30th Sep 2004, 22:40

I have the same problems with my 99 GTP. I am currently at 110K, which is good for me, but bad for the car. I am currently plagued with a problem on both the front and rear window regulators on my 4 door. And when I took the door panels off I found out about the nylon tree style clips that need replacing at $4 a piece. Now the problems going to cost me an additional $50 a door in clips, and whatever I can get the regulators for. The gasket around my air intake for the supercharger is shot, and spitting oil, which then smokes off... The lights both fell off at a young age, but the tail lights will need replacing as they are falling apart also. The GTP sign from my driver side has fallen off, and I don't know where to get a replacement for that. I have had various problems with my interior including the radio cutting out, and various problems with the mirror controls, light controls, and steering wheel control.

21st Oct 2004, 21:51

I have a 1998 GTP and I have only had one problem with it. That was the fuel pump. It had to be replaced. I have 92000 miles on the car with a smaller supercharger pulley on it for more hp. I beat the car and race it whenever I get the chance, it is one of the funner cars that I have owned. Sorry to hear about all of the problems you have had with your car I think that you must have gotten one of the very few bad ones.

18th Nov 2004, 10:19

I recently got rid of my GTP a couple months ago and I have never been happier. I bought the P.O.S. in 2001 and ever since then I had problem after problem. It all started with both the headlight cover falling off. Of course they didn't both fall off at the same time, there were a couple months in between the times. The next problem I had was with the fuel pump resistor. That went out while I was driving the car. That was a dealer only part that cost a pretty penny. The driver side window switch motor went out. I replaced that part and then it went out again after a couple months. The transmission started slipping around 75,000 miles. The power steering pump went out while I was driving. Right before I got rid of the car I found a crack in the radiator. It felt good to get rid of that car. Car looks nice, but falls apart quickly.

3rd Sep 2005, 11:00

I have a beautiful Black GTP, and I Love It. I have had to put it into the shop one time to fix a low coolant sensor. Other than that, it has been wonderful. It has 140,000 miles and its still running great. I get many comments on it all the time. Most of the previous comments seemed very negative, but I have only had a good experience with my car.

3rd Sep 2005, 21:34

I have a 1997 Grand Prix GTP... and there's nothing wrong with it other than the air condition whines once in awhile.. still haven't figured out why. It's a great overall car.

22nd Sep 2005, 07:29

I have a 1998 gtp with 112000 miles on it with no serious problems except pulley noise from the drive belt. It's a beautiful, fast car that rides great and handles corners like it was on rails. great car for the money!

23rd Aug 2006, 14:58

I have a 1998 Grand Prix GTP and I do not know why you all had so much trouble, as mine runs great!

28th Oct 2006, 16:19

I own 98 GTP, and it is just a great car. There are 140k miles on it and still runs the same as the first time I pushed the gas, with great torque.

I put on 17" rims and it looks awesome. I treat it as if it was a Ferrari, and I receive offers every time I drive it.

I repaired the trans just because I race it very often. Besides that, everything is working fine. I'm not thinking of replacing it soon.

31st Oct 2006, 08:32

I recently purchased a 1998 Grand Prix GTP with about 119,000 miles on it. I wanted a good dependable car to give my son on his birthday this coming spring. I figured I'd "drive the bugs out of it" over the next few months.

I had the same problem with the radio controls on the steering wheel; only my volume went down instead of up on left turns. I simply went to an auto salvage yard and got the part from a wrecked vehicle. If you grab the unit (all the individual units come out, volume, seek etc.) and gently pull it out, you won't be as likely to damage the press in connector when removing it. It takes a little patience to get the wires reconnected, due to the shortness of them, but once it's back on, I have had no further problem.

I also changed the rotors and brake pads as a precautionary measure (and painted the calipers white with 1800 degree paint, just for looks). The parts aren't too much, especially if you are a G.M. employee, or have a relative who can get the employee discount.

I have only put about 1,000 miles on the car so far, but having gone thru it with a "fine toothed comb", I have not found any major problems. There was a howling noise in the rear end when I bought it. Turned out to be bad tires. The front and rear were 2 different brands, and I went ahead and bought 4 used ones with less than 100 miles on them off a great local site called www.craigslist.org for $225. Problem solved.

Dealer did rebuild the supercharger prior to my purchase, and paid $700. Seems a bit steep to me. Part was a gear that was apparently made of a nylon type material, not the best thing to use in a high speed component. If you do change pulley size on the supercharger unit, it is recommended that you add a transmission cooler as well.

One other problem I fixed had to do with the TCS light staying on in the car. A mechanic ran a computer test on the car, and told me it was the wheel speed sensor unit on the driver's side front wheel. He also told me it was part of the wheel hub assembly, and would require replacement of the whole unit, around $240 with parts and labor! Not true. I picked up the short wire harness at the salvage yard for $5, and installed it myself in about 15 minutes. Problem solved, huge amount of money saved.

This forum is an excellent way for back yard mechanics to save each other lots of cash and headaches. Keep up the helpful work!

7th Nov 2006, 13:02

<Supercharger part was a gear that was apparently made of a nylon type material>? hmmmmm.

Might explain why my 99 GTP (98k+ miles) has had a rumbling sound at stop or idle? Or, it is a bearing? I had the tension belt and two tensioners replaced this past weekend.

9th Nov 2006, 21:47

I feel bad for you guys, I have a 2000 gtp, with minimal problems, I have 100+ miles, and I had to replace the passenger window switch, and my steering wheel controls are slowly dieing, but that's expected at around 100,000 miles. I have 19" wheels, computer upgrade, pulley upgrade, intake, full exhaust, and I run this car to death, never had any problems. Sorry for those of you with bad experiences.