch at the stop light I love it..

General Comments:

This Car is fun to drive I was clocked in Missouri going 80mph in this car and $220.00 later I have a car and a ticket worth bragging to my friends that my car is officially FAST...!!!

Could have gone faster, but hey family was in the car...

After all this is a GREAT Family / Sports car we all had a laugh and then drove the limit after.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2003

10th Aug 2006, 15:58

Since when is going 80 mph something to brag about? I can get my 4 banger Ford Escort over 110 mph.

24th Nov 2006, 19:45

You can stack bibles to the moon and swear on them - I still think "tornadoes", "turbonators", whatever the heck they are called, are complete BS.

A little fluid dynamics lesson here - assuming that the intake air charge is a fluid, as engineers do. Putting anything in the intake track is a RESTRICTION in the air flow. I don't care what kind of spin the device is supposed to impart on the air charge... do you really think that spin is going to have any effect once the air charge is split into six different routes (ie, the intake manifold) and shoved into the cylinders? Doubtful.

I'm not trying to rain on your parade here, but whatever numbers you are seeing have nothing to do with the tornado in your intake - they have been proven time and time again by all kinds of people to do just the opposite of what they claim.

If you want to see some REAL gas mileage increase numbers, put on a fender well intake kit (which you can build yourself for roughly $60 using stuff from home depot and a K&N filter - go to www.clubgp.com and search the forums for "FWI instructions" or something like that, you'll get lots of results), and get a PCM tune. I wrote the review for the GTP near the top of the page, and I get an AVERAGE of 27, and I've seen over 30 on the highway - and my car is supercharged. In my review, I think that I said I was getting 28 MPG on the highway (being conservative), but I've got a picture of my DIC reading 28.5, and it went to 31 on a recent trip. You really can squeeze some impressive mileage numbers out of these cars, but not with an intake restriction device... er... I mean a "tornado". ;)