24th Jan 2007, 15:47

I am looking at purchasing a GTP 1999 with 104/k miles for my 16 yr old daughter. I had a dealer do an inspection on the car and he went on and on about NOT buying a supercharged GTP for a teenager! He talked about intake leaking a little bit and oil in coolant (looking a little milky). At first these were just minor problems, by the end of the conversation he scared the heck out of me. The problems that are on this site do not address engine problems. Any comments or suggestions. This car is being offered for a good price and is in excellent shape.

24th Jan 2007, 15:55

Run far, run fast!!! That is the infamous GM Intake Manifold getting ready to fail and suck large quantities of money from your wallet. Heed your mechanic's advice. GM V-6's of the mid to late 90s are infamous for this. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!

28th Jan 2007, 15:07

I just bought a 1999 GTP about two weeks ago, as a daily driver for my wife. It's fully loaded, with 62k miles. So far, it's been a fantastic car. The only real problem is the windshield rubber has popped over on the drivers upper corner, exposing the window channel.

We went for a drive yesterday on the back roads for about 4-5 hours, and it was a blast. I can't wait for spring, when we are going to join the local SCCA, and take the car racing.

Unless they've been racing for the last five years, have the experience and are mature enough to handle the power, giving a 16 year old a car like this is just asking for trouble.

This is a fast car. I've seen first-hand how quickly kids can get in over their heads. I have 18 yo and 16 yo sons, and a 14 yo daughter (going on 25, lol). I've already told them that they will not be allowed to drive it alone (only with my wife or myself). It's not that I don't trust them, I do. They just haven't had the training or experience to recognize the situations where a car like this can get them into trouble. I plan on getting them memberships in the SCCA, and slowly giving them experience on how to handle this car.

My advice, pass on the GTP model. Find a lower power SE or GT. Good luck, be safe.

18th Feb 2007, 08:13

Luckily, the dealership reprogrammed the computer and now it runs perfectly. All of the transmission shops said that it needed a torque converter and a rebuild and quoted me $1800.00. I love this car.

7th Apr 2007, 07:53

I own a 1999 Grand Prix "GTX" (rare edition modified and offered by SLP; the same company that offered the Trans-Am "Fire-Hawk" and Camaro "SS") and absolutely love it. The first time I took it to the local drag-strip and ran it, I knew I had a gem. Impressively fast and stunningly beautiful, a bunch of guys (mustang, camaro, gto owners, etc. all with high HP cars) congregated to my car when I returned to the staging area after a pass down the strip. They wanted to "see" what I had under the hood... AWESOME! Made my evening to say the least. However, as a disclaimer, I don't really take her to the strip any more because of the fact that front-wheel-drive automatics don't hold up well under EXTREME torque situations such as sudden acceleration from a dead stop (wish a manual, RWD model had been offered... (sigh) ). I've not had many problems with her the whole time that I've owned the car, since I maintain it quite regularly; better to tackle smaller issues before they become major, $$$ expenses!

For the guys who've had bad fortune with their rides, I feel for you. Nothing worse than owning a lemon (especially if its your only mode of transpo)

15th May 2007, 15:10

I've got a 98 GTP with nearly 120K miles on it, and have had nothing but problems with it for the past few years.

Both headlights have fallen off.

The steering rack went out (which they later recalled, but for some reason will not give me my money back because it wasn't recalled at the time my car stopped wanting to turn left).

The mass air flow sensor went bad.

A random wiring harness shorted, causing the computer to throw incorrect codes.

The backlights behind the temp. gauge and the right half of the steering wheel controls have gone out.

The alarm goes off randomly, but didn't go off when someone broke into the car.

Today it's in the shop with a broken water pump, leaking hoses, and a cracked drive belt. I will never buy another American car again.

31st May 2007, 13:58

Hey Everyone, I was searching around on the internet for some information on my current problems, so I thought I would provide some insight on my car:

1998 GTP with 141K, most of the miles past 90K have been highway miles- I bought it used in 2000 with only 23K. I've had only one issue, during the warranty period, of the car stalling while I was driving and it was due to a the fuel pump ballast failing (around 26,5K miles or so) - before my warranty was up- I got a few little things replaced.

I will say my car has been very well behaved and has been reliable, even to this day despite it's current problem.

At 100K, I took it in for an "overhaul" - new spark plugs, wiring, belts, pulleys, new supercharger pulley, water pump (developed a small leak at about 90K), and a few other little items. There was a slight oil leak, on the engine itself (never actually leaked to the ground) -- that has since stopped and no longer smell oil for at least a year (self-healing?).

Right now, it hesitates to start (you have to press the gas while starting) - so I'm lead to believe maybe a fuel-injection problem? And also, a rattle noise from the engine when I'm at a red light, but if you put the car in neutral, you can hardly hear it. It's coming from the top of the engine (more than likely the supercharger?). My car is scheduled to go in for maintenance tonight or tomorrow.

29th Jun 2007, 02:28

I have a 2001 GTP, purchased in 2002 with 18k miles. At 82k miles now, the engine is great, but trans has always been slow and soft shifting. Not worth modifying a FWD car for performance, but still enjoy its abundant torque when needed. Definitely most performance available in a sedan at initial cost IMHO. All fluids changed before recommended intervals.


ABS/Traction control was activating under light braking. Turned out to be wheel speed sensor $400. Thought it might have just been the cable.

2 window regulators and a window switch $1100, ouch!

AC Fan resistor pack burned out.

Eats tie rod ends every 30k. These FWD cars that are front heavy seem to do that. Excellent overall performance, but with a significant number of repairs.

7th Jul 2007, 02:38

I own a 1998 GTP and I absolutely love the car. love the pickup, love the displays, all the features, the sound system, lovely! goes fast and purrs like a kitty! it even has 158k miles on it, too!

Now I know there's a bolt on the supercharger that you can tune it up and down (gas mileage vs performance, does anyone know where it is and what the procedure is to tune it?